JVP Message To Norwegian Monitors And The UNF At Colombo March And Displays Great Patriotism And Needs Support!

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The Gallant patriotism of the JVP has been vividly illustrated through their latest march in Colombo Led By Wimal Weerawansa in protest of the Latest Draft Interim Devolution Package offered to the LTTE by the Wickremasinghe Administration which culminated in front of the Royal Norwegian Embassy where the rally which followed was attended by well over 50,000 noisy supporters.

Although provocations by the UNF Goondas seemed to be in the cards as is often the case in such circumstances there appeared to be deterrents in the form of a fair sized Police and Special Task Force Contingent armed with riot gear, barbed wire and water cannon and the dexterity and clear thinking of the Organisers of the rally saw to it that aggression and physical confrontation were avoided and the rally culminated in a peaceful manner, a feather in their caps while the normally impulsive officers of the SLP (Sri Lankan Police) and STF probably under orders of restraint looked on.

The JVP Slogan for the occassion was that "They would even single handedly save Mother Lanka from the conspiracy of the Norwegians and Ranil Wickremasinghe to subjugate her to the ignominy of an outlawed, fully armed band of terrorists the LTTE where the present apprehensions of the Nation revolve around the dangers of what is outlined in the Interim Administrative Package presented to the LTTE and the latest anticipations by many intelligence sources that the Administration may consider bringing in Foreign Military Forces to implement what many see as a de-facto separation of the country through the proposed package.

In recognition of their opposition to and vision towards the implications of the betrayal of their Motherland not only should the JVP be commended for their brave and defiant stand against the Administration but it is probably an appropriate time for the Sinhala Nation with Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga at its helm to lend support to the JVP reckoning that unless the Administration, the Norwegian Monitors and the LTTE are confronted in no uncertain terms and discouraged, this could probably be a catastrophe for the Sinhala Nation and an initial phase of its demise as a democracy as the world has known it thus far!

Wimal Weerawansa the JVP leader has not minced his words which need to be echoed over and over again until it rings loud and clear from North to South and East to West that "Foreign Adversaries in the guise of Peace Monitors are working with a concerted effort to divide Sri Lanka and to implement a hidden agenda which possibly incorporates the need to co- exist between the UNF and the LTTE" in pointing to the Norwegian Embassy where he named Envoy Jon Westborg the leader of the Norwegian Monitors rather satirically as a 'white tiger' who in his opinion and very credibly in the minds of many as was apparent by the mood of the huge support at the rally, as the catalyst and a a harbinger of misfortunes for the future of Sri Lanka.

Rather unfortunately the initial roles of the Norwegians as observers now appear to have been transformed with the co-operation of the Wickremasinghe Administration to that of meddling, bi-partisan pro - LTTE sychopants. To add insult to injury, the previously outcast Pro LTTE Norwegian mediator Eric Solheim who made no bones about where his partialities were and virtually shown his marching orders has once again been recalled as a 'crisis' advisor towards the Interim Proposals by the Administration in a mind boggling move with motives and reasoning known only to the Administration where the credibilities of Solheim waxed rather thin when his real profile was exposed yet once again is in with a bang ! to further complicate what is already a rather messed up Sri Lankan impasse with the LTTE and possibly compound the crisis rather than help alleviate it!!!

The chilling theme emphasized by Wimal Weerawansa addressing the vast congregation of his supportives entailed the dangers of the present format of the Interim Package to the LTTE which the Government percieved as a non compromising devolution package with no threat to the Sinhala Nation in handing over the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka to a fully armed terrorist group like the LTTE which would in reality tantamount to granting of Eelam and a playing into their infamous hands.

As a much endorsed and widely performed and much loved old Guyanese Calypso goes!

"We Are A Peaceful Nation,

Struggling The Struggle,

And We Don't Look For Trouble,

Just Ask Around.

But When Unknown Faces

From Foreign Places,

Talk About Taking Over ,

We Aint Backing Down.

We Will Climb Any Mountain,

We Will Burn Any Trees,

We Will Safeguard Our Oceans,

From All Enemies

Shall Not Let Pass,

Not A Blade Of Grass!

Do Not Harrass!

Coz This Land Is Ours!!!!

Salutations JVP for your Courage ! and may the support for your patriotism grow !




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