The Kinniya, Wan Ela Camp Of The LTTE Which Thamilchelvam Refuses To Dismantle Is Illegal And A Threat To National Security!

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The 'odd couple' whom many percieve as the Wimps of the Peace Process (not that there aren't others!) S.P.Thamilchelvam and Eric Solheim have met in the Wanni to confab about an issue which seems a trifle beyond their comprehension and it is now an issue for the AUTHORITIES to deal with.

The issue being the so called Kinniya,Wan Ela 'Military' Camp as refered to by Thamilchelvam (since when were insurgents and terrorists afforded coinage with the term Military?) which would be more accurately described as a terrorist enclave from a logical and rational standpoint, and needs to be dismantled whether through negotiated or other means .The UNF Administration in using the Peace Process as an excuse to desist from remedial action in the best interests of the Nation is surely neglecting appointed Administrative Duties as an incumbent Government in conjunction with the hands tied approach by the Armed Forces whose higher directives are issued by the CEO Madam President rather than the Laurel and Hardy like combination of the Prime Minister and Defence Minister pontificating about the adverse effects it could have on the Peace Process.

An ancient Sinhala Proverb "Using Cats To Pull Out Roasting Jak Seeds From The Fire " seems very applicable to the responsibilities entrusted to Mr. Solheim that smug Norwegian Cat and his negotiations with Thamilchelvam and the LTTE which to all intents and purposes appear to be going nowhere when the key issue of confronting an illegal terrorist hangout and dismantling it lies in the hands of the Administration which has been back peddling on the matter despite the many warnings from many wise quarters that this Camp is far too much in proximity to the strategic location of Trincomalee and should not have been permitted setting up in the first place!

The degree of misconcieved rights and entitlements on the part of Thamilchelvam (mostly bordering on ignorance of Democratic Statutes) who has informed the 'Noddy' like Solheim (to coin a comparison to the ever nodding children's storybook character of Dame Enid Blyton ) that this Camp existed long before the Peace Process and Ceasefire thereby making it justifiable, is comparable to the justification of a land mine regardless of when it was planted.

Solheim having failed to take Thamilchelvam to task on his rhetoric and confront him on his pretences should pack up and leave rather than cause further embarrassment to the country he represents and the Nation's Prime Minister who seems to have a deity like adulation of this mere Bohemian dreamer.

For the record, the Wan Oya Camp is one which was sprung up sporadically by the LTTE and a prime example of one of the LTTE violations of the ceasefire and the many creations safeguarded through ingenius innuendo! proof of its existence surfacing only recently as it was set up surreptitiously and made to appear as one which was long standing which however is of no consequence by virtue of its illegality and an encroachment of State Owned Lands!

There is hardly any doubt that this illegal camp needs to be disbanded and dispersed as soon as possible in the best interests of the Nation and its People as the lucidity of the misconception that Peace could be accomplished while terrorist enclaves are tolerated and permitted to propagate becomes more than apparent and hence the choice of compromising an already botched up Peace Process is offset heavily against the imperative necessity of ridding a strategic location of a potential threat to National Security!

The LTTE seem to be waiting out an eternity through their created impasse in the hope that another false move by the Administration would give them incentives to justify further their illegal operations which nonetheless do continue even in some small sporadic measure and the fact that they are in any way tolerated by the Administrations lends credence to the theorist's idealogy that there exists either a symbiotic dependance between the two entities or that one in anticipation of the other's weakness is awaiting an opportune moment to exercise a stranglehold on the jugular.

All the while the only deserving entity legally and morally entitled to their right to exist, the Sinhala Nation and all its citizens handcuffed to the point of losing their inherant freedom and dignity due to the meanderings of a wayward Administration of ostentatious leadership awaits the ultimate liberation from their oppressors as the metronome of indecision ticks on and the clowning of foreign intermediaries and the bunglings of those elected hold sway in the comedy of errors which is sadly prevalent.

Perhaps time ,Thamilchelvam his LTTE consorts and their falseley projected claims towards their illegal rights towards the encroachment of Sovereign Territory being internationally ostracised and condemned terrorists, were fed into a shredder and disposed of permanently, Erik Solheim put on a slow boat to Norway to ponder his options as a mediator extraordinaire elsewhere! rather than compromise the Sovereign and Territorial Integrity of a Democratic Nation!

In an apathetic gesture of irresponsibility, the Defense Secretary with no qualms of Governmental self respect has said quote,"that it was left for the Norway government now to take the next step when the LTTE officially rejected the verdict of the SLMM that the LTTE should give up the camp. Hence he was looking forward to the arrival of Norway’s Special Envoy, Eric Solheim who once left the shores of Sri Lanka having accomplished nothing.

And since when did the Nation of Sri Lanka become a Norwegian Colony? and has it been so weakened ?that its Government cannot confront an Internationally condemned insurgent group such as the LTTE with all the resources available, to inform them that within the mandates and charters of International Law their illegal operations will be put down. In voicing the recent ultimatums issued in no uncertain terms by the USA Representative Richard Armitage there could be no misquote that they would be hounded down!.

The Government of India too has voiced the sentiment that regional security will never be compromised by the needs of terrorism which it views with great disdain and contempt and envisions its eradication as a priority!

Perhaps the time is at hand when the ultimate reality that the LTTE have no right to their existence will manifest itself in a conglomeration of combined authoritative indictment beyond their comprehension and the false justifications of the likes of Thamilchelvam laid to rest with regrets that Real Peace was never a serious option considered by the LTTE to their own detriment!




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