Canadian Officials Indicate Concerns About Aid To Sri Lanka Reaching Terrorists.

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A Canadian media report has recently expressed great concerns about International Aid from Canada which may be reaching the wrong sources, namely the LTTE and thereby be a contributing factor towards inadvertently supporting their activities which have been banned by the Canadian Government, The United States, Great Britain and the United Nations which also incorporate many other countries and could prove to be a cause for embarrassment based upon recently released official documents in Canada.

This could also re- kindle previously expressed concerns by the Organizations lobbying against Canadian Government support of LTTE activities where two former cabinet members now out of office Mr Paul Martin and Mrs Maria Minna were seen patronising LTTE fronted organizational gatherings on more than one occassion causing great anxieties amongst many expatriate Sri Lankans, particularly in Toronto Canada where their role however was downplayed feigning innocence and unawareness of the realities involved although the two actions obviously bear no relevance to any deliberate intent on the part of the Canadian Government.

The concerns of the Canadian Officials were more than emphasized by a March 2002 forum on indirect financing of terrorist organizations where the confidences towards such financing not reaching terror groups seemed shaky at best and a renewed effort recommended to ensure that such an eventuality would never transpire as a result of mismanagement and a misdirection of funds.

The core issue expressed as a concern deals with the aid organizations and extreme elements comprising of terrorist groups who operate in close proximity to each other and the relative ease with with funds directed towards the aid groups could be forcibly misappropriated, or extorted and used to serve terrorist causes albeit the continued funding which is being maintained based on a whimsical theory that poverty was the root cause for terrorist activity and hence the need for the continuation of aid to affected areas lest the terrorist activities prevail over the real needs of the impoverished communities hard hit (ironically by terrorist activity) a theory put forward by CIDA. An idealogy so far fetched that it now has the Canadian Authorities in a quandry as it appears to deem an indirect violation of Canada's New Anti Terrorist Legislation set in place after September the 11th where the terrorists could more than likely have access to the financial aid sent out to these areas.
The same applies, as documented in the concerns of the Canadian Authorities to similar situations in other terror ravaged areas of the world including the Middle East as they stand determined that henceforth no financing will ever reach any terror group in the future as outlined in the precepts of the Global Coalition Against Terrorism.

It is common knowledge that the LTTE enforce what they term 'War Taxes' in areas they control under the shameless scrutiny of the present administration tolerant of all their excesses including a recent fair sized arms build up and forcible child conscriptions which continue unabatedly and if for example the funds sent out to these areas through Canadian Organizations such as CIDA ( Canadian International Development Agency ) are forcibly 'taxed' by the LTTE, such a scenario as expressed by the Canadians is a breach of International Law as well as one of security.

The Organization CIDA however has rejected such concerns citing the needs to rebuild these areas as taking priority over all else and an issue which now remains the responsibility of the Sri Lankan Administration to ensure that in collaboration with the Canadian Authorities no funds ever reach the predatorial LTTE hard pressed for their continued existence as well as their financial stature which has dwindled as a result of the restrictions imposed which have cut off much of their funding. CIDA incidentally has been proven to have close geographic proximities in a working environment to the LTTE as is the Red Cross.
There can be no excuses towards any lapses on the part of any funding agency where funds may be misdirected to the wrong source whose objectives are known globally and it remains the primary responsibility of those who administer these fund to ensure proper usage upon which the recent Candian concerns are based.

In essence the need to cut off any form of aid from reaching any terrorist entity anywhere in the world completely seems imperative towards World Peace with no obligations or sympathies towards the devious intents of the harbingers of terror !
The Canadian Authorities have responded with propriety and wisdom which leaves the onus on the Sri Lankan Administration to be completely supportive towards their concerns.


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