Minister For Constitutional Affairs And His Comedy Of Errors.

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One wonders when the pompous "Dont You Worry, It's All Falling Into Place!" meanderings of Constitutional Affairs Minister Prof G.L.Peiris will change from being petty and directionless to ones of meaningfulness acceptable to the Nation as well as the norms of Constitutionalized Governmenting within the parameters of International Law.

When rationalising about prof.Peiris' shaky assurances, especially for someone of high intellect as Peiris is reputed for, it appears that he seems to have totally forgotten that Velupillai Prabhakaran is a wanted criminal within the requirements of National as well as International Law Enforcement with whom Governmental negotiations should be unthinkable let alone being broadcast benevolently in a false attempt to curry favour in almost submissive resignation.
Nonetheless the assininity of one individual continues to promote that of the other as Prabhakaran's comments are broadcast as being favourable by the pro UNF Media, also as an aftermath to the ridiculous comments of other Governmental sources indicating a willingness to broadcast Prabhakaran's "Hero's Day Address" on National Television as though he was a patriotic son of Lanka rather than its possible demonic executioner who needs to be apprehended and brought to justice.

What 'Paradigm Shift' is prof.Peiris muttering about other than a shift in Prabhakaran's assertions closer to his original quest which in Peiris' own words entails a separate State for Minority Tamils in the North and North East where only the definition has been changed to incorporate the same inference by the usage of false utterances veiled in insincerity.
The semantics of Prabhakaran's dialogue as well as that of the the acrimonious Anton Balasingham swinging helter skelter at every turn of his ever changing trend of thought seems to have inspired false hope in the delusioned mind of Prof. Peiris also trying to delude the Nation into believing his blarney!
Quoting a recent Government news source "They are now shifting from a demand for a separate state to a demand for substantial devolution within one country," end quote, cabinet minister G.L. Peiris told a regular news conference all the while expecting a resounding applause from the Nation yet the speechless silence greeting his eloquent declaration was more than indicative of the mood of the Nation, some of whom even appeared to be enjoying Peiris' rhetoric for its entertainment value rather than its accuracy as he seemingly assumed the unenviable title of 'Court Jester!'

The Key phrase in Peiris's theatrics as of late seems to be "Downplaying the LTTE's Intentions" as none of the ominous warning signs being observed by the analysts and the more discerning seem to be registering as viable factors towards a resurgence of anarchy.Yet in the minds of this Governmental Representative living in a world of his own totally unrelated to reality the stark truth does not seem to register even when the LTTE Leader openly declares intentions to pursue secession if the demand for self rule was not met! And Anton Balasingham rumbles about not ruling out renewed action, whatever that may be and forgetting that after September 11th 2001, Action and Reaction Would be Equal And Opposite!

The die has been cast and pursuit of peace though imperative cannot be done at the cost of the Nation 's integrity regardless of the flowery expressionism of a dreamer representing an uncaring Administration whose only objective is to hold onto a falsely broadcast mandate which it keeps advertising as the 'will of the people' when it is in fact a misrepresentation of the truth.The people in question now appear to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea unsure of where to turn in ever increasing paranoia!!!

The longer it takes to implement the Supreme Court Ruling against Prabhakaran to bring him to Justice and the longer the Indian Authorities are kept waiting for his extradition and the Nation continues to live in apprehension and uncertainty about the future, the end result of the Peace Proces as well as its credibility will continue to drag on in meaningless Parliamentary Thespianism to a degree promoting its worthlessness which somehow seems to be what professor Peiris is trying to promulgate through his Tower Hall like scenario totally unrelated to what the Nation envisions as a solid foundation to a lasting peace. More likely "A Comedy Of Errors!"



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