Time To Get Balasingham and Co. Out Of Sri Lanka's Hair.

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With the exception of the Sri Lankan Government, by his antics Anton Balasingham has more than conveyed the image of a nincompoop whose posturing as rep in the flawed Peace process sways at times from the sublime to the ridiculous.It seems about time he was removed from Sri Lanka's metaphoric hair together with the ambiguities of the Norwegian brokers whose leanings have obviously been exposed by this latest incident and their stand taken in an almost bipartisan manner in favour of the LTTE despite the facts which are more than glaring with respect to the Sri Lankan Navy's sinking of an unidentified rogue vessel carrying arms on 11th March 2003 which the LTTE pompously claim as a 'merchant vessel of their charge' and are harbouring 'grave concerns'!.

In his latest rhetoric often of a verbose and misconstrued nature the man has all but made a mockery of International Law (his version that is!) by citing its relevance to his interpretation that the recent sinking of a rebel arms carrier of the LTTE by the Sri Lankan Navy was quote" a grave violation of the ceasefire and a contravention of International Law" end quote and has the audience of global Sri Lankans laughing aloud at his comical overtures, appearance and incongruence of thought in a curious response albeit the laughter which has begun not only to increase in volume that this man is not only a clown but an idiot too.
In addition to having an assumed doctor's title he is now playing the role of a learned barrister and what next ?

On the strength of a self imposed title "LTTE Merchant Vessel" of an unmarked, unflagged sea craft ( since when did the LTTE have merchant vessels? ) which was not only carrying an illegal shipment of contraband arms but was also armed sufficiently to fire on the Sri Lankan Navy Craft when challenged so by what norms of definition does Balasingham address the incident as a violation by the Navy when it is the LTTE who are the guilty party?

All of this surely corroborates LTTE arrogance and Balasingham has instilled a shrouded speculation hinting at withdrawal from Peace Talks as the befuddled world awaits the alternative if there is one and is he perchance suggesting a return to arms by the LTTE which would prove more self destructive to them in the long run or is this some form of sabre rattling intended to intimidate the Sri Lankan Government which already has a reputation of 'bending over backwards' to their demands?.The magnitude of recent demonstrations in Colombo is proof positive of the opposition to the present Government's conciliatory attitude towards the LTTE and the flawed peace process minus many core issues despite its need to be continuous.

That the command to search and destroy the illegal vessel which was a threat to Sri Lanka's Territorial and Sovereign integrity being the priority was based on classified confirmed defence intelligence which has by-passed Balasinghams reckoning in a rather apathetically inept manner proves that any individual of such base intellect can only have a moribund impression of the Peace Process or one concieved towards LTTE requirements only, which is not going their way.One which he tries to promote at the highest level of ambiguity suggesting that in all probability he needs intellectual rehabilitation rather than being recognized as a representative towards peace! It is also rumored there are other areas which need mending.

This also applies to the namby pamby Government representation attempting to downplay the implications of the LTTE vessel which was the only entity in direct violation of the ceasefire the Peace Process and International Defence and Shipping accords!
It has been confirmed that the order to search and destroy was Presidential.


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