A Disclaimer Towards Controlling The Economic And Political Destiny Of Sri Lanka By The LTTE!

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Poetic justice seems to have been done in the manner the LTTE have managed to isolate themselves further from the International Community, the outcome of which was never really in doubt as they flounder further on their way to oblivion!

The fact that they withdrew from the Peace Talks now seems tantamount to shooting themselves in the foot as the early arrogance with which they bared fangs at the Government with their normal intimidatory fashion with the many threats and warnings now seems to have turned into a remorse and frustration as all it comes down to is their dissapointment at being excluded from handling the huge donor packages which they are not entitled to in the first place (being terrorists!) and sheds more light on the realities of what was once speculation that they probably were gloating at how they would utilise the monies involved to their own advantage and how it might benefit their secret agenda!Hence the real purpose behind their boycottingn the Tokyo Conference and withdrawing from the Peace Talks becomes somewhat clear if evaluated logically.

Suddenly the mertits of foreign involvement are being 'lambasted' by the LTTE who at one stage were pleading for Indian, US, British and Norwegian Involvement where only Norway with their vested interests were the only entity to be supportive of LTTE demands unconditionally even turning a blind eye to their continued attrocities and the tables seem to have been turned on them at a most crucial time when there have very few options and no direction to turn to as the US Government through Envoy Richard Armitage has warned them to return to the Peace Talks also advising them of the mertits of denouncing their terrorist status while doing so which would be to their great advantage although the buck does not stop there!

That the LTTE have recognized 'External Forces' as being formidable in their bitter criticism which says that the issue of resolving the conflict which has taken the lives of over 60,000 people has been complicated through 'Foreign Meddling' is an indication that they do in fact recognize the gravity of the actions which have led to this colossal loss of human life which they have been chiefly responsible for with a need for atonement where the formidable 'External Forces' in all reality are of a nature that cannot be confronted or crossed without dire repercussions for their long term existence and hence they the LTTE are veritably up a dead end street from which there is no return!

That the donor conference in Tokyo has rewarded Sri Lanka with over 4.5 Billion dollars in pledges towards rebuilding the Nation torn apart by LTTE attrocities is cause for euphoria indeed and made sweeter by the knowledge that it has been ensured as Aid which will not fall into terrorist hands through the own misguided posturing led by the likes of idealogue Anton Balasingham and a feather in the cap for UNF leader and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe who has stood his ground ineither through remarkable wisdom and hindsight knowing fully well what the outcome and the implications would be or a Freudian Slip whatever the case ! since the LTTE pullout, as history seems to be unfolding towards the LTTE's ultimate demise.

Rather than taking up the offer of a Provisional Administrative Structure proposed by the Prime Minister at the Donor's Conference in Tokyo which in fact seems overly conciliatory as it is, to an unrelenting terrorist group continuing their bravado against all odds and international criticism of their right to exist in their present guise they have rather foolishly rejected it albeit in a manner beneficial to the Sinhala Nation and all the opposition to the Government's offers to the LTTE which they see as compromising the Nations Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity to the terrorists who neither have a real claim towards representing the entire Tamil Community nor any recourse which would further enhance their agenda towards secession. In fact a Freudian Slip by the Prime Minister may have turned out to be fortuitous to the Nation through the stand taken by the LTTE to their disadvantage for which the Administration probably deserves a round of applause.

As long as the LTTE continue to be unrelenting towards shedding their terrorist identity, denouncing their idealogies towards secession , laying down their arms and not showing sincerity towards the peace which could only be accomplished through a unification of all ethnicities and a disbanding of the LTTE for what they represent today and all their terrorist involvements, the concept of peace for Sri Lanka will continue to be just that, a concept slightly out of reach and sadly so as the recent turnaround of events after the hostilities subsided has seen a great resugence of tranquility, an intermingling of people at grass roots level, an influx of masses of people returning to previously displaced existences from all around the world where they sought refuge, the promise of foreign investment and the refurbishing of a tourist industry which has made great advances towards boosting the Nation's economy.A tragedy in the making if all of this was disrupted even in some small fraction.

As the present stalemate in the Peace Talks continues the bickering will also continue to the detriment of the Nation's progress and phobias about worse case scenarios will continue to hang over it in the form of a dark cloud of uncertainty until a more definitive course of actions is taken by the overall leadership of the Nation in whose hands the real solution to Sri Lanka's woes rest and presently they seem to be tied down to the reality that the administrative manouvres rest in the hands of the Prime Minister holding the reins of power where the Presidents authority though ultimate cannot logically ursurp Prime Ministerial decisions without causing conflict between them which may damage what chances there may be of a peace conducive towards the norms of reality relative to the present state of affairs within Sri Lanka which has taken on a guise of tranquility.

That the LTTE have issued warnings of 'Serious Consequences' if the Administration does not dance to their tunes as they did before however, is cause for investigation and confrontation to ascertain the accuracy of what these ' consequences' are and remind them that the only consequences of a serious nature are the ones that await the LTTE and its leadership once they are eventually rounded up and brought to justice and that they are in no bargaining position anymore to set ultimatums to a Sovereign Democracy.

To refer to the Prime Minister as "someone who seeks refuge in an international safety net" is probably an indication of their own derision that they have been denied what would seem an unattainable luxury by the nature of their identity and track record and should they continue in this trend of thought they are more than likely to come apart at the seams!

That they have never had any claim towards controlling the political and economic destiny of Sri Lanka much as they would like to as suggested in their latest outbursts of frustration has always been a foregone conclusion.


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