Canada Joins The Fray?

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Has Canada joined in the fray of Sri Lankan Peace Initiatives with hardly an invitation? this after the many years of harboring LTTE activities within Canada and could some of Canada's recent responses be interpreted as a show of contrition?

Here then is another outstanding example of the role Canada played in the LTTE fundraising operations as documented in the National Post Of Canada which has the classic flavour of the evidence of culpability as well as the clever attempts to coverup and deny responsibility of something which went on for decades within Canada. That this should occur at the highest level of Canadian Administration the Federal Government is a cause for shame and derision which should be conveyed by the Sri Lankan Administration to the Canadian Government.

Today there are also reports that the Canadian High Commissioner Mrs Willis is meeting the LTTE in the Wanni in an unprecedented breach of protocol in dabbling with matters that go far beyond her diplomatic duties and the LTTE in turn seem to be delighted at theofficially unsolicited presence of Mrs Willis who seems to have overstepped her work related metes and bounds as normally the objectives of a High Commission would be harnassed in the direction of better fostering of relations between two Nations rather than one dabbling in matters of sensitive issues of the other involving an internal armed terrorist uprising especially without a mandate from any authoritative Sri Lankan source to do so.

Is this also another example of "Too many cooks who may eventually spoil the broth" in addition to Norway whose involvemet appears to be stirring the pot of discontent already?

Minister vetoed bid to stop Tamil funding
Secret memo: Group says audits show no misuse of public money.
Federal officials tried to cut off government funding to a Toronto non-profit group because of suspicions it was financing terrorism but were told to back off after the matter went to a Cabinet minister, internal documents reveal. In a memo stamped "secret", the deputy minister of immigration asked the immigration minister to approve the department's decision to stop financing the Tamil Eelam Society of Canada over concerns it was tied to terrorism. .-Full Story-(The National Post-31/05/02)


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