Unmitigated Paranoia Of This nature Harmful To Nation's Progress!

Sunil Shantha Perera An Independant Observer In Praise Of Comparative Religions For LankaWeb.

In His Latest Submission to the LankaWeb, Mr. Chandrasoma Says :Re-gain Sri Lanka from the clutches of the Christian NGO controlled Mass Media!!As an alternative to the gist of this statement what exactly does this esteemed individual have as an alternative? Swabasha Media Publications and Broadcasts in the vernacular only?
And since when was there a concensus and by which authority of acceptance that Sri Lanka Is In The Clutches Of The NGO Controlled Mass Media?

Is this a fomenting of some fires of derision and dissentment against institutions which have prevailed for generations by sheer virtue of their efficiency and importance towards their capability to broadcast to the world in a medium which is universal or does he suggest going back to the old 'Frogs In The Well" concept like some other third world countries also steeped in nationalistic fervour which tends to be oftentimes meaningless? Is it totally unacceptable to his sense of reasoning that there have indeed been some benefits of a colonial past (despite many negative aspects) which has rated Sri Lanka as one of the highest literacies in Asia which has produced many high intellectuals and world famous personalities in the literary, broadcasting, performing arts and other areas of academic relevance and an indelible fact attested to by way of statistics?

In saying" Does it come as a great surprise that the English newspapers are largely run by Christian journalists? The leading commentators on public matters are Christian this includes the people who send messages to the outside world on the state of affairs in our country." does he suggest converting the commentators to suit his choice of religion and synonymously send messages in the Sinhala Language only and is this conclusion of his a direct result of having ' fine tooth combed ' the Broadcasting and Publication News Media Iin Sri Lanka to establish what he is implying?

When he continues to say " Astonishingly, in a country with almost three quarters of its population claiming to be Buddhist, there is not one newspaper, TV station or radio-broadcast station that is unashamedly Buddhist " R . Chandrasoma

Does he really believe this to be true when there are broadcasts in Sinhala even at the level of the British Broadcasting Corporation ( Sandeshaya ) in the United Kingdom and has he forgotten Ravaya,the Silumina, Dinamina and a plethora of other Sinhala News Media and Broadcasting Stations which stand as glaring testimony to contradict his mythical presumptions?

Has he really looked around to establish the credibilities of what he is really implying or is this some zealot of religious fundamentalism speaking out his personal convictions which could eventually prove to be harmful rather than being meritworthy as it has the potential to incite and create dangerous unwarranted and unnecessary circumstances of precedence within a Nation already confronted with dilemas of a far greater importance which need to be resolved?

There seems to be a sudden surge of anti NGO sentiment permeating within Sri Lanka lately based purely on fundamentalist conclusions with religion as an excuse to oppose the merits and benefits derived therefrom by a Nation which has been devastated and ravaged by an insurgency and in dire need of rebuilding and the broadcasters of fundamentalist propaganda such as that of Mr Chandrasoma should align themselves to the reality that there are greater priorities which Sri Lanka needs to address where no principles are being sidelined nor laws broken by the nature of the religious preferences of some individuals involved which should be the primary concern of any patriotic citizen of Sri Lanka in responding to Mr Chandrasoma's rather evocative outburst !!!

The nature of Sri Lanka being a predominantly Buddhist Country and its emphasis is well recieved and acknowledged as part of this expressed dialogue and it is accepted that there are a few mushroom denominations of insignificant sects of evangelistic christianity often deplored by the seat of the Christian faiths in the Vatican as well as in England indulging in scattered instances of attempted proselytism which certainly needs to be addressed but hardly a need for the extent of paranoia expressed by Mr Chandrasoma in coining Christianity, NGOs etc. with his imagined pre-emption of Buddhism who in his rantings and ravings could create problems previously unknown to predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka whose main idealogy by way of dogma nevertheless is one of tolerance and compassion.

If this is an expression of fundamentalist religious fervour perhaps it should be dissociated from the norms which promote the smooth functioning of a Nation as Cosmopolitan as Sri Lanka regardless of its Buddhist identity which is etched in stone!

There is hardly a need to disseminate seeds of resentment against Christianity or any religion within Sri Lanka which has never threatened Sri Lanka's Buddhist Heritage as history has proved the degree to which Christianity and other religions respect the significance of Buddhism within Sri Lanka which has only been descecrated intermittently by those with insurgent intent unrelated to Christianity!



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