As Terrorists Continue To Dictate To A Sovereign Nation And Its People Ask The Question, Why?

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The Testimony towards the indelible reality that the LTTE are closer to their sought after Eelam has never been more obvious now than ever before after their counter proposals were read by the Government and hopefully revoked in its best interests and that of the Sinhala Nation who have been thunderstruck into the realization that such a scenario could have ever been permitted to take place where an internationally outlawed and banned terrorist group seems to be dictating terms to an incumbent Administration of a Sovereign Democratic Nation in a Free World.
As reported by Asian News Sources in Colombo on Sunday 1st November 2003, Sri Lanka's Peace Process appears to have suffered a blow Saturday when the Government seemed unpleasantly surprised at the LTTE 's( Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam) counter proposal for an interim administration in the country's North and North East.

The LTTE proposal would give them sweeping powers of law enforcement and tax collection, as well as control over State Land and other matters which are the entitlement of a Sovereign Nation and its Administration.It also calls for the withdrawal of Sri Lanka's Army from Tamil-owned private lands which were annexed through the War Measures Act During the time of the LTTE insurgency and any withdrawal at this time would compromise the security of the civilians in the region including many Muslims and Sinhalese as well as Regional Security which the Indian Government has also pointed out specifically in recent times and continues to maintain in dialogue emphasized by the president of the Janatha Party who has said that Sri Lanka should not make any deals with the LTTE as it would endanger regional Security .

Taking into consideration that the LTTE who do not fully represent the Tamil are an armed unrelenting terrorist group who have not agreed to de-commission their weapons nor given up their objectives towards continuity as a terror group and go about openly beating their chests about their arrogant capabilities with a criminal leader in hiding wanted by Interpol, India and the Government of Sri Lanka, there should be no provisions logically for the LTTE to address their needs as emphatically stated by many analysts including India.

The Tamil Tigers began fighting in 1983 to carve out a separate state for the country's ethnic minority Tamils according to their propaganda but seemingly appears to be one which encompasses more, their rights to continue as the LTTE an internationally banned and outlawed, terrorist organization in an assumed role of representing the Tamil Community. About 65,000 people have died in the conflict until a Norway-brokered cease-fire in Feb. 2002 together with Governmental efforts have maintained the continuity of Peace and the Tigers agreed to accept limited autonomy instead of all-out independence although their response of counter proposals to the one originally presented to them by the Wickremasinghe Administration seems to have deleted the term 'limited' and substituted it with 'complete' in what appears to be a precursor to the term Eelam!! ? placing themselves first perhaps and sidelining the Tamil community which they purport to represent!

The Government has responded by saying that the rebels' counter proposal goes too far, and would make the predominantly Tamil northeast virtually independent.A somewhat mild response whereas an Administration with any back bone would point out implicitly to the LTTE what their real rights were! unless there was a hidden reason for their soft pedalling other than the continuity of peace within Sri Lanka, justifiable although no subjugation necessary towards a prurient entity where other options may need viewing entailing a stronger dialogue with the collective wisdom of the International Community.

The proposal says their new administration would be known as the Interim Self Governing Authority, or ISGA, and would have jurisdiction over aapproximately one-third of Sri Lanka. The proposed administration would have representatives from the Sri Lankan Government and the Nation's Muslim community whose leader in parliament Mr. Rauf Hakeem has vehemently objected to the nature of the counter proposal which also compromises the security of the Muslims in the North and North East.

The LTTE would have a majority representation in the governing body they have proposed which seems a deviation from the sublime to the ridiculous and a fantasy trip of immeasurable direction which could open avenues of opportunity towards their separatist goals if not accomplished already in their minds at least and the need to emphasized to all concerned that no such proposal would be acceptable is imperative to the well being of Sri Lanka and her people.

The proposal also names pre-requisites such as the preparation of an annual budget, access to direct foreign aid from sources such as the World Bank, the establishment of an independent Elections Commission, separate from the one in the capital, Colombo, and demands elections for the Region under their ISGA 'Jurisdiction' every five years. By all definitions the rebels' counter proposal "differs fundamentally from the initial proposals submitted by the Government of Sri Lanka," and deemed unacceptable by the Administration as well as the rest of Sinhala Sri Lanka.

If there ever was a need for its submission in the first place as the majority of the Sinhala Nation has always contended that such a proposal would contravenes the Laws Of The Land As Well As Its Constitution, the semantics and technicalities of it all should have been discussed with all parties including the non terrorist Tamil representation.with the intention of isolating the LTTE who should have been given the choice to come clean or else depart.

An oversight which now seems to be having ramifications on continued Peace within Sri Lanka which perhaps seems more distanced as long as the LTTE are bargained with rather than being informed of their rights.

Time enough perhaps to ask the veritable question "As A Sinhala Nation, Who In Heaven's Name Are Afraid Of Them ? Other Than Those In Hesitancy With A Felt Need To Humor Them!! "



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