Peace From Paris The LTTE Way!Infiltrating Colombo And Presidential Security While Rampaging In The North And North East ! A Time For Presidential Authority!!!!

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The LTTE never seem to fall short of replacing one idealogue with another, the type with their heads in the clouds and more often than not with minds detracted from reality and often propounding their own theories about their entitlements quite unrelated to the realities of their surroundings and regardless of whose sovereignity and territorial integrity they are imposing upon! and what methods they use to cover up their forays into sovereign territory with of course the lop sided catalysts the UNF to back them.

Suddenly Anton Balasingham the propagandist seems to have been cast into the shadows by the LTTE whether for health reasons or dissentment of attitudes being irrelevant and 'a new kid on the block' has sprung up in the form of S.P. Thamilchelvam with hardly a difference from his former mentor whose wishful thinking seems to have come right off the same mould as Balasingham and the brimming confidence he elicits about Ranil Wickremasinghe's acceptance of the LTTE counter proposals somewhat ludicrous as neither does Ranil Wickremasinghe represent the Sinhala Nation in its entirety not Thamilchelvan fully represent the Tamil Community.

What Ranil Wickremasinghe chooses to embrace after the Paris Talks as suggested by Thamilchelvam seems to be a private matter which does not encompass the future of the Sinhala Nation.Whatever transpires from Paris should not guarrantee any avenues of access to what the LTTE would probably interpret as a right to proceed with their dedications towards secession through their devious means.

It would hardly be conjecture, that the privileges this terrorist representative together with the infamous Pulithevan and Karuna as part of an entourage of notoriety, not forgetting the attrocities they have indulged as part of their track record, have been accorded by the UNF Government under the guise of the Peace Process seem questionable they presents a huge security risks as pointed out by the President and casts many speculations about where exactly the Administration is headed and whether it is on a collision course with disaster!

There would certainly be no indiscretions involved in the Sinhala Nation taking affront to the obnoxious proclamations of Thamilchelvam as part of the fanfare of this latest melee of bungled decision making by the Administration and its choice of granting free access and extraneous privileges to perpetrators of past heinous attrocities which include helicopter and limousine service en route to Paris for another foray into the coffers at the taxpayers' expense where as a double indemnity the trip into the heartland of the Sinhalese and the capital Colombo en route to Paris seems to have also provided an opportunity for the LTTE insurgents to reconnoitre their intelligence surveillances on Presidential Security affording them some possibilities of launching another assassination attempt on the President considering the proximity of where the LTTE were accomodated relative to the Presidents surroundings and one with a commanding view of the Presidential Palace and some speculation that this has been a grievous faux pas on the part of the Administration.

Remedial action of the the most preventive nature it is hoped will be taken by Presidential Authority in response and perhaps an opportune time also to apprehend the criminal element in this entourage on their return, to be dispatched for indictment rather than the comical VIP treatment afforded by the misguided UNF.

It only takes a group of lopsided dim witted security administrators or perhaps collaborators (if applied in conjecturial context) to permit this kind of indiscretion which the President has rather vehemently observed in hindsight as totally irregular and compromising her safety and that of the Nation!

The question might also be asked Who are these Constitutional Experts (hopefully not "Yes Sir ish" Peiris clones whose Thespianism seems to contradict and make a mockery out of constitutionalised statutes !) that are to be contacted in Paris in order to bring back counter proposals in response to the Sri Lankan Government's Proposals and is it surely not wishful thinking on the part of the LTTE sychopants to propagate the theory that an Un-Elected LTTE Dominated Interim Government would result as an aftermath?

While shifting locations from Thailand, Japan, Paris and perhaps to Timbuctoo next! accomplishing little or nothing in their favour, the LTTE seem to be going nowhere in the eyes of the analysts who evaluate the definitions of Peace as required for the present state of affairs in Sri Lanka far removed from reality, similar to that of a recent columnist who wrote "Ranil Wickremasinghe is afraid of the LTTE and is ever ready to dance to their tunes! and where is this leading the Nation ?" How does the Administration view the assertions by international charter that Global Terrorist Groups have no rights to recognition and where does it stand relative to the coalition against terrorism by harboring its ilk and offering them restitution as an alternative to being apprehended for crimes against humanity?

In response to the goings on in the North and North East of Sri Lanka perpetrated by the relentless LTTE and the many intimidations the Muslim Community is being subjected to in addition to the other minorities in the region, which has projected a turn of events involving grave provocation of the residents, mayhem and murder leading to a situation now on the verge of being explosive, the President has cautioned the Administration and the LTTE that she would intervene and that all concessions previously enjoyed by the LTTE in these areas would be quashed! and very justifiably so!

Perhaps a pointer to the LTTE entourage and Thamilchelvam that their days together with those who champion them may be numbered as their policy of falsely anticipated Peace From Paris!, attempted security breaches and the havoc in the North and North East has renewed Presidential Authority to make the necessary adjustments while maintaining the present tranquility which many anticipate the LTTE as being capable of disrupting and should never again be afforded the opportunity.


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