Palipane Sri Chandananda International Buddhist Centre for Research and Development (PCIBC)

To promote and propagate the study, understanding and practice of Buddha Dhamma to serve as a basis for sustainable form of economic, social and cultural development that upholds human dignity and social justice.

Palipane Sri Chandananda International Buddhist Centre for Research and Development (PCIBC),
8/9, Vihara Mawatha, Asgiriya
Kandy, Sri Lanka
Tel: 94-08-2222282

On-going Programs
· Teaching of English
· Pre-school Teacher Training program
· Computer Training
· Training in Research Methodology
· Research Associateships
Arrangement has been made under this programme to provide certain facilities to those who are engaged in or planning to conduct research studies on themes and topics approved by the institution. A grant is also made available to meet part of the expenses.
· Research Grants
A limited number of grants are made available under this programme to encourage research at the institution or under an existing postgraduate programme of a Sri Lankan University. There are about 15 grantees pursuing research under this programme and the one mentioned above.

In addition to the above there are a few other programmes like a course in indigenous medicine and leadership training conducted using the facilities made available at the centre.

There will be two types of programmes:
(a) Programmes conducted solely by the PCIBC
(b) Programmes conducted jointly by the PCIBC and the collaborating institutions

Joint programmes Envisaged with Collaborating Institutions:
(1) Buddhist studies
(2) History and Civilization of South and East Asia
(3) Information Technology or an equivalent which has computer studies and programming as the core subject area
(4) Business Management and/or Public Administration, and Educational Management
(5) Collaborative research: this may or may not lead to a postgraduate degree.

The joint courses indicated above are tentative suggestions for consideration by the two collaborating parties. PCIBC is prepared to make necessary adjustment and changes in respect of them if necessary after exchange of views and information relating to the possibilities of conducting them as joint programmes.