Foreign Minister Confirms and Asserts India's Point Of View And Interest Relative To Sri Lanka's Sovereignity And Welcomes The Concept.

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Finally after what seems an unending age of indecision and prevaricating about the real issues relevant to the LTTE and National Security, Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando has emphasized a reality which has needed India's imposing presence to ferret out and long witheld by the UNF who seeme to be emerging from its state of inertia and has declared its confidences towards dispelling apprehensions about confronting the LTTE and bravo to that with many thanks to India from the Sinhala Nation which now stands assured of substantial support from India towards the preservation of Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity !

Indeed ' The LTTE must get the message' as the headline in the Hindustan Times has highlighted. Following an interview with the Foreign Minister accompanying the Prime minister to India on a official visit indicating what has been a foregone conclusion for sometime now that India will not sit by and permit the LTTE to gain any foothold within Sri Lanka which will threaten her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity as the implications of such a disastrous eventuality would have long term effects on the entire region of South Asia and hence India's stance to protect, oppose and probably help destroy any actions leading to a division of Sri Lanka follows a natural order where the Sinhala Nation applauds and commends India's support as the Foreign Minister has emphasized.

In his interview with the Indian newsmedia Mr. Fernando is quoted as saying said "the LTTE must stick to the path of finding a federal solution within a united Sri Lanka or face international wrath. If the LTTE made demands with the intention of dividing the country, it could plunge the country back into a war. This time, in the context of 9/11, the International Community will come down heavily on them," end quote where the reference to 9/11 implicitly refers to a non tolerance of any terrorist activity within Sri Lanka which perhaps needs to be put into perspective as LTTE attrocities continue in measured ways in the North and North east of Sri Lanka! and the concept of Federalism cannot miguidedly promote or incorporate pseudo administrations, policing, justice systems and financial institutions within the parameters of a Sovereign Sri Lanka bearing in mind that almost all Global Federal Systems are linked to Provincial Governance centred and administered overall at federal level albeit the degree of tolerable autonomy not to be confused with cessession!
Having emphasized that he was "extremely optimistic" that the Peace Process would not break down (despite its current impasse!!!) it might be a prudent add on to the dialogue that Peace and the Peace Process as an eventuality cannot incorporate a fully armed and hostile LTTE who also have a knack of smiling through their teeth with evil on their minds and also believe in aggressive alternatives as they have not changed their terrorist image todate and continue to support the impotent idealogies of a fanatical leader in hiding who will not relent towards secession and continues to indoctrinate as many gullible followers as possible which is indeed a stumbling block to the real peace within Sri Lanka.

India's role in this instance simplifies the path to peace within Sri Lanka as she vehemently and relentlessly pursues LTTE Leader in hiding Velupillai Pirapaharan whose apprehension and indictment would pave the way towards a real peace while overseeing the Asian Region as Super Power protector against terrorism in boosting the efforts of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces where the only option available to the LTTE would be to come clean from their terrorist image and merge into mainstream Sri Lankan society in all sincerity!
However, the askance by all rational parties involved in the Peace Process will continue as the LTTE are viewed as an untrustworth lot whose credibilities have plummeted to zero and in their present image have no bargaining tools in their present mode, least of all any counter proposal towards an Interim Administration which will demand more than what is permissible without compromising Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and most importantly the Constitution of Sri Lanka, as in no way will Sri Lanka accede to a loss of its plurality and the freedoms of her citizens which has prevailed for generations encompasing millennia especially to an internationally condemned group of outlawed terrorists, a point which needs to be driven over and over again to the LTTE in the hope that they will relent even at this late stage towards some redemption where even this is not guarranteed considering the harm they have done to Sovereign Sri Lanka and the long arm of justice awaits some !

The Foreign Minister's statement in collaboration with the Indian Government's mood to protect regional Interests from the LTTE as well as other foreign domination ( a secondary aspect of noteworth consideration!) has to be a precursor to the ultimate reality that Sri Lanka will stand intact for generations to come as the only threat to her existence is presented through the continued activities of the LTTE as terrorists in an intimidatory stance which in fact needs to be repelled in the best interests and posterity of the Sri Lankan people.

The theatrics and pretences of the LTTE thus far, transparent and shallow in presentation has done little to convince the Authorities a title which now also incorporates India and the sooner the LTTE align with reality rather than hang onto false hopes (also a pointer to their global supportives!) and show a genuine willingness to contribute towards the real peace through non aggressive means while shedding their image completely, the better it will be towards a commencement of a right step into the future for all concerned !



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