Time For The Unceremonious Dumping Of The UNF And Its Leadership!

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An opportune moment perhaps for the immoralities of the UNF administration to be exposed and its synonymous dumping together with its myopic,confused leader whose trend of thought towards a so called permanent peace within Sri Lanka is now projecting calamity after calamity while a shocked Nation of all trusting citizens look on. That Sri Lanka is headed toward a real peace now appears to be idealogical imaginings, wishful thinking of self conceived nature and outside the realm of the Sri Lankan Constitution!

Although it may sound hardline, the realities of where the Wickremasinghe Administration is headed are fast becoming apparent and coined with the dangers of conciliation and condescending to terrorists who have no indication nor intention of relinquishing their identity and continue anabated and with impunity towards their objectives and needs to be halted in their tracks!

Surely an alarming destiny must await this misguided leader whose theatrics appear to have fooled some of the people some of the time if the rhetoric was continued towards any significant trend of thought relative to the state of affairs in Sri Lanka today where the people are getting warier and the LTTE are getting bolder!

Where else did the LTTE get a mandate of brazenness to walk into the enclave of a southern, Sinhala predominant neighbourhood in the Capital City of Colombo and gun down in cold blood the officer in Charge of one of its regional Police Stations other than through the apathetical negligence of the Wickremasinghe Administration and its defence co-ordinators more interested in saving their own hides and 'stashed away assets' and their egocentricities rather than the Nation still embroiled in the vagaries of insurrection and seeming anarchy and Is This Not An Opportune Time To Deal WithThe Wickremasinghe Administration Once And For All In The Best Interests Of The Nation?

The writings on the wall! it may take some doing! but unless the surge of the LTTE towards its anarchist objectives are met head on perhaps even at a price considering the lesser evil there may be a greater price for the Nation to pay in the long run and a Must Be Removed Towards Posterity Clause appears to be the best remedy for Sri Lanka where Sinhala Unity of the real kind must raise its consciousness to a supreme level towards removing the impending evil and avoiding another dawn of doom for the Sinhala Nation which will surely be on the cards unless remedial action is taken promptly by the only person with such authority and the powers vested in her Constitutionally, Madame President who has thus far played a diplomatic role in maintaining protocols but perhaps a time to reconsider her options in the best interests of Sri Lanka!

At present the bureaucracies which control administering the Nation's Defence policies seem to be content to remain on the back burner with an occassional exclamation about "Who Dunnit and Who Gave The Order? I didn't! and Why Was I Not Consilted etc. etc." in the name of a lop sided condescending Peace Accord which not only raises the question of intelligence levels in the minds of these inveterates of misguided authority but the wherefore's and why's of the negligence shown towards the security of 18 million people as though they were pawns in a chess game between imbeciles motivated only towards self preservation at a huge risk to a Sovereign Nation and its innocent people!!

Here then is a blueprint of incredulity where the Armed Forces of a Sovereign Nation on orders from its Supreme Commander are being questioned by the chameleon like Prime Minister and his equally split personalitied cohorts with rather deflated intellects on matters of National Defence and little wonder that the ever opportunistic LTTE who belong behind bars with arm and leg cuffs realistically are on the loose and on a rampage which may have dire consequences for an unsuspecting Nation and the all important question being asked incessantly "for how much longer?"

The time is at hand when the bleatings of the Administration about" a Peace Process Being Sabotaged "needs to be viewed objectively in favour of what is the best course of action for the preservation of a Nation, its priceless culture, ethnicities and plurality and perhaps time to remove any cancers which may be impeding the real rights of the People of Sri Lanka towards greater prosperity and hope for the future and realistically the two main entities encompassed by the malady, the UNF Administration and the LTTE are probably best off removed surgically without much further therapy to which neither has been responding in any positive measure!

Furthermore in the cause of maintaining and appeasing these entities, the economy and well being of Sri Lanka including the coffers have been further depleted and the rather insignificant pursuit of a Peace Process gone sour which seems meaningless unless it is revamped through accords relative to the Constitution and the norms of Democracy, not contributing towards revolution or armed insurrection!!

A recent excerpt from a specialized political analyst and his alarmingly accurate evaluation of the Present Sri Lankan Situation reads as follows, quote "When conflated these separate acts point unambiguously to the direction in which the Nation is heading. Elicited simply, it means that Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Prime Minister, his Defence Minister, Marapone and their two chief henchmen, Austin Fernando, and ( is it 'Bad-Man ' or) BradmanWeerakoon of the Peace Secretariat, are jointly working, covertly and overtly, to strengthen the hand of the LTTE to take over Jaffna without even a token resistance from the Security Forces and present a 'fait accompli' to a shocked and helpless Nation. Quite surreptitiously, Ranil Wickremesinghe is manipulating to hand over territory and powers to the LTTE - a process he knows he knows he cannot do through the Constitutional Process -- by weakening the Security Forces and openly encouraging the LTTE to grab as much as they can without any resistance from the Prime Minister." end quote.

These pointers are further emphasized by a prominent news analyst and feature writer , who states that quote" In the peninsula, the Security Forces Installations have been pruned down to half their strength after the ceasefire." He adds: "The message is clear - anyone who is an LTTE target can no longer move around in the "liberated" Jaffna Peninsula. Much the same as how things are in the Tiger guerrilla dominated Wanni." (Sunday Times - June 23, 2003). Ranil's pompous removal of the barriers in Colombo as a symbol of peace to come has blown up in his face at the Dehiwela Police Station." end quote

And in the manner of any prosecuting attorney I rest my case with no further questions !

The impounding of justice towards the criminalities of Ranil Wickremesinghe, Marapone, Austin Fernando and Weerakoon which they undoubtedly appear to be, taking into consideration the evidence against them while they pretend to be unaware of these realities, may be unavoidable in the face of criminal neglect of duty as suggested by the analysts and if provable within the legal accords of the Nation, they need to be removed from office through Presidential intervention.

The all important next question would logically then be " By deliberately reining in the Security Forces assigned specifically to preserve the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka and restricting them from taking any action against the LTTE how does it secure the Nation from their surreptitous activities or is this a wilful surrender of the Nation by an Administration with a hidden agenda which incorporates the enemy blatantly smuggling arms, increasing its military cadre, infiltering boldly into previously secure areas now relinquished through the indifference of the Administration to maintain security against an enemy now mandated to even even carry out bold and wanton assassinations of their oponents to destabilize and disrupt the Nation? Should not the role of the Prime Minister be questioned in all of these?

In an almost satirical skit recently written it has been documented that quote "Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe's action against the Security Forces will go down in the annals of recorded history as the first in which a Prime Minister has reprimanded his Navy for defending the Nation's Security and Territorial Integrity and the all important question asked "Is he the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka or that of the Pretended State of Eelam? The irony obviously being he is neither." end quote.

In which context it seems about time he was relieved of not only his present duties but any fancied ones in collaboration with his LTTE 'buddies' in order to avoid the extinction of the Sinhala Nation!!




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