US Experts' Warnings About The LTTE Threat To Trincomalee Serious! Better Safe Than Sorry Should Be The Right Response.

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It would not be war mongering to alert the Sri Lankan National Defence Authorities as well as the Government of India to the recent warnings issued by a crack US Military Team who investigated the safety of Trincomalee harbour and has warned that the lapses of security in certain specific areas of the Harbor and Naval Base are extremely vulnerable to an LTTE attack.No mean conjecture but a credible fact based on the deductions on available statistics and cause for great concern to the Nation!

All this, while the Administration downplays the need to boost security in the area and assurances of the ' poet laureate of subterfuge and illusion' the Prof. G.L.Peiris to the Nation together with the Defence Ministry that all's well in the area of security with no threat from the LTTE somewhat laughable!

Well! it is no laughing matter however that a 26 member team from the US Pacific Area Command (PACOM) had visited establishments of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in September-October 2002 and reported that "a major part of the Sri Lankan Naval Fleet stood in danger of being wiped out if the LTTE were to attack and that the vulnerable position that currently exists could essentially level the majority of the Sri Lankan Navy Fleet. Without control of this area, the defence of Trincomalee harbour will always be a losing battle.The ability to prosecute the war would be detrimentally affected," as the US report had said and highlighted in the Sunday Times despatch from which this was quoted subsequent to a communication between the news source and the US Team.

Bearing in mind also that this warning also implicates the interests of the Indian Oil Corporation significantly relative to the 99 Giant Oil Tanks which it has leased from Sri Lanka and is in the same vicinity at Trincomalee where the expectation to secure and safeguard them as outlined by the Indian Authorities is the foremost responsibility of the Sri Lankan Government and strategically important despite the meaningless cacophony of the likes of Prof. Peiris who had presented his own concept of how the Indian Authorities have ignored requests by the Sri Lankan Government towards safeguarding the Oil Tanks! which hardly contribute to any measure of securing means of real safety given the facts and perhaps an eye opener for the Prime Minister who oftens seems to wait for a Presidential nudge towards many restitutions towards National Security which otherwise might end up on the back burner but under the watchful eyes of the LTTE.

There is hardly a need to speculate about the vital importance of Trincomalee's Naval facilities which was a key location for the British during World War 11 who meticulously maintained and safeguarded its interests and sealed off any vulnerabilities to attack although it was subsequently aerially bombed by the Japanese yet restored to its original operative efficiency and it would be an apathetic disaster should the LTTE be permitted any inroads into this most vital of Naval Facilities beyond the ones already made unsuccessfully which also has strong commercial importance relative to the Hambantota Harbour Development Project which will be en-rout to Trincomalee and a halfway point between Colombo in a naval and shipping aspect and mandatory that its interests be safeguarded at all times.

There is an alarming footnote in the US Report which says that according to their analytical conclusions based on their investigation they are of the opinion that the Sri Lankan Navy at present seems ill equipped to fully protect Trincomalee taking into consideration presently available equipment and Personnel and given the many attempts by the LTTE in the past to overrun the facilities but despite being effectively thwarted by the Sri Lankan Navy they seem to have been unable to secure it completely and perhaps imperative that it is secured to the maximum and better late than never as the possibility of debilitating attacks on both Naval and Commercial shipping in and out of the harbour by the LTTE still seems to be a viable threat!

This is indeed a time to re-assess and re-evaluate the safety and security measures to safeguard Sri Lanka's vitally important Naval Base at Trincomalee while conjoining the opinions of the President and former Foreign Minister together with all Opposition Parties who have pointed out continuouslty the very same observations of the US Team and casting aside the propagated theory by the UNF Administration that the facts and figures pointed out extraneous to the US Report and involving the Opposition voices are a mere means to scuttle the Peace Process it is vital to recognize importance of the Report which may have dire ramifications to the Nation if ignored!

Better safe than sorry! seems the proper conclusion. Heed US Expert's Warnings About The Vulnerability Of Trincomalee To LTTE Attack and take preventive action now or pay the price later!


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