GL's Over Enthusiastic Verbiage And The President's Stance.

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It has to be made very clear to the general public of Sri Lanka that being firmly "resolved to remove several Top Officials" appointed By Presidential Decree as reported in the media through the eloquence of cabinet minister Prof.GL.Peiris does not necessarily implement its reality!
The President in having spared the pain of boooting out a few more undesirables together with those already booted has left herself open to a barrage of criticism from the ones whose offices she spared and one such is the ever verbose innuendo spewing specialist cabinet minister prof. GL.Peiris turncoat of the former PA regime and ever ready to mislead the general public if one remembers the assurances he has given in the past that all's well with the Peace Process, the bearhugs with Anton Balasingham who has all but diassapeared and the high theatrics as part of his repertoire as a master impressionist and conjurerer!
To take the liberty of addressing Presidential Authority and her actions in the face of a threat to the Nation's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity as a 'Constitutional Coup' which seems to be a mere a created anti-aphorism of an asinine orator expressing frustrations at a time when he should tread lightly considering his own political future which might also be on the line! Oratory which seems to come easy by way of his academics yet often delivered at an inopportune time and sometimes verbosely irrelevant! and a clear example has been provided in a news item reporting his having "stressed 'Maximum Restraint' being observed when retaking powers lost to the President in the absence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe" end quote, as though the majority needed in Parliament towards constitutional change which is the only means to contradict a Presidential Accord has suddenly fallen in his lap!" while the President stands by handclapping and the general public somewhat amused at his imagined ingenuity!

Somewhat reminiscent of a puerile schoolboy's frustration that he has been robbed of his candy perhaps! in venting his anger at the recent decision of the President to exercise her Executive Powers to which Prof. Peiris could hardly precipitate an undoing other than continue in the manner of the proverbial wolf howling at the moon according to many analysts!

Perhaps a degree of etiquette may have been overlooked in the urgency of the situation and its necessity that the portfolio changes should have been made through consultation but a prerogative of the President nevertheless who has had to face embarrassing breaches of etiquette by the UNF Administration and its Leader on many occassions, with the recent circumvention of the President's right to represent Sri Lanka at the United Nations a glaring example of a manipulation by the Administration and perhaps the events leading upto the removals of the three cabinet minister poetic justice although coincidental! and the semantics of written instructions of the Attorney General a requirement perhaps towards ratification which the Presiden't Office has probably attended to already, if required by the Constitution and Statutes.
Talking tough when in reality he should exercise extreme caution, Peiris has accused the President of 'Gross Abuse of Presidential Powers' and a threat to block funding for the Ministries taken over by the President where perhaps he should be challenged to exercise his intention towards manifestation or contain his whimsical allusions to the confines of his pernicious mind as the permutations he seems to have figured out appear rather inaccurate together with the numbers presented as the head count of parliamentary support towards contradicting the President's actions does not seem to coincide with reality typifying the relative ease with which Peiris arrives at his conclusions minus the facts!

This in all probalities is a time for the Sinhala Nation to rally round the President and give her optimum support towards her assertions that the UNF Government is indeed betraying the Nation in compromising its sovereignity and territorial integrity to the LTTE regardless of the theatrics of the likes of Prof. Peiris and the Prime Minister who has apparently been greeted by a 'multitude' of supporters and well wishers on his return, some whom it is has been learnt by very reliable sources were transported by the well know modus operandi of the UNF, " If You Already Guessed It!" in fleets to the Airport!
In conclusion it might be mentioned that the President being her magnanimous self has decided despite overwhelming support from the non - bureaucratic section of Sri Lanka's population and definitely the non bourgeoise such as the named cabinet member whose over confidences sometimes confounds reality, to ease off on some of her recent decisions in the best interests of the Nation.
The following insert is part of a Daily Mirror News Item captioned Cabinet to remove CBK appointees courtesy of Keith Noyahr and M. Ismeth

*** Crisis being defused ?

Signs emerged last night that the political showdown between President Chandrika Kumaratunga and the UNF government might be defused through a compromise.

The Daily Mirror learns that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who is flying back to Colombo early today was in touch with President Kumaratunga last morning from London and there was hope of a settlement.
The compromise is likely to include the lifting of the state of emergency within the next 48 hours and the reconvening of the prorogued parliament before the scheduled date of November 19.
However other sources said that the President might push for the formation of a National Government with at least five portfolios including the vital Defence Ministry for the President's People's Alliance.
Signs of a compromise emerged as the President came under increasing international pressure to restore the status quo and ensure that the peace process was not threatened ***Keith Noyahr and M.Ismeth ***



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