The Resumption Of Refurbished Peace Talks Should Now Take Centre Stage With New Representation And An Impartial, Unbiased Mediator.

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Has the bottom fallen out of a Peace Process with flaws from its very inception which seemed to increase with the passage of time or is this a master ploy by the LTTE to attract world attention, especially that of the USA who have refused to comply with their requests for recognition and deproscription?.Whatever the conceived objectives of the LTTE are they have not placed themselves on a wicket conducive to their best interests as it has become more than apparent that they have not been able to come to terms with the reality that it is they who have contributed to the deterioration of the Peace Proces by their blatant violations of the MoU and ceasefire and have continued with their de facto operations in the North and North East combined with their sea tiger shenanigans which has strengthened the resolve of Sri Lanka not to be intimidated by them.In fact the LTTE tactics deployed already seem to be backfiring on them with their options pointing only towards a return to the bargaining table with a weaker morale as the world watches in anticipation.

Suddenly the world sees a desperate scrambling by Norway in a hectic behind the scenes bid to 'salvage' the Peace Process when it is their backing and the many coverups involving recent LTTE activity which has really aroused suspicion on the part of the Nation's Security about whether their credibilities can really be trusted and should the Peace Negotiations break down completely, Norway may have played a major role towards the breakdown and might have a lot of explaining to do as rather than containing the LTTE and advising them of their rights which have never had a mandate from any area towards the continuation of their push for secession or the attrocities presently being commited against the Muslim Population in the East they have spurred them on with Royal Norwegian backing !

It has been envisioned by the visionaries of Sri Lankan Politics and the International Community Watchdogs that the LTTE pullout from the peace talks is not only a tactical move but also a diabolical ploy used to intimidate the Government whom they have accused of failing to deliver on critical issues, into further concessions while demanding attention from Washington towards International recognition when all their strong arm tactics within the North and North Eastern parts of Sri Lanka are now being condemned and despised even by the Tamil Community who want no part of the Balasingham-Pirapaharan Band Wagon which appears to have thrown a wrench into the Peace Process due to their inabilty to have their way,and World Opinion is being focussed more along the lines of India and the USA who have continued to label them as terrorists reluctant to shed their garb and are now confirming the opinion through their latest actions.There are serious ramifications for the LTTE in this latest move and a sense of desperation indicated by negotiator Anton Balasingham who has almost pleadingly requested India's direct participation in the Peace Process.

During the first few rounds of talks with the many handshakes and beaming faces there appeared to be a stoic resolve on the part of the LTTE towards settling permanently the conflict which has lasted nearly two decades at the cost of great destruction to lives and property and the consequential affirmation and acceptance of their initial sincerity appears poised presently to evaporate and with it World Opinion that these are none but a bunch of untrustworthy terrorists whose commitments to peace have been none but shallow and superficial and directed towards their own ambitions rather than the collective good of a Sovereigh Nation depicting them as group of individuals ready to gamble with their credibilities and a poor reflection on their chief representation whose credentials are all but questionable together with his intellect!!.

That Peace within Sri Lanka has to continue is beyond question and a coming together of National Unity which has thus far been dispersed to the various corners of different political opinions imperative as the Presidential - Prime Ministerial tug of war now has to be shelved and all parties needed to unite towards a final resolution which will ensure the integrity of Sri Lanka if there is a need to confront the LTTE with renewed dialogue provided the LTTE do not continue their stand of arrogance and intimidation as theirs will be the greater loss if they persist in their current attitude with nowhere to go at the end of it all.

It is however expected that this is a temporary phase of disrupted communications between the peace negotiators as there are incentives attractive enough to all factions to return to the bargaining table rather than to gamble away the multi billion dollar foreign aid packages towards rebuilding the Nation, incentives which will indeed benefit all concerned !

But it is also an opportune time for the Administration to sort out all priorities involving the previously neglected core issues such as the neglected economy and the distribution of security measure which will encompass all citizens and a restoring of confidences within the Nation that their Sovereignity will never be jeapordized by separatists and terrorists!

The commitment to a lasting peace must be maintained regardless of the differences of opinion within the ethnic divide of Sri Lanka where subversives have to be made aware that the days of their tactical manouvering have been pre-empted by the mandate of the Major Powers of the World who have not only pledged their undivided support towards Sri Lanka's Sovereignity through expressed opinions but have also offered material aid and donor packages which if put at risk by the indiscretions of a misguided few would be certain folly on the part of those concerned.

The LTTE's latest pullout from the Peace Negotiations (which incidentally is not a first) is perhaps an opportunity for the resumption of refurbished Peace Talks which should now take centre stage perhaps with better representation from both sides and the replacement of Norway with an impartial and unbiased mediator!



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