LTTE Celebrations Of Elephant Pass Attrocities Within Sovereign Sri Lanka Arrogant And Intolerable!

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Have the outlawed terrorists of the LTTE been given a further mandate to assert their right to exist within Sovereign Democratic Sri Lanka unconditionally ? is a question being asked by a vast majority of Sri Lankans on receiving the news that the LTTE have had an elaborate and unhindered celebration of the attrocious attacks on a Military Garrison three years ago which took a heavy toll on military personnel at Elephant Pass in Northern Sri Lanka?

They can only be described as vagaries which must surely motivate the Wickremasinghe Administration and its vapid presentations with a circumspect leader on what he thinks is best for Sri Lanka in his absolute Lame Duck Image as the Leadership of a Democratic Sovereign Nation when the Nation is informed through the media officially that "The Tamil tiger rebels have displayed long range artillery guns and staged a military parade to mark the aniversary of capturing a key base and beating back a Sri Lankan offensive 3 years ago!" a cause not only for shame and remorse that such proclamations could be tolerable within Sri Lanka today but also an indication that the high handed darstardliness of the putrid and evil organization which calls itself the LTTE are alive and well within the confines of Sovereign Sri Lanka today thanks to the imbecility and ignorance of its present leader Ranil Wickremasinghe who continues to tolerate such affronts to a free Nation by a subversive group of outlaws and for his incompetence at best someone who surely needs to be deposed from his present rank together with his motley crew of Nation Betrayers before the LTTE's next move which more than likely will be a show of strength in other parts of the Nation or possibly worse as they continue their activities unabated! The vulnerabilities of the Nation's security as a result of the concessions granted to the LTTE have become increasingly alarming and more visible in recent times despite the falsely projected pledges of peace on one hand and a vast military build up on the other which leaves much room for speculation of the LTTE's real intent however suicidal it may seem from their point of view!!

While the LTTE celebrate what they believe is a milestone in their struggle for secession, it is unacceptable and contemptible to the Sinhala Nation which should bemoan with anger and disgust the Elephant Pass debacle which was a combination of incompetence, the greatest attrocity of betrayal from within the rank and file of the Military and the arrogant unintelligent direction of a so called General now disgraced and in custody for his misdeeds who had no strategies towards a viable defence of Elephant Pass and circumvented the wisdom and intelligence of one of Sri Lankas greatest military leaders now assigned diplomatic status in Australia.The most apathetic remembrances of this reviled date involves the loss of over 600 lion hearted Sinhala soldiers, heroes within their right! who sacrificed their lives needlessly in two consequent operations and to tolerate the arrogant celebration by the criminals responsible is an insult and a great humiliation to Democracy and the Justice System of the Nation and a point which the Administration should take note of visibly.

The question has to be asked very logically "So what rights do these individuals so greatly ostracized by the Democratic Free World and cast aside as pariah terrorists responsible for so much carnage and destruction to so many innocents have towards celebrating their misdeeds and what kind of an Administration tolerates it without seeking a means to officially put down such an ignominy unless it is indeed a Lame Duck spineless one or one with a hidden agenda unknown to the core of the Sinhala Nation and its majority Sinhalese?"

It is a cause for the Sinhala Nation to hang its head in shame that such march pasts and displays of heavy artillery guns supposedly captured by the jeering LTTE in all their arrogance have to be tolerated within Sovereign Democratic Sri Lanka which appears to be none but a metaphorical Nom de Plume for an anticipated de facto eelam nation in the offing unless the Nation's Absolute Leadership bypasses the namby pamby puppet administration of the UNF to assert authority and send the cowardly canines of the LTTE (which seems more appropriate than calling them tigers!) given so much leeway, scampering while all their propaganda activities and celebrations are dispersed with authority or rounded up for their due justice!

The tolerance and concessions extended to the LTTE by an undiscerning and imperceptive Administration with its flawed Peace Initiative seems only to intensify their belief that their objectives towards a separate state is still within their reach and unless the warning signs are heeded and the propagation of their activities nullified without delay Sri Lanka may have to pay a heavy price as the rumblings of the clandestine military leadership of the LTTE which have indicated through the celebrations they have effected with impunity that they are undeterred or unfazed with world opinion, advice from their peers and the resolve of World Powers.They have to be dismantled disillusioned and incarcerated in the best interests of the future of Sri Lanka through whatever means feasible!

Whether the end to justify all means comes through stronger dialogue or other is for the Real Leadership to now decide as the play action has gone on for long enough and has taken a further toll on the Nation's economy which seems to be on the road to recovery with an anticipated lasting peace in the cards at least superficially which however seems to be a mere concept as long as the LTTE continue their shenanigans!

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