Why Norway's Self Imposed Suspension Of Involvement In The Peace Process Should be Officially Enforced On A Permanent Basis.

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Perhaps the news of Norway's latest decision initiated through Deputy Foreign Minister Helgesen who has ben quoted as saying"We are going home to wait" should have more appropriately been "We are going home for good!"as it appears to be where they really belong rather than remain in Sri Lanka to meddle with internal affairs relating to the Peace Process on a bi - partisan pro LTTE approach! A self imposed suspension by Norway which perhaps by rights should be officially enforced on a permanent basis given the following considerations!

Norway has been reported as quoted from a recent news statement that intelligence sources in constant surveillance of its activities relative to the Sri Lankan Peace Initiative have concluded that the Peace Bureau of the Royal Norwegian Government is more than likely to have co-authored the LTTE’s counter proposal they have termed the ISGA(Interim Self Governing Authority), based on the recent Sudan's Interim Peace Agreement. This rather revealing news item has been publicised by the Asian Tribune an independent Asian News Journal and Website. Based on extensive investigative research on Norway's involvement in the Peace Process, Norway is portrayed as having helped the LTTE Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, to plagiarize the contents of the Sudan Interim Peace Agreement to re- draft the unacceptable counter proposal submitted to the Government of Sri Lanka ( obviously denied by the LTTE) and by no means surprising to learn that the LTTE in a media release have stated that " all their resolution of conflict would be done only with the facilitation of the Royal Norwegian Government" thereby exposing possible ambiguities relative to both Norway and the LTTE and the direction in which they would prefer to manouvre the Peace Process. According to the intelligence report, it has now become clear though unconfirmed, that Norway has more than likely had a hand in the preparation of the Tamil rebels' proposals for the Interim Self-Governing Authority to the North and East of Sri Lanka which has not been accepted by the Sri Lankan President, the Administration or the Sinhala Nation.

Even though the said statement appeared in the website of the LTTE, it seems to be unrelated to the development that emerged the 4th of November, when President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge made redundant the three cabinet ministers of the incumbent United National Front (UNF) Administration of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, there seems to be a degree of speculation as to whether the President's decision had a bearing on her convictions relative to the conciliations shown by the Administration towards the Norwegian Peace Monitors with no questions asked despite many incidents of obvious leanings towards the LTTE which the President had raised concerns about on many occassions as they involved the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka. President Chandrika Kumaratunga last week wrested control of the Ministries of Defense, Communications and Media from her partner in political cohabitation Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, claiming he had made too many concessions to the Tamil rebels in the peace process.

The details outlined in the statement in very clear tones clearly confirm the allegation that Norwegian peace-keepers’ are on a partisan approach favouring the LTTE in the facilitation of peace talks between Sri Lankan Government and LTTE, as vehemently alleged by the Sri Lankan opposition political parties and finally their cause for concern seems to have surfaced as very real and no figment of the imagination as speculated by Government sources such as the Interior Minister who has often shrugged off opposition concerns as baseless paranoia.

Although there is no clear vision about why the Norwegian monitors have such an open empathy towards the LTTE an internationally banned terror group of high notoriety, it is surmised (with much evidence pointing towards it) that the reason lies in Norway's provision of a safe haven to a vast number of LTTE sympathisers and a large Tamil Population ever increasing within Norway which beyond conjecture conveys the conflict of interest the Norwegian Government has towards maintaining a pro LTTE stance which consequently seems to nudge the manipulations of the Norwegian Monitors seen in recent times within Sri Lanka where rationalities seemed to evaporate when considering the Sovereignity of the Nation concerned and the illegitimacy of the terrorists!

Specifically quoting an excerpt from the Asian Tribune it has been revealed that

"On the lead and directions of Norway, it is learnt that the Tamil academics, the so called constitutional experts rewrote the Sudan interim agreement , "to satisfy LTTE's thirst for power."
Asian Tribune further learns that whatever was prepared and handed over by the Tamil constitutional experts in Dublin, Ireland was brought back to Wanni, (Killinochi) and treated again by the local quirk doctors at the LTTE camp and won the final approval from the Tiger supremo before it being handed over to the Royal Norwegian Ambassador Hans Brattskar to be handed over to the Sri Lankan Government.
Therefore the final proposal handed over to the Sri lankan Government was the one that was the product of final tinkering done at Killinochchi by the local experts over there." end quote

Surely another elementary pointer towards the deceitful arrogance of the LTTE whose confidences seem to have been mooted by Norway's influence yet grist for their mill as the transparencies exposed could more than likely accord the Norwegian facilitators a status of 'Personas Non Grata' already a behestation accorded the LTTE leader nationally as Sri Lanka's most wanted!

The 'De Trop' recognition Sri Lanka must view the Norwegians with on the evidence presented and the 'Derring-Do' attitude of the Administration which has projected events thus far which needs to be done away with for the sake of posterity, must eventually remain in contention as key factors towards Sri Lanka's future!



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