The 'De Facto' Presentation Of The SLMM Set In Perspective.

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The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) has quoted from the Oxford Dictionary to explain the meaning of the word 'De Facto' in light of the criticism made by the Joint Opposition today that their actions are questionable and needs to be set in perspective.

In Quoting from the Oxford Dictionary to explain the meaning of 'De Facto' the Norwegian Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission has confirmed an already existing doubt about their role in the Peace Accord of Sri Lanka as THEIR ROLE APPEARS ALSO TO BE DE FACTO AND NOT NECESSARILY LEGALLY ACCEPTED .Considering the legal norms as laid down by the Constitution of Sri Lanka there probably needs to be an Island Wide referendum to ascertain whether the SLMM has any legal right to be within the capacity they have almost unilateraly been placed by the Government of Sri Lanka, a point in time which if contested legally could very well have the Norwegian Band of Charade Presentors ( which seems a more appropriate title for them ) sent packing to where they came from.
In an incredible presentation of mixed up definitions, what the SLMM are in fact trying to do is justify without a fragment of legal ground to stand on, the rights of an outlawed illegal terrorist band calling themselves the 'Sea Tigers' to exist synonymously with the Naval Representation of a Democratically Elected Sovereignity which not only shows ignorance on their part but a certain arrogance in the manner they constantly promote their champions the LTTE to whom they have laid out the red carpet in Norway towards continuing their measly terrorist activities Globally Condemned and are presently carrying on as though the Oxford Dictionary is a norm of International Law and a guideline for the Constitutional Rights of a Democratic, Sovereign Sri Lanka and not only do they need to be sent scuttling back to Norway being the biased rats that they are but they also need to have their tails cut off by the rhetorical farmers wife a role which in this context could be played by Presidential Authority ! where the farmer in the guise of Prime Minister Wickremasinghe takes a back seat being termed 'impotent' by the LTTE!

By their definition, merely based on the existence of the Sea Tigers by virtue of their existence alone as part of a terrorist core (as do the Basque Separatists, the Red Brigade, the Abu Sayyak, The Hamas, Al Queida The Bin Laden Terror Campaign and the rest of the terrorist vermin around the world!) there seems to be a high handed recommendation by the SLMM through their tone of voice in defining ' de facto' that there should be an acceptance relative to legality of the Sea Tigers which sounds not only totally asinine but needs to be challenged based on the ambiguity of their rhetoric which seems to be based upon the intent of ridiculing the opposition forces in Parliament questioning them while they the SLMM continue to endorse the nefarious attributes of terrorists!!

To illustrate the incongruance and irresponsibility of the SLMM in interpreting the rights of the Sea Tigers offset against those of the Administration as a Sovereign Entity the following example can be presented in quoting a release from the SLMM which states "that when the Ceasefire agreement was signed the rights of any legitimate tasks towards safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka belonged purely to the Forces of the Government of Sri Lanka (a foregone conclusion!) where The SLMM rather brazenly says however that both Parties (refering to the inclusion of the Sea Tigers as the other party) must have the right to carry out training and exercise in designated area and that there is no requirements in the Ceasefire Agreement to demobilize any of the LTTE military units, including the LTTE Sea Tigers rather then questioning their right to exist.So what does the SLMM consider the Sri Lankan Administration to be? A circus of sorts parleying to the clowns of the LTTE of diabolical intent in a nightmarish scenario which the Administration hopes will blow away with time while presenting their eerie lopsided grins of pretended acceptance to the rest of the world as does the Minister for Constitutional Affairs and the LTTE Idealogue who pretends to be a doctor??

The SLMM release also states that they discourages the behavior of intentionally misinterpreting matters of a sensitive nature and taking them out of context in order to further a specific political agenda but as far as the political agenda of a Sovereign Entitiy is concerned and its Constitutional Democratic Rights to exist there can be no 'De Facto ' pussyfooting by the likes of spineless opportunists such as the Norway Emissaries garbed in pretence of being monitors purely to serve the best interests of the LTTE where they misrepresent themselves and their mission. One is inclined to remember a similar role played by these same Norwegians which has resulted in the morass of Palestinian-Israeli relations of the present day! which has in all reality reduced the State of Palestine to one of a 'De facto' nature indeed!

The SLMM by definition beyond a doubt also behests the title "A De Facto Entity " whose legalities need to be questioned and given their marching orders before they become defunct by virtue of enforced disintegration!

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