Peace For Their Survival? To Broadcast Black Tiger Power? Or Display Insecurities?

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Even if it amounts to dank ignorance and stupidity on the part of imbeciles, regardless of how prominent they consider themselves to be, their rhetoric such as that emanating from the likes of one V. Balakumaran ( What are his credentials and does being the onetime head of some bucket carrying sychophantic organization named EROS weigh his prominence? ) needs to be put into perspective relative to the moon and the barking dogs! as reported under the caption - An LTTE 'Leader's ' Statement: The Black Tiger Suicide Bombers Are In Intense Training And Are An Invincible Force! -

Is this really a time to commit such incongruous and unsubstantiatable statements ? A time of circumspect insecurity when the organization represented by the likes of this individual the LTTE, has been on the brink of disruption and viewed with condemnation for sometime now and has been blacklisted by the world with no right towards asserting their legitimacy with only the time left for them to consider their options as a spent force and whether to capitulate to the long arm of the law or succumb to the more logical option of laying down their arms, continuing to maintain the accords of peace in their best interests and steer away from their false rhetoric which rings hollow towards accomplishing any agenda they might consider as hidden and secession motivated! as has been depicted by the Balakumaran - Balasingham joint sing song!

There is no place for the vermin who call themselves 'Tigers' whether Black, White, Green or Blue in Sri Lankan Society which has emerged in peace and harmony after nearly two decades of wanton destruction experienced by Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and all other ethnicities who have paid a needless and severe price for the wretchedly callous activities of the so called Liberators and if anyone should imagine that their projected propaganda about the 'Might Of Black Tigers' would traumatise the population of Sri Lanka they must surely be sadly mistaken and a point for both the Present Administration and the Opposition Parties in Parliament to confront, quash and obliterate as the verbosity and impudence which this propaganda carries is much too high handed to be tolerated regardless of the freedom of speech as these are utterances against the Sovereignity and Territotial Integrity of a Democratic Country within the United Nations Charter and the Commonwealth of Nations. Time to send out the 'Tiger Hunters " to corner and hunt them down perhaps if indeed especially these so called 'Black Tigers' likened to cowardly scum?

The latest intelligence reports about Sinhalese populated areas in Sri Lanka being infiltrated by suicide bombers is nothing new and has been going on for sometime now under the watchful eye of the Security Forces and the onus rests on the audacity and real capability of the nefarious breed which prides themselves as self destructing despots to carry out their threats and activities as propagated by the messages of their clarion calls as all it would result in is a further confirmation of the disentitlement of the right to exist of the LTTE and this time around spur into action the proclamations of Sri Lanka's strongest allies against terrorism namely the USA, UK , India and the loyalty of Pakistan who although indicating a preference for a negotiated peace would not hesitate to launch any support necessary to maintain Sri Lanka's Sovereign and Territorial Integrity so whether it be V. Balakumaran or V.Pirapaharan (Prabhakaran) blowing the trumpet about their might, it merely amounts to an urgency of tone in a dud key indicating an insecurity towards their right to exist which in reality would be better off muffled!

Having used the term 'Despot' to describe those who have the brazenness to voice these statements about their capability, one now needs to shift attention to the greatest despot of them all and one probably with psychotic tendencies, the LTTE idealogue Anton Balasingham who has the nerve to get involved in a Peace Process and synonymously say that they have not desisted from recruiting new fighters, calling for the strengthening of the Tamil Army and together with his motley compatriot Balakumaran has said in a news quote,"That today the LTTE was working towards international recognition. The international recognition would give the group new responsibilities. He said their people should realize that and act accordingly. He said some people were trying to put them in trouble. We are certain that we must not get involved in unnecessary political issues. We are trying to make full use of the opportunities and get into complications. To some extent we have to agree to certain things. We are trying to make full use of the opportunities given to us. We are clear on this.

We will comply with our planned agenda. The path that we are taking now is a need at the present situation. Even today our Black Tigers are undergoing intense training. The fighters are being trained according to new techniques and take new offences . While you people are condemning us we are still recruiting new fighters .It is your duty to see that the Tamil National Army is not weakened". end quote. He somehow has failed to add the caption "Sinhalaya Modaya!"

Perhaps an interesting ' Take It Or Leave It! "presentation for the Administration to now ponder upon prior to their next conciliatory move which will place further ladders before springing monkeys rather than the so called misnomered 'tigers' !! who seem to have assumed as speculated by the analysts that they have been given the green light to continue their separatist activities under cover of the Peace Process.THESE SURELY MUST BE NUMBERED DAYS FOR THE WICKREMASINGHE ADMINISTRATION TO TAKE UP THE STAND THAT WILL EVENTUALLY MAKE OR BREAK THEM IN CONFRONTING THE VISIBLE THREATS BEING NOW UTTERED BY THE LTTE !!as they may eventually have to answer not only to the Sinhala Nation but also to the Tamil Community which is being forcibly ill represented by the minnows of the LTTE. Also an opportune time for the Norwegian Peace Monitoring Mission to put up their shutters on upholding LTTE Legitimacy and get out of Sri Lanka while the going's good for them perhaps as their two faced bipartisan support of the LTTE is becoming an annoyance which the people of Sri Lanka may not be prepared to tolerate indefinitely.

There is no place, rhyme or reason for such wantonly irresponsible dialogue as expressed by friend or foe whether it be Balasingham, Balakumar or Pirapaharan in Sri Lanka today where all its inhabitants are currently enjoying a peace which it is hoped will last for all time. There should be no misgivings by the Administration towards confronting the exact inference of the aformentioned LTTE soapbox orators in asking them where they believe they are headed, whether it be in the direction of permanent incarceration which they richly deserve and perchance inevitable in condemning themselves and the community they represent with feeble mandate to utter damnation ? Their right to exist cannot be exercised in Sri Lanka today by their token, as the key to survival by any definition rests on the platform of Peace which all Sri Lankans have clambered upon gratefully and eagerly with much afterthought to the powers that be, who need to maintain its continuity with everything other than false pretences.

The watchdogs of Law Enforcement within and without the Nation however also need to keep their eyes open with readiness to secure at all times every area in need of protection.

A certain US Prime Time Presentation of Real Police Stories entitled 'Cops' commences with the following theme played to a Reggae Beat--- "Bad Boy ! Bad Boy ! Watchagonna Do? Watchagonna Do When They Come For You ?
to which a continuity might be added
" Run Like Hell As They Gonna Get U ! Gonna Get U And Your Bang Bangs Too! "

There has been some late breaking news that the latest round of peace talks have been non productive and that the LTTE have withdrawn from participation with the President placing the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka on a Full Red Alert. It Is to be expected that Sri Lanka would naturally beef up and tighten security in the face of the latest threats issued by LTTE media about the capabilities of their 'Black Tigers' and their intentions which they are blatant in expressing and it would be to their sorry detriment should the decision to resume any kind of aggression or attrocities be their next line of action and suicidal from their perspective with no pun intended on the fact that 'Black Tigers' represent suicide bombers!



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