Thamilchelvam Indulges In Bold Wordplay With India While The LTTE Reiterates A "No Return To Conflict "And The Sinhala Nation Speculates On The Outcome Relative To The Government's Response!

Duttagamini Singhaputhra World Council Of Sinhala Peers For LankaWeb

In a recent statement to Sri Lanka's Tamil News media, LTTE's political leader, SP Tamilchelvam, has indulged in some rather irresponsible wordplay against a regional superpower with whom it would seem inadvisable to take too many liberties and in commenting that "while India's interest in the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is understandable and welcome, it cannot dictate its terms of settlement while knowing fully well the role the Indian Government has now pledged itself towards maintaining Regional Security which has little or nothing to do with dictating terms and a matter of choice should India decide to intervene in an unpredictable worst case scenario should the LTTE decide to recommence attrocities it has a reputation for.

Tamilchelvam in an outporing of emotion has said that India must understand that the Tamils of Sri Lanka had been fighting for their rights and aspirations for the last 50 years, and that they had a right to realise their dreams where once again the implication of his statement tantampounts to LTTE's quest for Eelam which their idealogues however,deny at every turn. While the Sinhala Nation sympathises with the need for the Tamil community to have their dreams it cannot be had at the expense of a Sovereign Nation whose vast majority of Sinhalese and all those who respect this reality who have had their lives shattered by terrorism as the normal order of things eventually dictates .

Based on this single concept whichThamilchelvam is propagating and realistically is unacceptable to the Sinhala Nation in an environment which fundamentally belongs to them it would seem very fair to categorize the LTTE terrorists as insurgents in pretense of representing the Tamil Community to suit their own existence and if a Regional Superpower such as India has recognized this as an aberration and decides to assist Sri Lanka in a time of need it cannot be deemed dictatorial or an assumed interference as there would be mutual accords between Sri Lanka and India which would ratify the entitlement for India to participate in the preservation of regional law and order if the need ever presented itself!

The very finely worded rhetoric which says that"Their political aspirations cannot be arrested by any framework or conditions because those are their fundamental rights" must then surely apply with greater meaning to the Sinhala Nation whose fundamental right as the majority ruling ethnicity have been violated by a minority terrorist group and it is the Sinhalese who have been fighting only for these fundamental rights against an insurgency where all minority rights to a great degree have been respected by Sri Lankan Administrations although the overwhelming demands of the LTTE backed power struggle in the guise of a Tamil uprising have at times convinced even the more discerning by the quality of their high theatrics currently beginning to wax thin where the Tamil community appear to have been used as pawns towards LTTE ambitions!

His entreaty for India to support the 'Tamil struggle' as stated will not gel in the eyes of the Indian Authorities who must surely recognize the reality of the struggle being that of the LTTE rather than the Tamil community as a whole and as an incriminating deterrent towards this cause there underlies the darkest spector of LTTE 's V. Pirapaharan as the assassin in collaboration with the rest of the LTTE terror squads responsible for the murder of the Late Prime Minister Hon. Rajiv Gandhi and what kind of empathy would then promote the requested moral support as opposed to a search and destroy attitude which would logically be adopted towards the apprehension and indictment of their leader in hiding!

Being the rather cautious playactor Thamilchelvam is, as a tail piece to his rebuttal of India he has rather hesitantly stated that the conditions put forward by India towards Regional and Sri Lankan Security are unconfirmed and probably needs to be informed that India wants the LTTE to give "reasonable" proposals for an Interim Administration in the North Eastern Province. India has also said that "the proposals for an Interim Administration should be linked to the final settlement. India has advised that any structure in the North and North East should ensure democracy, pluralism and individual rights in a Joint Statement issued after a meeting between India and Sri Lanka by the respective Prime Ministers.

As a footnote of interest to this unfolding news item when questioned about what might transpire if the Sri Lankan Government was to reject the LTTE's proposal (an almost imminent outcome) for an Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA) in the North and North East, Tamilchelvam has said that the LTTE had the military strength and popular support to attain its goals. Therefore, the Tamil people would not be helpless, as they used to be earlier when Sri Lankan Governments could go back on solemn agreements with impunity,as though an incunbent Government who has all but bent over backwards to accommodate the LTTE needs punituve action which seems more apropriately better off imposed on the LTTE for all their misgivings if mildly put!

Bold words indeed from another of the LTTE cohorts who inflicted misery and horror on many innocent civilians during past attrocities committed which must be taken for their face value and remembered as this surely is not a representative of any group interested in the value of Real Peace within Sri Lanka with a distinct need to be taken to task for such irresponsible words which extend their lucidity towards what excatly their real agenda must be!

Yet somewhere down the road there seems to have been a change of heart by Thamilchelvam or perhaps even an acquisition of cold feet where it has been reiterated that " they would seek a solution without returning to conflict" which seems a foregone conclusion without alternatives unless they are realistically interested in engaging replenished Sri Lankan Armed Forces and much more which would seem unthinkable towards their well being for whatever time their theatrics continue!

What remains to be seen is whether it will be the UNF of Ranil Wickremasinghe dancing to the tunes of the LTTE and downplaying the rejection of the LTTE counter proposal courtesy of Rajitha Senaratna and his conciliatory eloquence or the massive surge of Anti - Interim Administration Sentiment and a possible lightning strike by opposition forces which have gained an overwhelming momentum within the country with Presidential backing which India will positively oversee, that will play out eventualities as an antithesis to the Thamilchelvam sentiment which over emphasizes the role of fundamental necessities between the Tamil community and the Sinhala Nation together with its visible minorities, almost in apprehension of Indian involvement which to a degree is somewhat understandable!

What matters at the end of it all is the continuity of the Sovereignity and Serendipity of Sri Lanka which she is reputed for which has remained intact for centuries with the exception of the insurgency for which Thamilchelvam and his consorts have been greatly responsible for and has little or no say in who dictates what!



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