Preponderances Of The Implications Of Patten Visit To The Wanni In Perspective!

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If the preponderances of the Chris Patten Visit to the Wanni were placed in perspective with the extent to which they outweighed legitimacy, International Law and the Statutes of Sri Lanka, it can be said that to permit Mr Patten's visit to the Wanni has been a grave error of judgement by both the Administration and the President which has been completely repudiated by representatives of the Sinhala Nation who have expressed their concerns both Globally and Nationally.Given the fact that the LTTE were among the first terrorist organisations to be proscribed by the US State Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation under a 1996 Legislative Ruling and similar impositions made by many other leading Nations including Britain, Canada , India and others, Sri Lanka's consent towards Patten's participation in a person to person dialogue with the leader of such an organization and joining in his birthday celebrations has shown a remarkable officiousness on his part and a remarkable indifference by the Sri Lankan Authorities towards The International recognition of Sri Lankan Sovereignity by all Nations and rank ignorance perhaps of the need to maintain the protocol involved in permitting someone as dubious as the former Governor of Hong Kong of questionable repute to delve into what is by and large an internal Sri Lankan matter.

True enough the LTTE have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agreed to a ceasefire ( despite the surreptitiously brazen goings on of arms smuggling, child conscriptions, kidnappings extortions, political assasination ,consolidating of positions and fortification of ranks etc.) yet officially have vehemently refused giving up their terrorist image and idealogies and continue to remain in the eyes of the World and the Sinhala Nation as terrorists by definition and for someone high ranking from the European Community to indulge in any socializing or dialogue with them while they continue to persist as terrorists has to be interpreted as an act of consorting with them despite the rhetoric about the good intentions behind it which is what Mr.Patten through his flight into the Wanni has exposed himself to.Shades of Norway here perhaps!

Through recent LTTE actions indicative of many insincerities relative to violations of the ceasefire agreement and M o U it seems more and more difficult to believe that their real intention would be to settle for a solution, presented to them many times by both the current and previous Administrations indicating a willingness to provide for a federal system of Government in Sri Lanka incorporating the Tamil community's rights which would be addressed and protected in their traditional indigenous areas of Sri Lanka.This has been all but refuted by the LTTE rather than the Tamil community through their unacceptable counter proposal and have demanded recogniton through a special agreement outside the framework of the present Sri Lankan Constitution together with the quasi administration and its mock effects which have been unacceptable to the Majority Sinhala Nation and its elected representation in parliament. That the LTTE organization which agreed to the cease-fire and entered into negotiations with the Government, has been trying to conduct itself as a quasi-independent State is somewhat obtuse relative to legal and constitutionalised definition and entitlement where little or nothing has been done by the Administration which is a democratically elected representation of A Sovereign Nation at least by definition.

In being unwilling to to dismantle their operations and obstreperously demanding rights which are a far cry from legitimacy as presented in their counter-proposals on an interim administrative arrangement presented to the Sri Lankan Government last month indicate that the LTTE's earlier assent courtesy of the Balasingham theatrics to consider the proposals presented by the Government rather insincere while the now botched peace talks dragged on from one international venue to another.Many analysts have concluded very plausiblty that the LTTE are preparing the ground for an unilateral declaration of independence if the Governments capitulates to their impure demand in the event that the peace talks with the Government are not conclusive to their advantage and in a direction favourable to its ambitions which only indicate secession in the long term.That this would be a priority towards Governmental consideration, confrontation and the preservation of the Nation needs no confirmation wher all options may have to be taken!

It is against this very background that the Nation and its dissenting opposition expressed concerns over the implications of the proposed visit of Chris Patten, the European Union's External Relations Commissioner, to Killinochi in the LTTE-controlled area to meet Prabakaran on November 26 during his visit to Sri Lanka for talks with the Sri Lankan leaders and has been proven as very justifiable concerns and as far as the good intentions of Patten were concerned the LTTE response has deemed it a waste of time and the authorities who permitted Patten's visit must ponder upon the ultimate reality amounting to what appears to be an undermining of their efforts to reach an agreement with the LTTE which would realistically safeguard the unity and the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka as it has provided the LTTE an opportunity to demand recognition of their hegemonious intent by way of the response given to Patten!

By communicating with foreign government representations officious enough to accept their overtures under the watchful eyes of the Administration and insisting that foreign leaders visiting Colombo should also go to the LTTE-controlled Wanni and make a courtesy call on the infamous Pirapaharan in the name of peace, it is a poor reflection on the Administration that they have been unable to call the shots and very politely refuse the visitors the right to visit the Wanni by reason of it being a circumvention of the simplest reality that these are banned terrorists with no real intent towards maintaining the unitarity of Sri Lanka within the framework of her Sovereignity and the presence of someone such as Patten would be more of a hindrance than a facilitation as seen in the case of Norway! If by example the judiciousness shown by the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan who refused a meeting demanded by the LTTE ,had in any way rubbed of on Chris Patten the precepts of diplomacy and protocol with no leanings towards a banned terrorist entity whould have indicated decorum and respect for the proper principle which would have then prevailed over the apathetic self righteousness of a self imposed decision by someone with no right toward recognition as a mediator.It is now history that earlier this year Mr. Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General, cancelled a proposed visit to Colombo following pressure from the LTTE that he should also call on Prabakaran and a decision which earned him great respect in addition to what he already commands.

It has to be borne in mind also that the dangers of conciliation towards the LTTE demands for an interim Administration on their terms could easily emerge in Sri Lanka as it has in Palestine similar what transpired between Israel and Palestine where many analysts percieve in Sri Lanka's case a repeat of what happened relative to Palestinian demands where in a very misguided and imprudent decision, the Israeli authorities allowed the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) headed by Yasser Arafat to set up a provisional authority in some of the occupied areas even before a final peace settlement could be reached with the PLO and what has transpired in Israel today could easily manifest itself within Sri Lanka! but there the comparison ends as the Palestinian struggle for recognition is legitimate and justifiable with Israel being the encroacher on their ancestral land and the Palestinian cause needing recognition unlike that of the LTTE whose terrorist based idealogies are substantially insignificant from the needs of the Tamil Community within Sri Lanka which have always been provided for despite assertions to the contrary by some where the LTTE has become the encroacher! and the concept an exercise in reverse format and implication!

However it is perhaps time enough to dispose of all the fallout of what must be infered as a bad error of judgement while remembering the message conveyed to the Administration as well as the President by all the opposition to the Patten Picnic that caution has to be exercised at least in the future towards such lapses which would weaken their credibilities towards the capability to make unilateral decisions in the best interests of Sri Lanka within the norms of legitimacy and not based on speculation and the danger of the greater sharks in waiting -Japan and Norway also averted in so doing!

Quoting a recent news bulletin also published in Lankaweb it has to be emphasized that "The Sri Lankan Government and political leaders cannot escape a major share of responsibility for the gradual erosion of the ground from under their feet. While one could understand their decision to allow Norway to have independent access to Prabakaran, it was unwise on their part to have allowed Japanese do-gooders and now Chris Patten to pander to Prabakaran's ego. " end quote

Words of ominous wisdom!



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