Sri Lanka's President, In No Uncertain Terms Sounds Warning Bells To The Prime Minister !

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"Ere The Vengeance Of Destiny Descends Upon Us, Let Us Reconnoitre And Prepare Ourselves To Face Its Consequences!".....

Must be a foremost thought as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremasinghe reflects upon the 'Sword of Damoclese' hanging over his head ready to descend at the mere nudge of a Presidential order if due process relative to Constitutional Accords are acceded to by the President and at a recent Press interview in Singapore has hinted at dismissing the country's Prime Minister and Cabinet over deep differences in peace talks with rebels which are now at an impasse and their continued stance of defiance is threatening the Nation's Security which has to continue dealing with a group of heavily armed terrorists unrelenting about their past crimes and the destruction of lives and property to astronomical proportions where their image, track record and outlawed status gives them no rights whatsoever yet pandered to continually by the Wickremasinghe Administration.

Statistics based on the latest intelligence reports and the unravelling news reports from LTTE controlled areas tell a tale of devastating crimes and misdemeanors being clandestinely continued by the LTTE and their supportives while the pundits in Colombo and the Norwegian Peace Monitors 'on their extended holiday in Paradise at the taxpayer's expense' continue to turn a blind eye and at times even cover up!

Addressing the press gathering prior to the World Economic Forum's East Asia Summit in Singapore, President Chandrika Kumaratunga made her point in no uncertain terms that Prime Minister Wickremasinghe was moving in the direction of betraying the country by granting free access previously denied the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE ) an internationally condemned terrorist group, to re-arm and form what tantamounts to a' de- facto separate state' in parts of the North and North East of Sri Lanka which is not only deplorable by virtue of the degree to which it contravenes the integrity of the on going Global War Against Terrorism but also contradicts and ridicules the Constitution, Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.

It seems to be a natural process that the President's concerns have been expressed at a time when there is great agitation within the Nation based on the insecurities of Wickremasinghe's policies by way of the freedom of movement granted to the LTTE in the name of Peace which has permitted the LTTE to re-arm themselves and position themselves in strategic locations posing a direct threat to all of Sri Lanka including military and naval facilities and a confrontation of the Prime Minister by the President in her role as matriarch and protector of Sri Lanka against its enemies and betrayers, expectedly obligatory through the nature of her appointed duties and responsibilities.

She is quoted as having said that "The Prime Minister and his Government do not conduct negotiations. Their concept is to give, give and give." end quote, which is an indication of her exasperation together with that of a vast majority of the Sinhala Nation where exasperations may not be restricted to patience but to the contrary very likely to trigger off her designated right to remove an errant Prime Minister and his Cabinet from office.

The confrontational nature between the President and Prime Minister over matters relating to Power Sharing, Policy and Decision Making in many aspects of political co-habitation has surfaced on more than one occassion where the President has maintained her decorum and tranquility although in recent times there have been pointers towards the possibility of Presidential patience running out where much could be said about the attributes and merits of National Unity as a key to resolving Sri Lanka's major issues yet sadly lacking as the legacy of feudal politics within Sri Lanka continues as an enigma together with the perils of irrational tolerance of a terror group which has gained unnecessary footholds which needs to be eliminated and precisely what the objectives of the President appear to be together with deposing the Prim Minister.

Ironically, despite all the perils of a continued terrorist presence in Sri Lanka, the free market economy , the expansion of Foreign Investment and Tourism and the concept of free enterprise have once again grown phenomenally which augurs well in the eyes of the International Community and the many Global Analysts who believe that Sri Lanka has risen from the ashes of despair and point towards the continuity of the Peace which has lasted thus far as the key factor towards progress and undeniably true.

And the greater irony is that the Prime Minister who would take responsibility towards the progress made in Post Insurgent Sri Lanka has indeed been a great asset towards Sri Lanka's recovery from oppression and anarchy but may have to be removed to ensure a substantial and secure continuity of all the attributes initiated by him as he has left many vulnerabilities open and uncovered in areas of Defence and National Security through his vast conciliations to the LTTE who are not only armed and dangerous but totally unpredictable and an entity which must never be permitted to make any inroads into the Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka governed by the Majority Sinhalese.

Unfortunately, by some obtuse reckoning the LTTE seem to believe that their miniscule minority by proportion could overcome and overrun the majority Sinhala race which has continued to flourish for centuries, an LTTE concept totally unacceptable and unaligned with reality as the writing's on the wall for the LTTE that their's is an aimless pursuit for secession however camouflaged it may appear to be as their idealogies, leadership and ambits face possible extinction as they contradict all norms of a free society which all terrorist idealogies indelibly do!.

And there remains the stark reality that, all glitter may not necessarily represent gold and that wolves at times appear to be sheeps in disguise where the Presidential rationale that "no compromise with the Tamil Tigers is worth the price" a point for the Prime Minister to ponder upon in conjunction with his right to continue as dark clouds gather over the horizon of his political future and the President has sounded warning bells to this effect.


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