Peace talks, Peace initiatives, Peace prospects, Talks to open Talks are some of the skeptical catch-words used to mislead the general public and instill illusive hopes and expectations on finding an end to the two decades old terrorist aggression. Each time these inauspicious nomenclatures accrued momentum the terrorist aggressors gained ground demoralising and forcing the State security units to reverse their sacrificial achievements.

Every time when the terrorists faced an adverse situation either directly or through the vested interests and their agents they resorted to this non-combat time saving device. When Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwe was about to wipe them out completely at Vadamarachi, J.R.Jayawardene conceded to dictates of Rajiv Gandhi and allowed them to recoup once again. When they faced decimation through IPKF operations myopic President Premadasa strengthened and resuscitated them with State funds. When President Chandrika assumed power in 1994 vested interests and NGO hirelings prevented an immediate onslaught on them and advocated for a negotiated settlement, which ended in a failure as expected and helped them gain time for reorganisation and fortification.

Once again we are in the illusive realm of peace negotiations. Although some ludicrously think that the terrorist aggressors are genuinely interested in peace, in this instance too, they were circumstantially forced to trek this direction to counter the adverse post-September 11 international environment, and the continuous international proscriptions being imposed on them by major western countries, as a result of successful and praiseworthy diplomatic efforts made by former Foreign Minister Mr. Kadiragamar.

However, the government controlled by a gang of traitors, instead of confronting them with strength and international advantages completely gave in to their dictates, blindly signing an MOU that only fulfils their requirements. This memorandum of usurpation of Sri Lanka's sovereignty has helped the terrorists to fortify their armed forces with five shipments of arms smuggled so far, boldly declare Trincomalee as the capital of Eelam, intensify recruitment, taxation, extortion, ransom demands and organise politically and wipe out all political opposition in the so-called Tamil Eelam. The biggest achievement they have made under this ill-fated MOU is softening of world opinion against them and portraying to the world that they are an oppressed, neglected, and discriminated community. Many of the gang of traitors in the ruling clique too has willingly or under duress contributed to this concept.

While building their innocent posture perseveringly to mislead the world opinion the government of gang of traitors is being continuously blamed for non-implementation of the terms and conditions of the agreement. Despite all overt expressions of readiness to talks these accusations can be construed as a well calculated move to blame the government once again and return to the path of aggression when circumstances warrant.

The latest issue of the Tamil Guardian accuses the government in detail for its failure to fulfil the terms of the ceasefire agreement. It says the Tamil paramilitaries allied with the Sri Lanka Army have not yet been disarmed. The symbolic handing over of a few assault rifles and pistols is meaningless. It points out that the ceasefire agreement calls for the complete disarming and disbanding of the paramilitary groups, and the responsibility for this lies solely with the government.

It further says that although Colombo has reportedly assured the Norwegians, the opening of the A9 highway from Jaffna to Kilinochchi has also not happened, and the delays raise unnecessary anxieties.

Commenting about the pace of the so-called peace process, it says the Norwegian initiative's success depends not only on neutralising opposition to it but also guarding against undue efforts to force its pace. This aspect was emphasised in the last week's editorial as well and shows that the terrorists want to buy more time and are not in a hurry for the so-called peace talks.

As in the previous occasions, it has also introduced pre-requisites for the peace talks, which include :

Establishing normalcy in the Tamil homeland (the term North and East is no more in the dictionary and the vocabulary of the terrorists) remains a necessary pre-requisite to peace talks, and the other is the de-proscription of the LTTE.

The tongue twister of the government G.L.Peiris has predicted holding of peace talks in May. Has the government agreed to fulfil the above pre-requisites, and consider North-East as the Tamil Homeland? People have a right to know the truth.


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