An Objective Interpretation Of Prof. G.L. Peiris's Hypothetical Speculations About the Beneficiaries Of The Peace Process And Ceasefire!

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Mere speculations that the Peace Process has in fact fully benefited Sri Lanka where the loose ends are many and the Nation in apprehensive division as far as opinions go about how great the Wickremasinghe Administration's successes are relative to the present state of the country and rather than confirming Peace Negotiator Prof.G.L.Peiris' rhetoric which suggests that "Sri Lanka has benefited greatly from the ceasefire aggreement" he should be disillusioned with the stark reality that the LTTE appear to have also made great inroads into what they have maintained all along that they will not be subjugated nor will they give up their visions towards secession and Eelam.

The proof of the proverbial pudding contradicting Prof. Peiris' 'Joie de Vivre' as only partly true has been surfacing in a multi-faceted turn of events almost clinically sequential for sometime now with the LTTE assaults on Naval Vessels, assassinations of political opponents and the latest discovery of an LTTE agent attempting to smuggle high grade gelignite into Colombo without any authorization that it was for the sole purpose of 'Rock Blasting' at a construction related quarry!! making one wonder if Monsieur Wickremasinghe's goodwill gesture to remove all roadblock was a wise one and that there could be alarming probabilities of how many other well armed insurgents might have infiltrated into built up areas of Colombo and conversely suggest towards Prof. Peiris' elation that in all probabilities it is the LTTE who have benefitted greatly from the ceasefire aggreement!

With the passage of Prof. Peiris' political tenure in office it is becomong more apparent to the discerning that his is an act of high theatrics as are those of his other cabinet colleagues who are accomplished story tellers about the merits and accomplishnments of the Government through the Peace Process when in reality they are being systematically coralled and humiliated by the LTTE whenever they attempt to make goodwill gesture visits to LTTE ' infested' areas as in the case of Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena and very recently Minister John Ameratunga who has also had to beat a hasty retreat from the Jaffna District under threat and duress from the LTTE during one of his 'goodwill' tours.

True enough! the atmosphere for Trade and Development has taken a stride towards progress as a result of the ceasefire and a superficial return to normalcy within the Island but perhaps very relative to the presence of superpower surveillance and the conditions laid down Globally against the propagation of terrorism which has surely contained the LTTE and probably will do so on a continued basis, going into the future despite their hollow threats about alternatives should the Peace Process fail.

Consequently and directly related to the calm and tranquility which has prevailed for over a year now, the tourists have returned and NGO Funding for development projects are at a premium high in this post traumatic recovery period and perhaps only applicable to the interpretation to what Prof. Peiris terms "Benefitting Greatly" in a very relative sense which could never be itemised as final and lasting unless the LTTE threat is expunged from Sri Lanka and her Democratic Sovereign Rights are maintained unquestionably and without intimidation by an outlawed terrorist group!

Peiris the smug orator has from time to time has very systematically swept under the carpet many key issues while deeming them to be of secondary importance and on being questioned about the political assassinations by the LTTE, which once peaked with the Late Hon Rajive Gandhi's assassination and has in recent times accounted for over 40 Government Intelligence Personnel, has attributed the cause to a "reservoir of acrimony" in a typical Peiris usage of archaic rhetoric applicable perhaps to the excesses of the great wars and not to cold blooded murder.
The term acrimony seems to have hit a repeating groove in Prof.Peiris's vocabulary as its coinage seems to incorparate opposition to Presidential advise and her criticism of the UNF's ridiculous conciliations to the LTTE which a greater proportion of the Nation's population envisions as the real acrimony directed by an unscrupulous incumbent cabinet member towards the Head of State endorsing also the sentiments and attitude of the Political Party he represents!

Prof Peiris a former PA ship jumper alongside a few of his ilk would be better represented for their idealogies on a soap box in a specific corner reserved for the sole purose of soap box oratory in Hyde Park, London England rather than being permitted the ignominious right to mislead a Nation! It would also be in close proximity to his once beaming, handclasping buddy Anton Balasingham who would fit quite well atop another soapbox alongside him!!!

Some of Prof Peiris' hypothetical depositions made to the news media suggests that "once there was agreement on basic elements of the final solution - that was, no cessation (misspelt in lieu of secession perhaps), no separate state - the dialogue would continue. ( One hardly needs to emphasize the infamy of the term 'Final Solution' when remembering Adolf Hitler!)

Regarding criticism by President Chandrika Kumaratunga that he was misleading the country on the negotiations, Peiris said the media had full access to the peace process and that the criticism "had no merit." He said relations between the President and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had "some degree of tension" after a decade of acrimony but there was constant consultation between them.

( With quite a bit of duplicity and double standards involved?)

He gave an assurance that if Tamils were granted autonomy in the north and east, effective arrangements would be made to protect the rights of all communities."There is no sellout in any way. The rights and needs of minorities will be looked after," he said."

( It would be interesting to have Mr.Rauf Hakeem Comment on this and also have a response from core representation of the Muslim Community!)

And after all is said and done one wonders what the Professor has decided to do with the LTTE!
Make them goodwill ambassadors and representatives of Eelam in Sri Lanka?



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