Sri Lanka Probably The Only Nation Where Heroes Are Sidelined Instead Of Being Uplifted

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This is indeed apathy and abjectly pitiful compensation for brilliance and the glory of a match winning innings recognized globally and even by the normally non- condescending Brian Lara when considering the pros and cons weighed by the Sri Lankan Selectors despite Upul Chandana's glorious performance which have not seen fit his selection for inclusion in the Sri LankanTest side.At Least As A Token Of Gratitude!
Another exposee of the lop sided logic and transparent impotence of many of the decisions the BCCSL Selectors have often been vehemently criticized for as impulsive, sometimes steeped in bias and favouritism and now near heartlessness and callous inconsideration where the rationale of just rewards for above normal achievement extends from the sublime to the ridiculous!

If anybody in the Sri Lankan Squad deserved to be chosen for the Test Matches after the most magnificient Barbados 2nd ODI it was none other than Upul Chandana who almost singlehandedly lifted the game when it seemed desolately lost for Sri Lanka and perhaps the new selectors should hang their heads in shame! Chandana was named Man of the Match soon after the game and certainly deserved better.

In Sri Lanka the scenario of cricket selections seems to conjure up a melting pot of pundits who often make powerful but incongruous decision at the highest level which probably cost Sri Lanka the World Cup mainly due to the ommision of key players as one reflects upon the many deserving players excluded from selection based on what is broadcast as a felt need for youngblood and team building as a result of which in the past, many brilliant player eventually quit in disgust before their time as one recalls the exits of players such as Ravi Ratnayake, Roshan Mahanama, Asanka Gurusinghe, the near incarceration of Aravinda de Silva and perhaps even Arjuna Ranatunga who left the arena with quite a few international playing seasons seemingly within their potential not completed.

There seems to be a certain sense of graciousness and decorum lacking in decisions such as the one which has ignored Upul Chandana who despite his costly spell in the last game is still an excellent exponent of Leg spin and perhaps a budding partner for Muttiah Muralitharan where most great spin bowlers operate in pairs albeit the hypothetical nature of the speculation, an excellent fielder, a wonderful timer of the ball especially against slower bowlers and not only a match winner but also a charming and unassuming young man who deserved better than being ignored for Test selection after such an incredible performance.

It will be argued undoubtedly by the Peers that be that there are One Day Players and then there areTest Players where the twain never meet at the same performance level relative to the nature of the game, which must surely be the rationale though greatly an assumed one nevertheless ,for the Chandana exclusion but his replacement a relative greenhorn of little known accomplishments with the exception of Hashan Tillekeratne whose inclusion is mandatory makes the more discerning wonder what motivates some of the more lopsided decision making of the BCCSL Selectors! and worthy of exposure as one reflects upon the huge stature of Chandana offset against some of the new minnows promoted to Test Status where Chandana beyond a doubt is the more deserving! A Freudian Slip? Hardly!!

Sri Lanka Probably Is The Only Cricketing Nation Where Heroes Are Sidelined Rather Than Being Uplifted For The Glory And Honor They Have Brought To Their Nation!!!


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