Serious Allegations About The Credibility Of The Norwegian Peace Monitors Surfaces In Latest Navy Incident!

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Although the Norwegian led Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission ( SLMM ) continue to maintain UNF confidences that they are a legitimate lot, they are seemingly becoming rather more like Peace Disruptors and Interferers often circumventing their real role and have once again given cause for suspicion that they might be a pro LTTE faction as many believe and worthless to the cause of peace in Sri Lanka.

The latest news report from Sri Lankan Navy sources indicate that the SLMM could have been instrumental in jeopardizing the capture of an LTTE arms carying vessel off the East Coast of Sri Lanka in the Mullativu Region and cause enough for a full scale Presidential investigation to establish the facts and if proven true and accurate an appropriate time to boot the Norwegians ( whose track record during their tenure of involvement in the Mid East amongst others was also circumspect ) out of the country!

According to the report, when Naval gunboats had set out to check a suspected Arms Carrying Tamil Tiger vessel reported some 250 miles (400 kilometres) east of Sri Lanka's North-Eastern coast in the Mullativu Region on Thursday there had been a member of the Monitoring Mission on board one of the investigating vessels who had been in constant communication with the SLMM Headquarters detailing the operation which the LTTE in some curious manner seem to have got wind of and in turn the rebel vessel, which eventually appears to have been able to make its getaway on the high seas.

Officially it has been reported that the Navy Chief - Vice Admiral. Daya Sandagiri had indicated to the media that he was aware of an arms carrying illegal rebel craft and relevant information which had been previously confirmed yet had vanished without a trace when investigating Navy vessels scoured the area in which the rebel craft was reported as having been observed.

This is a very serious charge against the Norwegian Peace Monitors who have not been available for comment! where it may be difficult to establish credibilities about their deliberate intent to disrupt the operation as accused by Navy Top Brass but if there is an accountable dispatch communications log maintained bu SLMM Headquarters, of the conversation which transpired between by the Monitoring Mission and its representative on board the navy craft, which if it could be accessed relative to the time of the operation and recorded transcripts of the conversation retreivable, the proof of the accusations could be easily established.

On the insistence of the SLMM it has been concurred that their representation aboard Navy Craft is necessary to corroborate and document any malpractises and violations of the ceasefire by the LTTE although past incidents have indicated that the so called monitors have often overplayed their role in a manner indicating bias towards the LTTE and if in this instance the relaying of ongoing Naval Craft activities by the SLMM to their base was either intercepted or surreptitously conveyed to the LTTE the liability is on the SLMM which has no immunity towards obstructing justice and need to be confronted and removed if necessary!



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