Pro-UNF Press Release Cites LSSP As Portraying The President Being In Favour Of Incorporating The LTTE With Devolution Of Power!

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The Lanka Sama Samaja Party seems to have taken a recent Presidential opinion about devolution of power out of context and the theme being played upon rather unscrupulously by the pro UNF News Media that she favours devolution of power incorporating the LTTE. While the record needs to be set straight!, indeed the President has maintained a positive stance based on principle towards supporting the devolution of power as a basis of solving the ethnic problem but it should not be misconstrued as a devolution afforded to the Tamil Terrorists rather than one which accommodates the Tamil Community sans terrorists and unrepresented by terrorists!

The President has never indicated any devolution of power to the fully armed unrelenting group of condemned terrorists who call themselves the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the buck had better stop right there together with the media propaganda intended to mislead the Nation as there have been outright condemnations by the President, the opposition parties (The LSSP's credibility after this publicity rather dubious but amendable if quoted in error or misjudgement) as well as the Sinhala Nation of the on going attrocities, the arms build ups, child conscriptions and political assassinations with no end in sight and short of being ignorant there could be hardly any attestation to the ignominies of LTTE activity by any governing body or its media supportives which could ever align the LTTE as part executors of devolved power in their present image!

The News Media reporting this sounds very partisan and biased towards the LTTE by saying that quote"The LTTE has accepted this principle and in so doing also agreed to a federal solution within the framework of a united Sri Lanka. All the other minority parties in the democratic stream too accept devolution as the basis for solving the problem. It is clear that there is no way other than through "devolution" to achieve a negotiated peaceful solution to the ethnic problem. Rejection of devolution can only mean a return to war" end quote. The reference to 'all the other minority parties' absolutely imagined conjecture and the reference to 'a return to war' of a rather seditious and inciting nature and a complete betrayal of the norms of rationality towards the ongoing Peace where disarming the terrorists and providing them with no alternatives other than an opportunity towards rejoining mainstream Sri Lankan Society under a Tamil Leadership dissociated from terrorism, who then could implement the concept of Devolved Power beyond a doubt seeems imperative!

Devolved Power Bestowed On A Platter To The LTTE Sounds More Like A Free Passage To Eelam which could further facilitate their de facto operations which continue unabated and in complete arrogance and disregard towards the legitimacy of Sovereign Sri Lanka and tolerated by the Wickremasinghr Administration!

Almost being used as a pawn in a deadly game of chess, the LSSP has been quoted by the source of this News Report as conducive towards reconciling Presidential and Prime Ministerial consent towards negotiating with the terrorists where very deviously the President has been portrayed as anti -JVP proclaimed as part of a 'racist force' whose exerted pressure on the President has been ignored by her and thereby she is purported to have consented to a negotiated settlement but if so with whom? the Terrorists or the Tamil Community with a democratically selected Leadership after the vanquishing of the terrorists as a force without a right to continue disrupting the functioning of Sovereign Democtratic Sri Lanka?

It is a well known fact that the President has always maintained her stance both Nationally and Internationally that she will never bargain or negotiate with terrorists who are armed, dangerous and disruptive towards the Sovereign and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka alongside of her allies including the prominent Former Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar amongst others, some even beyond national boundaries, and for a leading Newspaper to quote her out of context using the seemingly circumspect co-respondent the LSSP seems somewhat sacrileginous, illogical and irresponsible.

It has been established beyond reasonable doubt that the President has always been opposed to LTTE violations of the Memorandum of Understanding and Ceasefire Agreement where the failure to address the core issues by the UNF Administration have led to increasing mistrust of the ongoing Peace Process by a greater proportion of the population and this misinformation presented by the news media probably an attempt to sway public opinion through sheer innuendo as it appears .

There could hardly be "an exploitation by racist elements in the Southto present the Peace Process as a sell out to the LTTE" as quoted as it is factually true that they have already in defiance of Sri Lanka's Constitution established a mock de facto separate state which needs to be disrupted and put down at the earliest convenience. Opposition to this could hardly be interpreted as racist as opposed to patriotic!!!

Of course there is a grave danger of incitement to racial riots which has prevailed in Sri Lanka for generations and the latest threat in this direction probably comes from the dissatisfied Muslim Community who also appear to have become pawns in the dangerous chess game of the UNF who seem to love the indulgence! who would then be the party towards any retaliatory upsurges of violence which have been in the offing for sometime now but contained due to the efficiency of Law Enforcement and promises towards restitution and thankfully so!

Direct Involvement of the President in re- establishing a normal order within Sri Lanka where the speculative element of the present Administration which has bifurcated the objectives of the Peace Process and conveyed false hopes to the Terrorists needs to be straightened out in a single direction beneficial to the Sinhala Nation or replaced which would be the only logical way to restore lost public confidence and prevent exploitation of the situation by terrorist elements.

It has to be made pellucidly implicit that, as quoted "The suggested opposition to the principle of devolution of power by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, a party that claims to be socialist" is hardly difficult to comprehend as it is the only genuinely dedicated, selfless and fiercly patriotic group within the Sinhala Nation together with all opposition in support which seems to percieve the danger posed to Sri Lanka through collaborating with the LTTE rather than the non- terrorist supportive Tamil Community which incidentally, does exist, to confound any disbeliefs and if the President has been presented as supportive to the LTTE cause by unscrupulous propagandists towards UNF objectives it leaves nothing to the imagination that this is indeed cheap propaganda regardless of the extent to which Marx and All Engels have been quoted or the practises of Ancient Sinhala Kings referenced whose power sharing encompassed at best the proletarian and the villager respectively rather than condemned terrorists with zero entitlements !


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