Cobras, Intellectuals And Peace. How About Moderates Who Think In Terms Of National Unity?

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It has been reported from London that "A hardened guerrilla nicknamed the Cobra has edged out an ailing London-based ' intellectual' as the negotiating face of the Tamil Tiger rebels in their talks to end Sri Lanka's two-decade ethnic war. "

There seems to be a few misconceptions about the titles however and to set the record straight neither does the Sinhala Nation recognize S.P.Thamilselvam as a 'cobra' nor Anton Balasingham an 'intellectual' by any real means of definition and if the titles were behest on a self imposed basis has nothing to do with reality according to the purists within Sri Lanka who attribute both individuals as members of a relentless terrorist organization the LTTE nonetheless whose communication levels and interpretations of their role as mediators of peace are intertwined in a disparity of such perverse proportions that it is mind boggling that these seem to be the best the LTTE have to offer as one has very little command of the English Language and the other misuses whatever command he has of the same as displayed in his now ex-officio role as former idealogue and sychopant of his leader in hiding often displaying the cunning of a fox and the theatrics of subterfuge which has mislead many in the past!

However with the presence of the likes of Thamilselvam at the forefront of the nearly botched peace talks it is more than likely that the the Government of Sri Lanka will face a more difficult task of appeasing the demands of the LTTE as he is a hardline representation of the LTTE who has already taken on a tone of voice which has hinted in undertones, of 'consequences' should the Government oppose the LTTE counterproposals which are unacceptable in the eyes of the Nation and apparently inevitably so, the greater obligation seems to be the need to appease the Nation which has demonstrated through the huge rallies and marches of opposition recently and the gathering of opposition political parties in council with the President and the backing of the High Buddhist Clergy to resort to counter measure in the best interest of the Nation.

What the LTTE have not accomplished through Anton Balasingham now seems to be the goal of Thamilselvam who is expected to try a different approach to the Peace Negotiations albeit in their favour and although compared to the mannerism of a cobra before a strike, has no significant analogy as in Sri Lanka cobras are dealt with effectively and disposed of should their presence be felt as an encroachment into situations harmful to society yet revered in some religious locales, respected and even venerated which does not seem to be the case in this instance as the analogy is disposed of as insignificant.

The Peace Talks since the beaming faces on both sides, the warm hand clasps and poses for the cameras in Thailand and the rest of the venues which followed ,seems to be now academic relative to what they have accomplished with its chief negotiator Balasingham sidelined whether on the pretext of ill health or inefficiency in the eyes of the LTTE, or a falling out with their leader it is not known and to further complicate matters the present negotiator in addition to being a hardliner has handicaps in more areas than one, namely his dependency on a cane to walk with and his inability to communicate in the English Language which must surely compound the primary necessity towards a clear cut debate on issues which lose effectivity through translation.

It is also common knowledge that Thamilselvam was once the bodyguard for LTTE supremo Velupillai Pirapaharan as vell as his mouthpiece and that his wife too was militarily involved in the infamy of the female tigers which does not augur well for the choice of the LTTE of Thamilselvam as a replacement for Balasingham who was multi lingual in the areas of Sinhalese, Tamil and English and to all intents and purposes a moderate and already there are many misgivings by the international community as well as the Sinhala Nation that the Peace Talks will once again enter a stalemate as the unrelenting attitude of the LTTE is more than likely to prevail with renewed momentum when the only real alternative would be a peaceful solution to a conflict where the armed insurgents agree to lay down their arms , denounce idealogies and aspirations towards secession and continue to maintain the peace which has prevailed thus far which seems unlikely with Thamilselvam now at the helm of the LTTE side of the talks!

So much for the 'cobras and 'intellectuals' who are probably better off being replaced by greater moderates whose vision towards Peace which contain norms conducive towards National Unity and a joining together of all Sri Lankans irrespective of ethnicity who are prepared to embrace a concept of peace which will retain Sri Lanka's Sovereignity. Territorial Integrity and Democratic Right To Exist Within the Free World and not held to ransom by a group of outlawed terrorists.


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