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Amazingly the LTTE never give up their 'tough' stance regardless of the reality of their situation in a post September 11th world which hardly recognizes their existence and lately without any firm ground to stand on! as they have once again set the Sri Lankan Administration various conditions which are not only unacceptable but also illogical concerning their participation in the Aid Lanka Conference in Tokyo on June 9th and the resumption of the Peace talks ? Well ! the answer seems to be related to a certain Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe who has given them so much rope to chew on that they believe they could possibly pull off a rope trick on the Sinhala Nation but perhaps they could also hang themselves with it!
Does the LTTE have any bargaining rights to any more concessions than they already have been granted by the all condescending UNF Administration? The answer coming from the Nation can only be an unequivocal NO! although Mr Thamilchelvam ( is this the real birthname of this individual? or one of assumed importance considering the many speculative angles a discerning mind could view the assumption from? ) seems to think differently.

The LTTE are in no position to bargain for any recognition, in their present guise as terrorists albeit the bold front which is beginning to turn sour on them as the real leadership of the Nation, the President , her affiliates and her loyal subjects, loyal specifically towards maintaining the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity ponder upon an alternative to the greatest betrayal of Sri Lanka since The Kingdom of Kotte! where history reminds the Sri Lankan people that it was somewhat of a beneficial betrayal metaphorically speaking by comparison with the one transpiring lately as it involved the British Empire rather than a bunch of destructive, once dangerous directionless terrorists who upto now have desisted from a path of de-commissioning of weaponry, arms buildup, cadre recruitment, a relenting for crimes against humanity and continue their quest for secession in the devious ways they have fashioned for themselves in the ultimate misguided belief that they are confronting a blind Nation.
The LTTE seems in dire need of an object lesson, that they have reached the end of their tether having swallowed as much rope (mentioned earlier) as possible, thrown at them from various UNF platforms and that there may also be the shorter and more lethal versions of rope in the form of a hangman's noose awaiting their leadership and cohorts who need to be brough to justice rather than have any further concessions thrown at them (which should never have been done in the first place!) although the Wickremasinghe Administration seems to have thoughts to the contrary as it may prove to be a spoiler towards their own ill devised agenda as the unfoldong story of the botched Peace Process now reeking of being stalemate is beginning to indicate. A negative trend very unhealthy for the re-vamped Sri Lanka of the present day where the embraces, smiles and handshakes however seem to have all but dissapeared over the blue yonder.

Somehow the LTTE have decided to break their champion Wickremasinghe's heart by rejecting the proposals set in place by him in his attempt to break the deadlock of the Peace Talks and have emboldened themselves to be arrogant enough to suggest counter proposals and a set of conditions which not only appear to be ludicrous but seem to be undermining the capacity of the Sinhala Nation, its President and United Opposition Parties and their ability to find a viable alternative towards the common good of the Nation rather than nodding assent to the betrayal of Sri Lanka's Sovereign and Independent status to a bunch of internationally outlawed terrorists! which is what the proposals of Thamilchelvam as outlined previously amount to.
Quoting a communique issued by LTTE's Thamilchelvam to a Tamil National Alliance gathering in the Jaffna District it has been said by him that "if the Government wanted the LTTE to participate in the Tokyo conference and come back to the negotiating table, it should give a written assurance that it would set up an Interim Administration (I.A.) in the predominantly Tamil North Eastern Province (NEP), which would be (a) fully autonomous, (b) completely controlled by the LTTE and (c) entirely outside the present constitition of Sri Lanka" end quote and a detraction from the best norm definable for Sri Lanka's well being and future which renders the sentiment as being sublimical and headed towards ridiculousness where greater visionaries than Thamilchelvam have failed in their attempts to set in motion the impossible.

The unbounded optimism of this individual has carried him towards requesting that these demands be spelt out structurally and categorically in writing and appears to be a mock attempt at changing the Sri Lankan Constitution (obviously in his own mind!) while drawing the wrath of all concerned in preserving the Sovereign and Territorial Integrity of the Nation at how futile the attempt is. There seems also to be a degree of snickering in Parliament at how futile and ignorant the demands are. Pressing the Prime Minister to accept these demands by the LTTE may seem feasible in their eyes and an easy task as it involves a Prime Minister who has in the past responded to LTTE requests to jump by asking "How High!" although a trace of relentment from the Prime Minister's Office seems to have permeated into the current atmosphere in areas of conciliatory gestures but the 'real deal' the LTTE will have to face upto will present itself in the transformation of a once gently disposed President now resolutely committed together with the Sinhala Nation towards Nation Preservation in its utmost defiance and Thamilchelvam and his peers unfortunately for themselves are up against a mountain of unattainable heights!
Incredibly , Thamilchlvam has more or less also confirmed suspicions of a hidden agenda between the UNF Government of Ranil Wickremasinghe and the LTTE by indicating promises made to them in lieu of gaining administrative power that they would be granted autonomy and complete control of the North and North East while recognizing the LTTE as being the sole representatives of the Tamil Community, a myth to all intents and purposes and an issue which leaves the Prime Minister's credibility in great doubt despite his theatrics about what's best for Sri Lanka!

The Tokyo Talks now hang in the balance and dependant on the single most issue ( if one reads between the lines ) that Thamilchelvam and the LTTE appear to be attempting to sweep under the carpet! an eye on the plum of millions of Foreign Financial Aid Dollars which they probably have " a dog's chance in hell of obtaining directly! " hence their cacophony of dissent and in the meantime the Peace Process winds its way whether meaningfully or not towards its ultimate direction while infusing an ongoing tranquility Sri Lanka has not experienced in decades.

But woe be unto any Administration which tries to circumvent the Sri Lankan Constitution in order to appease a terrorist group which by right needs to be apprehended and brought to justice as it could otherwise set a precedent which could easily spark off an anarchy and lawlessnes of far reaching consequences in an already turbulent world and the voices of the LTTE projecting towards such a calamity by way of Thamilchelvam's example should be silenced and persuaded to seek other means of recourse which would be beneficial to Sri Lanka, its Sovereignity, Territorial Integrity and the future of all the communities which inhabit the land.



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