Mr. Kadirgamar Will Indeed Confound The LTTE If Elected Secretary General Of The Commonwealth !

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The LTTE need to be disillusioned that yes indeed it will be bad news for them Not The Sri Lankan Tamils as alleged if Mr.Laxman Kadirgamar became the Commonwealth President as the influences on the 51 Nation Alliance will more than likely be hardlined against the LTTE! Mr Kadirgamar has always been a compassionate intellectual who knows first hand the sufferings of the Sri Lankan Nation at the hands of the mendacious LTTE and that it also incorporates those of the Tamil Community which he belongs to as well as the Sinhala Majority and the Muslim Community and it has to be a forgone conclusion that it would definiteley be to their detriment and perhaps their protestations of no consequence being terrorists !That it would affect adversely the Tamil community has to be deduced as a complete myth and false propaganda in the interests of LTTE survival! as it might well bring about a greater recognition of the Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka than ever before, without a helping hand from the LTTE!!!

That it was Kadirgamar, who as Foreign Minister in the cabinet of Chandrika Kumaratunga, worked hard to get the LTTE banned in several Western countries conveys in no uncertain terms Mr. Kadirgamars integrity towards norms of a World Order which does not tolerate terrorism and would be gladly accepted by decent law abiding God Fearing citizens of every walk of life beyond the semblance of any doubt and if a message has been sent to the LTTE of ominous signs for their future and existence then so be it!

It appears very visibly that beyond conjecture both President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are much affirmed towards promoting Mr.Kadirgamar for the top slot at the Commonwealth of Nations to keep up the international pressure on the LTTE and to assure to the Global Community and in particular the Commonwealth that Mr. Kadirgamar is a highly respected individual who easily merits the position by way of intellect and leadership qualities and a feather in Sri Lanka's cap!.

The Commonwealth Secretary General's post is deemed only next in importance to that of UN Secretary General and it has been observed very appropriately by many analysts that the position of UN Secretary General too may not be beyond the realm of Mr. Kadirgamar's capabilities compared to a few minnows in waiting for the present incumbent Mr Kofi Annan to relinquish his office.

That the LTTE has reason enough to be apprehensive about Mr. Kadirgamar augurs well for Sri Lanka who may eventually be able to come to terms with all the ordeals the LTTE have provided for her citizens over the past decades as it may be payback time once he ascends to the Commonwealth Hierarchy!



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