Here Then Is A Verbal Confirmation Of The Sinhala Nation's Worst Fears!

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The Following is an exerpt from the Hindustan Times which is a typical example of the dirty propaganda tactics employed by the LTTE in misrepresenting the Peace Process to their Advantage where the so called assurances as quoted by Joseph Pararajasingham the Tamil Alliance MP for Batticalao (Surely an LTTE Stooge , a torch bearing sychopant, and Panhandler!) towards autonomy for the LTTE as sole representatives of the Tamil Community by the Prime Minister is either fabricated, misquoted or is an attempt to create a tumultuous discord amongst the people of the Sinhala Nation who are raising their voices against this very issue.

To have used the term 'Un-elected Representatives' is not only a violation of the Constitution of Sri Lanka but an affront to the values and objectives of Sovereign and Territorial Integrity where the term Representative has been grossly misrepresented or deliberately inserted as a provocation to drum up incitement rather than calm the Nation. Ironically the Prime Minister has been quoted as the proclaimer in agreement to this un-elected representation.

The rather distateful reference to the pluralism sought by the anti-LTTE parties and the manner in which it has been scorned is an indication that this is surely propaganda intended to create discord and confusion.These parties need to be rewarded for their anti LTTE Stand, given their armamants back and the LTTE disarmed as they pose a greater threat to the Sinhala Nation.

It also goes on to to say that this unelected representation will be fully controlled by the LTTE as most political parties in the North East have junped on their bandwagon and those outside it will be neutralized by the MoU and in a sense ridiculing the real will of the Tamil Community, not one wrongly anticipated and misrepresented by LTTE factions and an outrage towards the many within it totally opposed to the LTTE at whose hands their sufferings have been tumultuous.

It has to be brought to the notice of those who have tabulated such a concept , unthinkable beyond words that the Sinhala Nation is hardly likely to be complacent about such propaganda and the JVP and Sihala Urumaya together with all the sons and daughters of Sri Lanka dedicated towards preserving the values and principles of Sovereignity now have a bounden duty as Citizens of Sri Lanka to question the veracity of this statement and request the Prime Minister and his Administrative Staff to put their money where their mouths are, and demand whether there is a semblance of truth to the subject matter of this News Item in the interim?.

The tailpiece of this News Item refers to the ominous sounding 'Power the Tigers Would Wield!' almost in a threatening manner and undoubtedly a call in retrospect to the Defence Ministry and all sources of National Defence by way of Presidential Accord to gear up to confront the effects of what may be a rather ordinary sounding proclamation of 'verbal diarrhea' which nevertheless may have far reaching consequences and cannot be swept under the carpet at a time when tensions within the Sinhala Nation are running high contrary to outward appearances and continue to build up tantamount to the inferred betrayal of the Nation into the hands of its enemies and the net value of the Peace Process hardly worth a dime!.

Tigers to taste power in May

P K Balachanddran Hindustan Times(Colombo, March 28)

An unelected Tamil Tiger-controlled interim government is likely to be established in Sri Lanka's predominantly Tamil northeastern province by May as part of the ongoing peace process.

Joseph Pararajasingham, the Tamil National Alliance MP from Batticaloa, told parliament that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had assured him that there would be an interim administration in the northeast in two months' time.

That this will be fully controlled by the LTTE is clear because most of the political parties in the north-east have joined the LTTE bandwagon and those outside it have been neutralised by the memorandum of understanding (MoU) the Tigers signed with the Sri Lankan government in February.

The disarmed anti-LTTE parties like Eelam Peoples' Democratic Party have sought assurances about pluralism, but it is unlikely that they would be accommodated given the power the LTTE would wield.



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