An open letter to HE President

Real Change and The systematic betrayal and destruction of the Nation

Reading all reports, comments, criticism on the web sites is a blessing for Sri Lankans living overseas, which is a fancy that is not available to the average Sri Lankan today, thanks to the Ranil Wickramasinham's secret sanctions as once prof. Hudson McLean wrote.

It was in 1993 and 1994, aftermath of my arrival from overseas employment, that I was engaged in support and ground work although was not an active SLFP member, but with close relations to a powerful and regarded politician (he died of a Tiger bomb in 2000) in Dehiwala.

It was due to the anger and utter dissatisfaction not only my self but many of my friends that had against the corrupted and murderous politics of the UNP regime from 1977 to 1994, that we decided to help in hand for the victory of PA and eventual victory of then Ms. Chandrika who was a only hope for majority of people to bring about joy and immediate solutions, justice, punishments to UNP killers etc. and there were enormous amount of hopes that the public was filled with.

My self and my friend had been going places pasting posters in the late nights, despite often threats of UNP thugs, Assaults creating injuries, even damaging my personal car, coming back with toned clothes pulled by UNP thugs. We did helped in every activity in our best possible manner to establish PA victory and victory of Chandrika to the Presidential post which was also well attended by me and my friends.

Already suffering people for 17 years of UNP regime and it’s thuggery, killings, mismanagements, political revenges and with so much of their grievances, awaited Chandrika to lead the country to a then popularly called “ Real Change” ( Sebaa Venesak) and see that the people who killed their sons and husbands to be brought to the justice, and Chandrika gave a popular promise of taking them to Galle Face and De-Skin !

Within one year after she thronged to Presidential chair, all hopes vanished from people, some cursed and it all ended up in 2001 December defeating her govt. with a shame on her self.

Instead the grievances of the people who brought her to power, some opponents who were pimps of the ministers of the UNP regime was taken by her as advisors, some powerful popularly known UNP businessman were given huge contracts from the govt. corrupt officials of the UNP regime were still kept in the positions and services and some were even given promotions. He own cabinet ministers started all kinds of corruptions starting from Cement to Air Lanka and Defense, and in every govt. Ministry and Dept. while crying public was ever waiting for relief.

81 July strikers were forgotten, the people who were killed by govt. Black Cats were just ignored, some of those Police officers and Army officers are either still in service and doing same old activities to the innocent public even today, while some of them have fled the country either with govt. patronage or individually and are even working in the World Bank Office, Some Embassies etc in different countries specifically in USA.

Workers Charter Act that was promised were dissolved with no mercy. The Evil Open Economy still continues with it’s barbaric act of killing the Society and Culture and Squeezing the poor Consumer while allowing the middle man or trader to exploit hard earnings of people. There is no doubt that any educated and sensible person will say yes to the fact that it is the Open Economy that completely destroyed our Culture, Moral values and Dignity of the human society in Sri Lanka, which was well within it’s limits until 1977.

All intellectuals knows although many average are unaware of the bad results that occurred on us by the open economy, besides many had carnivals and Ole –la after Soviet Russia fell over US conspiracy, but today it has become a reality that OPEN ECONOMY Policy too is a flop. The Markets are flooded and saturated with goods and services in excess, people have no purchasing power the best example for this is Japan the rate of committing suicide among business community is very common and in the increasing trend, the US market is totally collapsed where people only buy daily needs in fear of possible job loss due to closing of commercial establishments and laying off. What is more to talk about Sri Lanka.

The Gun Culture, Thuggery, Ballot Rigging, Favourism, Contract Murders, Narcotic Drugs, Prostitution, Organized Crimes, Mismanagement, Robbing of public Wealth and every puss infiltrated and became a cancer in Sri Lanka since 1977 and by UNP rule with no exception.

Today the whole country is in a mess and almost ready to be divided in to pieces extending the step taken by J.R jayawardane in 1987. Provincial councils were set up and today it has come to the final breath of the Mother Sri Lanka. If our forefathers who built Sri Lanka, saved it from foreign invaders, cultivated and made it the granary in Asia would curse on generation from wherever they are looking upon at us.

Chandrika with no doubt cheated the innocent people who placed their utmost trust defeating the murderous UNP after a long suffer form blood and lives, she instead fortified opponents, brought all crooks around her as advisors, made them rich, granted all govt. contracts in huge sums and billions to shrewd businessman and entrepreneurs who were actually UNP masters.

It was in 2000 that was proved, these masterminded businessman who had made money from Chandrika’s own administration and weaknesses bought over he own cabinet ministers and brought the UNP to power, and Chandrika feathers of power is being taken out one by one slowly in a note humorous to UNP.

With all the powers that Executive Presidency has, were you able to undertake the DLB in total control ?, were the Gazette published ? Did you at least order the relevant minister to do that ?

While you were out the Railway has been made an Authority, Inland revenue has made billions of rupees concession to Billionaire businessman’s, The country is being divided and offered on a tray with total submission to Tiger terrorists.

How long are you going to await ? What is your Executive powers for ?

Please keep one thing in mind that the youths who even risked their lives to bring you and your PA to power will never do so instead they may turn to another direction with no doubt, even if you are brought to power again you are not going to fulfill their wishes instead you will fulfill UNP wishes and serve the billionaires of the country.

81 July strikers will still be on the road, many are already dead or committed suicide, the Forests, national wealth every thing is being sold and eaten by Ranil and his gang of Ministers. ( Hitler’s govt. and Cabinet is fare better)

The discontent and odd the poor people who brought you to power has now grown not only to an anger, many have been self educated not to believe the two major parties any more neither UNP nor SLFP (PA) Both are two ends of one Serpent for the poor and expecting masses in Sri Lanka.

The JVP had offered a helping hand to defeat the common enemy, but PA or the SLFP seems to have refused for the reason that JVP cannot be given controlling power and so many other undisclosed reasons. One thing people know by now, with JVP in any future govt. cannot cheat people, ministers cannot go on their usual business of taking commissions, favoring their kith and kin’s and so on, not at the interest of the country.

Today you are with uneasy cohabitation with UNP and facing all sort of humiliations is because of cheating the poor innocent people who brought you to power. Whatever expectations you may have will not work the way you want unless you fulfill the given promises to poor people who sacrificed and expected that you will do the justice and the very best for them.

We are fully aware that you, SLFP and PA is for the division of the country, with no difference from that of UNP, and also towards the continuation of dirty competitive open (closed for ordinary people) economy, ready to obey western imperialism, US lead new colonialism and what is not ?

May you wait until your term is over and thrown out of your throng. Wait until the country is submitted to Tamil tigers at the command of US and British new colonialism, Wait until all national wealth is sold to American and other robbers. You have no doubt of being the subject to curse of our forefathers who saved mother Sri Lanka for us over decades at the cost of their blood.

Many of us who risked our life in 1993 and 1994 are today living in exile and we still have a duty towards our motherland although you cheated us. You cannot avoid or stop we are all aligning under one Red flag in the future.

May Imperials and Billionaires bless you,

A Highly dismayed former supporter of Chandrika and PA.




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