Tread Carefully Mr. Thondaman!The Interpretations Of Your Statements Are Not Favourable To Sri Lanka!

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Considering the high handedness of the Statement of IOT and CWC leader Mr. Arumugam Thondaman who has been quoted in the Hindustan Times of India as threatening to align with the LTTE , which has to be construed as a threat to join them together with his followers unreservedly, overriding the connotation of the term align as they are already aligned with them judging by past actions where the plantation workers have often been coerced to support the irrationalities of Thondaman's dogma which unstintingly favours the LTTE, THONDAMAN SHOULD CONSIDER HIMSELF FORTUNATE THAT HE IS A SRI LANKAN BY BIRTH AND NOT A NATURALIZED INDIAN TAMIL WHO COULD BE ARRESTED FOR THE TREASONOUS NATURE OF HIS STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF A BANNED TERRORIST ORGANIZATION UNDER EXISTING STATUTES AND DEPORTED FROM SRI lANKA WHERE HIS RESIDENTIAL STATUS IN SRI LANKA COULD HAVE BEEN EASILY REVOKED BUT IN THIS INSTANCE, MERE PUNITIVE ACTION THE ONLY RESPONSE DEEMABLE GIVEN HIS STATUS !

On the matter of an all party Government as proposed by the President of Sri Lanka Mme. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, it has to be considered a legitimate proposal well within her legal entitlements towards incorporating all political parties which albeit its present disfavour with the UNF Administration and its Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe for reasons best known to themselves, is a proposal which Thondaman and the LTTE somehow seem to view eschew with great apprehension and should be taken note of as a point of interest towards implementation and ratification as an option for Sri Lanka which may provide the ultimate deterrent and eventual elimination of the likes of Thondaman's adventurous trade union schemes and the LTTE's hidden agenda where this statement specifically seems to convey idealogy bordering on sedition and incitement and has to be considered contentious and intolerable in Sri Lanka at a time when Peace is the foremost issue at hand rather than the nefarious existence of the LTTE, the IOT or for that matter the CWC who have often provided a cause for caution in the insurgent conflict by way of their confirmed leanings towards the LTTE!

Thondaman appears to be in need of reminding that the LTTE although tolerated by some powers that be in Sri Lanka and supported by the odd bipartisan representation of a few others such as Norway are not necessarily a legitimized outfit within the definitions of the Sri Lankan Constitution or its Legal Statutes and in effect have been sidelined both Nationally and Internationally as terrorists who are armed, dangerous and pose a threat to National Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and if Thondaman's words are formulated into a legal interpretation, then he has in all probabilities made a statement against a Sovereign Nation to which he should be made accountable for despite the jargon of his rhetoric and the ineptitude of its deliverer relative to the intent!

In conclusion perhaps it is also a point to be intimated to the designs of Thondaman that even the State of Tamil Nadu would not condone the idealogy of the workers of the CWC joining hands with the LTTE as the Indian Government has unequivocally stated that India fully supports the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka which the statements of irresponsible individuals such as Thondaman even hypothetically seem to be attempting to imperil.

Tread carefully Mr.Thondaman, the interpretations of your statement are not likely to be favourable to Sri Lanka and the Sinhala Nation!



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