Prime Minister's Hand Exposed Through His Non Response To Presidential Overtures Towards National Unity!

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Sri Lanka's Prime Minister has once again presented his real credentials and what his own objectives might be as once again he seems to have placed his needs above that of the Nation in rejecting the President's overtures to join in forming a Governmet of National Unity and Reconciliation and has called on the President to take over Colombo's Peace Process with Tamil Tigers in an effort to head off a crisis almost in sarcasm hinting towards failure.
There would seem to be no doubts about the President's capabilities towards the task daunting as it seems according to the Prime Minister's bravado which shows much transparency towards irresponsibilities that can be only attributed to frustration and dejection on his part where the President has exercised her Constitutional Right in the best interests of the Nation and removed elements within the cabinet who have threatened the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity hence also the Security of Sri Lanka!

Certainly if there was a take over of the Peace Process by the President, there should be no problems towards continuity within normal parameters other than those presented by the partisan demands of the LTTE which could nevertheless be countered considering how far the mediations have progressed within realistic norms with the collective responses of the International Community and the Superpowers who have been focussing their interests in the process very visibly and closely and the continuity in the hands of the President perhaps a better alternative to that of the Prime Minister's direction which at this time seems to be somewhat of a negative nature and often lopsided in the manner he has leaned towards the LTTE even though the Peace within the land bears testimony towards a degree of great accomplishment but initially at an unknown price which had now surfaced through the near impossible demands of the LTTE who have all but asked for secession in their counterproposals to the Peace Proposal presented by the Government!
It has to be mentioned that although the involvement of Norway in the Peace Process has had the attention of the LTTE there has been a seemingly unfortunate collusion between the two factions prompting Presidential disfavour and the Norwegians though persistent that they need to be involved further, unforunatelty do not have the approval ratings of the majority Sinhala Nation who seem to have now concluded according to a recent concensus poll that theirs is an interference into peace rather than a facilitation and probably better advised to opt out as the veritable question has been asked "What Really Is The Need For Norway's Bi -Parisan presence within a very literate and sensitive Nation which could manage its own affairs if wisdom and caution were exercised by its Leaders and Peers without mediation, and a dependancy on anyone, least of all by proven failures to the cause of Peace ? if Norway's Mid East shambles is remembered and the legacy left behind in the Arab -Israeli Conflict !!

There can never be any bargaining of the Nation's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity towards a lasting peace which has been indicated by the sheer lack of insight by the Prime Minister and his cabinet and the reason for the President's involvement which can only be interpreted as fortuitous for Sri Lanka as otherwise the ramifications of what has transpired through the attrocities of terrorism and insurgency in the past could easily resurface in the hands of terrorists if granted unconditional access to an administrative capacity while in possession of their weapons and still broadcasting their dogmas even in a veiled sense. There appear to be no norms of acceptance that the LTTE really represent the Tamil Community as they have initiated this concept themselves through their continued inconcistencies of aggression and lawlessness in the North and North East of Sri Lanka where no amount of pseudo / assumed De Facto pretenses to administrations could ever be acceptable to the central Government in Colombo and it is aspired that all of these will be dismantled and a normalcy restoring freedom to all inhabitants in these regions rapidly initiated!

"The Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has told diplomats on Sunday that since President Chandrika Kumaratunga had taken over the crucial defence portfolio, she should take over the peace process", quoting Constitutional Affairs Minister Peiris who could be next in line for redundancy as speculated by analysts watching the turn of events closely as Peiris has a provocative tendency using misinformation to confuse the general public in the manner he cleverly distorts his facts using many personal predilections at times which appear to have little to do with reality. "It will be desirable to explore the possibility of President Kumaratunga in charge of Peace and related negotiations, who has taken over the three Ministries, Defense, Communications and Media, to be asked to carry on the process herself," said Peiris where contrary to the sarcasm of his statement there can be no adverse outcome of such a possibility if the co-operation of the communities involved found common ground as after all there is no rocket scientist scenario necessary towards achieving peace within Sri Lanka if the conditions governing the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of a Democratically Elected Government are met within norms rather than being misconstrued and gambled with as the Prime Minister has at times opted to, while constantly refering to a "Mandate From The People!' which has now become his rather monotonoue signature tune, that his is an unconditional mandate to sign away the rights of the Sinhala Nation to insurgent terrorists!!.
It has been also reported that the Prime Ministers latest response came hours after Wickremesinghe met the ambassadors of three nations that have strongly backed his peace efforts with Tamil Tiger rebels, where the United States, Norway and India have been quoted as the three Nations strongly backing his moves although India's response to the Peace Process in Sri Lanka could be interpreted as conditional to the indictment of the terrorist leader in hiding Velupillai Pirapaharan, while the US's response is one which aligns towards the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka with no divisions while continuing a ban on the LTTE and Norway's seemingly bipartisan in favour of the LTTE!.

The President in her latest responses to the Nation has indicated a desire to avoid calling early parliamentary elections unless forced by further developments in the political situation within Sri Lanka having removed three key ministers fron office and suspended Parliament in a showdown with the Prime Minister although the preference for an early election appears to have come from the UNF Camp rather than that of the Opposition.
The President is quoted by news sources as having indicated to India's New Delhi Television News on Saturday that she would not call fresh elections unless her hand is forced by further developments which she does not anticipate or intend to cause or provoke which in fact conveys her integrity towards Peace which the Prime Minister rather curiously seems unwilling to recognize in having interpreted the responsibilities of Administrative Politics as a game of chess involving master moves to overcome his opponent at the expense of the country.

The President has been emphatic that her actions last week has not sparked off a constitutional crisis as it was in defence of the Constitution that she had been inspired to act and has been quoted as saying . "I don't think it is a constitutional crisis unless Mr Wickremesinghe and some of his ministers make it into one, It was a very normal action, almost routine that I should have done some months ago," end quote which seems to have an undeniable ring of truth to it perhaps much to the chagrin of the Prime Minister and his Administration which appears to be finding it more and more difficult to maintain a level of cohabitation with the President due to the adventurous nature of their approach to the Peace Process and the hostilities which ensue during normal paliamentary proceedings !

It is apathetic that even at this late stage the concept of National Unity does not seem to present itself as a viable option in the eyes of the Prime Minister as what might be the best alternative towards resolving the Nation's woes and contending with the terrorist demands where a force of united Sri Lankan politicians backed by the Sinhala Nation would seem unassailable and the best deterrent to any fancy LTTE moves!




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