Tigers Have Never Been Indigenous To Sri Lanka And Neither Are The LTTE.

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The greater the leniencies and concessions to the LTTE the more demanding and bolder their stance becomes all the while forgetting that they have no right to address a Democratically Elected Sovereign Regime in the manner they have continued to do albeit the concessions granted themby the lame duck nature of the Wickremasinghe Administration which seems compelled to go along with LTTE demands regardless of the threat they poses to National Security now even in a token sense.

The mere tolerance of even a verbal demand by the likes of despots such as LTTE strongman Karuna who calls himself a Colonel (As In Colonel Sanders of the Kentucky Chicken Empire maybe! ) that Sri Lankan Troops be withdrawn in secured areas, is an affront to the credibilities of all within the Ruling Party whose collective responsibility it is to maintain the necessary security within the North and North East of Sri Lanka and while reflecting on the famous Sinhala proverb "The Moon Stays Intact Regardless Of Barking Dogs!" the ignorant demands of criminals who in reality need to be apprehended and indicted should be quashed and propagated to the Nation as meaningless drivel which no Administration in its proper senses would ever accede to!

There seems to be some method to the madness of the demand of the LTTE relative to their need towards survival in emphasizing Troop Withdrawals as imperative to Peace but conversely when the Norwegian Peace Monitors are presently engaged in an all out attempt to coerce dismantling the illegal LTTE Camp at Kinniya, ironiocally they have been denied access into the camp to evaluate the various contingencies which require immediate attention towards dispersal and if the LTTE believe in their doctrine that they will survive while the Sri Lankan Security Forces withdraw and further grant them freedom to continue their march, they certainly have a thought coming towards whom they are trying to fool and how much longer their existence will be tolerated in a realistic sense!

The LTTE have been bold enough to refer to the failure of the Peace Process as though it is the Government which is to blame for the current impasse, when the world at large seems to be aware of the reality that any failure of Peace which might now transpire will be a direct result of the LTTE emboldened by the tolerance of the Sri Lankan Administration, have gone as far as misinterpreting the moves of the Government which seems to have gone against the grain of International Accords against terrorism and continued to mediate with a bunch of ne'er do wells rather than pursue them with intent and the full mandate of the international community that their idealogies are unacceptable to the free world!

It it some kind of a joke that the term 'Rebel Led Administration' is even applied to the context of any peace talks and where did the LTTE get the idea that they would lead any administration in any part of Sri Lanka unless they are inadvertently refering to a Tamil Led Administration where the LTTE for all their subversive infamy have no role to play except lay down arm, relent past crimes and permit the criminal element within their rank and file to be brought to justice and let the more moderate of the Tamil Community handle their affairs towards resolving differences and restoring what is rightfully theirs.

The central body of the Council of Sinhala Peers a newly formed International Watchdog Organization with cells around the World has recently concluded that there can never be any deals with the LTTE as long as they continue to remain a terrorist organization and that any Administration which panders to their needs whether inadvertently or not needs to be taken to task for failing to observe the prime responsibility of securing National Security, dealing appropriately with issues which has devastated a Nation and consequently failing in its supreme duty for which it was elected.

To compound this rank failure of Governmental Duty the degree to which the LTTE have re-organized their strengths while defying International Statutes against Terrorism bears testimonty to the apathetic lapse by the present Administration and perhaps even the previous one during its tenure which must be now set right through any accepted means unless the loss of sovereignity and unitarity which has prevailed for centuries has suddenly become unimportant and offset against the misgivings, insecurities and shudderings of a spineless regime which does not seem to have neither the will nor wherewithal towards self preservation of the Sinhala Nation and a cause for great shame and distress!

Interestingly the all too dictating tone of LTTE voicings have now added another lyric to their ditty criticising ( with no right whatsoever to do so!) the fortifications of Sri Lankan Military Might where the purchase of sophisticated high speed attack craft was discouraged and the recruitments drives conducted by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces condemned as an anti Peace move where "what's sauce for the goose seems to be suppressed in mind at least from the gander! " while the LTTE have continued their drives towards fortification.Their recent plea to the Indian Government to desist from supporting Sri Lanka Militarily in a time of need in favour of the Peace Process must surely be a result of the LTTE realizing their own insecurities while they probably are also aware of the growing resolve of the Global SuperPowers and their readiness to support the Sri Lankan Government in the event of an overstepping of limitations by the LTTE.

It can only be concluded that time and fortunes are probably running out on the LTTE whose last ditch effort towards their survival will be bleak and inconclusive based upon the insignificances of their presentations.They are not an indispensable Sri Lankan entity as their presence in the Island Nation is becoming more and more unwelcome regardless of the rhetoric with which they try to justify their existence and the sooner the Administration realises this the better it will be for Sri Lanka.

An analogy can be drawn that tigers have never been indigenous to Sri Lanka and neither are the LTTE.



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