Prof. Hudson McLean

When a convicted killer and a murderer throws the gauntlet and challenges the entire civilised world, how should the world respond?

As we see, President George W Bush (May God Bless Him) is taking the terrorism head on. The man has guts.

As blatantly demonstrated by Al Qaeda, the professional terrorists are showing once again that they have no regard or respect for human life. Whether it be Bali, New York or Kenya, these terrorists have no geographical limits. Or human or demographic considerations.

LTTE/Tamil Tiger Terrorists have now made it quite clear that these LTTE/TTT killers have not abandoned their thirst for blood of innocent civilians, as Uncle Mac has indicated many a time. These are cold blooded professional killers, parading under an umbrella, thrown by equally historically blood thirsty killers from the Nordic region. Norwegian Vikings have a bloody historical past, which they have resurrected under the patronage of Erik Solheim.

Such persons as Erik Solheim are described as “mercenaries” under normal circumstances. And such women who sell their bodies for personal gain, are qualified as “whores or prostitutes”.

The entire Norwegian government is now involved, upto their eye brows with the LTTE/TTT murderers, in their adventure to annihilate the Sinhala nation. For personal gain. The rebirth of colonialism, under a different banner.

As we now see, the LTTE/TTT have confirmed, that the blood thirsty terrorists have not changed their spots or stripes. All this talk of “peace” was and is, a game of pure bluff. And as expressed in several of Uncle Mac’s scribbles, RanilW is playing along with the terrorists simply to have his piece of the cake. RanilW’s cake can be even a part of the Island. As long as RanilW is King.

Hunger for Power, or Buried Mineral Treasures, at any cost! Third world sarong johnnies are dispensable or dime a dozen!

If I were in RanilW’s shoes, I would personally tell the LTTE/TTT in no uncertain terms that “Enough is Enough!”. There is a limit! The democratically elected representative of a Sovereign State has his obligations.

But it seems that this cowboy, RanilW, has no limit to his personal political greed.

The Brits and the Yanks did play their part under duress, during the Oslo Peace summit, simply to help the Sri Lankan government, but the Indians had the backbone and the balls, to stand firm.

Thank You! India! You did proud! You stood by your principles and principals, too!

Perhaps, the Brits and the Yanks might have done the same, had Velupillai Prabhakaran sent a suicide bomber and blew the brains off a British PM or an American President. Just like the Americans are on a revenge path trailing Al Qaeda, for what they did to American pride, to the WTC Twin Towers, and to the Pentagon and to 3000 innocent lives on the ground and in the air..

The Indians have not, and will never forget or forgive, that a Tamil (woman) Terrorist, directed by Velupillai Prabhakaran, supported by Doctor Anton Balasingham, trained by Colonel Adele Balasingham, assassinated their beloved Prime Minister late Right Honourable Rajeev Gandhi. Right on Indian soil. The Indian revenge is their Sovereign right.

And the Indian government will apply their rightful legal passage to bring the perpetrator(s) to Indian justice. Velupillai Prabhakaran will vanish, one of these days or dark damp nights, off the Wanniya jungles, and reappear in a New Delhi Court. Clamped just like the wild animal he is. For the world to see.

That is an Indian promise. Just like a Jew gave the “kiss of death” to Jesus of Nazareth, the Tarzan of Wanniya will get a “diced Dosai” before the maggot is dragged into an Indian gun boat. The question of the bounty is now under discussion. And even a terrorist has a price.

And the LTTE/TTT without its leader-in-hiding, now about to receive a hiding under Indian criminal justice, will be like inducing self castration on the Tiger Brigade. The clock has now started ticking, for the begining of the end.

This is part and parcel of the Oriental culture.

But the other Western oriented but largely Oriental culture rests in Israel.

Today, yet to identify, terrorists blew an Israeli owned tourist hotel to smithereens, killing innocent civilians and failed in their attempt to blow up an Israeli aeroplane with civilian tourists, off Nairobian air space.

Can any civilised human being justify such an action against innocent civilians?

Unless LTTE/TTT are totally destroyed off the face of this earth, the LTTE/TTT will be the next “Al Qaeda” offering their services, as the whore of terrorists, only question will be the price.

Today it is Al Quaeda, in Israel or Kenya. Follow it into Sri Lanka. It will be the LTTE/TTT. Tomorrow the same terrorists will strike again. Perhaps Washington or Paris or New York or London or Singapore or New Delhi or Tokyo. And strike, they will! Such terrorists must be hounded and destroyed off this Planet Earth.

YES! THE NORWEGIAN GOVERNMENT and the SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT under RanilW, jointly together, are encouraging, justifying and supporting all such TERRORISM, BY DEFAULT.

I now throw my gauntlet and challenge the Vikings, RanilW and / or any of his UNF or PA goons to justify such disgusting international terrorism and criminality.

They all should be subjected to International Court at the Hague and tried for Crimes Against Humanity.


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