Report By Canadian Intelligence Of Canada'a Tolerance Of The LTTE A Shocker As Immediate Remedial Action Seems Imperative!

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It has been made public through the agitations of many observers including Canadian Alliance Minister Stockwell Day going back to the time he led the party that the Canadian Government continues to turn a blind eye to the activities within Canada of the notorious Sri Lankan based insurgent terrorist group The Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and has now once again been alerted by the Canadian Security Intelligence service CSIS whose terrorist studies expert and advisor Mr. Peter Chalk has warned Canada that the country was providing a false cover of legitimacy to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), notorious for suicide bombs, car bombs and assassination squads, by not banning it and continuing to tolerate their presence and activities.

This should be a cause for great embarrassment to the Jean Chretien Administration at a time when most world powers have banned and proscribed the LTTE and suddenly there seem to be important flashbacks to a time in Canada some years back when Prime Ministerial Candidate and then Finance Minister Paul Martin accompanied by a colleague, Cabinet Minister Maria Minna whose posting is now defunct, continued to attend LTTE fronted events and screamed in defiance and attempted to justify their presence at these functions.There are many who question the possibility that there was more than a mere coincidence to the presence of these Government officials at these LTTE fronted gatherings and whether the Canadian Government's indifference to the goings on of LTTE activities within Canada is an indication of tolerance linked to complacency on the part of the Canadian Government or conversely to some hidden agenda which however is attributed towards a misconstrued aspect of not disrupting the Peace Process in Sri Lanka as expressed officially but not an excuse good enough considering the criminal nature of the group and the implications their tolerance within Canada has towards the policies of the International Coalition Against World Terrorism which denounces Global Terrorism in any form.

Perhaps it is on the weakness of this very argument and the confusions it has given rise to at the respective administrative axioms that the LTTE have never relented their activities within Sri Lanka, continue to build up arms and cadre as their spate of civilian and political killings and attrocities continue where the Canadian Government should be alerted about what now appears to be a blatant indiscretion which it should reconsider immediately in joining hands with all the other nations which have banned the LTTE completely.

When Mr. Chalk was quoted in a leading newspaper the Ottawa Citizen as having said that "the country was providing a veneer of legitimacy to the terrorist activities of the Tamil Tigers by failing to outlaw the group as the United States , Britain and Australia had done" he was not far from the truth and continued to emphasize that quote"the Tamil Tigers' urgency to raise illegal funds, recruit terrorists and gain political legitimacy increased significantly after Britain and Australia recently joined Washington's lead in banning its activities. They are basically able to carry out activities in a largely unrestricted fashion in Canada both symbolically and practically for its logistical designs." and an observation of a reality which simply cannot be swept under the carpet or dispelled as conjecture in the face of the continued LTTE activity within Sri Lanka presently!

It has also been purported by the CSIS that Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Mr.Bill Graham under pressure from Liberal Party politicians having connections with the LTTE terrorists had intentionally blocked its listing under terrorism laws maintaining that their terrorist activities did not pose an immediate security threat to the Canadians. He also said it would hurt the fragile peace negotiations with the Ranil Wickremesinghe government, described by many as a lame excuse where the Canadian Government should hang its head in shame considering the implications of what it brings to bear on a fellow Commonwealth country!

Canada must take note and act immediately in the best interests of all concerned! Canada's pledge to fight global terrorism could not be taken seriously if it failed to outlaw the LTTE classified by international law enforcement agencies including Interpol as one of the most sophisticated and deadly insurgencies in the world.

It is speculated however that although the LTTE was unlikely to carry out terrorist activities in Canada they continued to use LTTE fronted organizations in Canada to funnel vast amounts of money to Sri Lanka despite Sri Lankan Government surveillance, through extortion of money from Sri Lankan Tamil Canadians, drug running, people smuggling and other criminal activities in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as predominant hubs of activity.

It has been categorically and emphatically stated contrary to what has been said about the negative aspects of the banning of the LTTE in Canada and its falsely anticipated fallout in Canada as well as possible implications on the Peace Process in Sri Lanka that instead, such a ban would bring pressure on the terrorist group to enter into a political solution through negotiations in a very viable sense or perhaps be phased out completely to be replaced by other representation from the Tamil Community with no terrorist links!

It would also be in the best interests of Canada and its internationally reputed image as a Non-Aligned and Impartial Sovereignity within the Commonwealth to have nothing to do with any terrorist group per se or end up having to accept the long term ramifications of her identity within the Global Community as being suspect and flawed!



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