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Dear Sri Lankan Compatriots!

In order to usher in a new era of change far removed from circumspect speculation and the waiting in vain for expected restoration of Permanent Peace and a Normal Order to Sri Lankan life which has been a painfully slow process sometimes digressing from a straigh path to one of utter deviousness and collaboration with the enemy the LTTE due to the mismanagement and mishandling of Sri Lanka's Administration by the incumbent UNF Organization of Ranil Wickremasinghe which has seen so much corruption, misappropriation and has delivered so much false rhetoric which has even been doubted by the enemy LTTE, great wisdom and prudence has to be exercised in how you cast your vote on April 2nd.

Despite the signing of the Peace Process, Memorandum of Understanding and the initiation of the ceasefire between the Government Forces and the LTTE set in place by the Wickremasinghe Administration it has to be remembered that primarily the concept was created by the previous Administration of the People's Alliance led by Mme.Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga our revered President and Matriarch.She has stood resolutely behind the idealogy and truism that the cessation of hostilities is not an assurance of a lasting peace and has shown this Great Nation of ours the perils it would have been subjected to had the Wickremasinghe path towards collaborating with the LTTE been permitted to continue.

Sadly some Western Opinions are not aligned to this aphorism and continue to propagate speculative benefits of free enterprise and an open market economy which is not the be all and end all of Sri Lanka's needs especially if the entity which maintains this as a felt need for Sri Lanka continues to take beneficial advantage of it while depriving the Nation's impoverished masses!

Subsequent to her dissolution of Parliament it has become more apparent that the intentions of the nefarious LTTE now embroiled in internal conflict and perhaps on a path towards self destruction are neither of a benevolent nature to the Tamil Community nor towards the Sinhala Nation as in various directions of frustration and desperation, their attempts to infilter mainstream party politics is indelibly visible and ironically intertwined with their horrendous assassinations, intimidations and strong arm tactics which continue in the North and North East of Sri Lanka where the Tamil National Alliance is being used as a pawn towards their own ends, an alliance which now goes about bragging that they would eventually become 'Kingmaker' to the Nation in the event of a 'Hung' Parliament where their support will be given to the UNF towards their chances to regain power! and an eventuality which must be prevented through the prudence of the discerning voter in the best interests of our Beloved Motherland.

It is also a consideration towards eliminating the UNF from regaining Administrative power that their attempts towards the development of the Nation , its rebuilding after decades of conflict and devastation by the LTTE, the handling of the Nation's Economy relative to the staggering cost of living for the poor man, the huge corruption and misappropriation of Goverment Funds and property, tabulated statistically with tangible evidence and offset against the rogue ministers responsible as well as the alarming crime rate, thuggery, violence and unrest within the Nation which the former Administration showed scant respect or responsibility towards addressing except by way of their verbosely dispensed rhetoric and huge considerations towards your decision to vote into power the UPFA coalition of the SLFP/JVP and other supportives as it carries the strongest credibilities and credentials towards addressing the Nation's Woes as they are identifiable today as a forceful, assertive, intellectually motivated and dedicated group of patriotic Sri Lankans well equipped to govern.

It has to be considered with due respect that the participation of the Buddhist Clergy in this election, circumspect and questionable as it seems has to be put into perspective as a patriotic move by certain representations of the majority Buddhist Faith in Sri Lanka and despite the concept that religion and politics should not mix, perhaps certain cautions need to be exercised where respect and acknowledgement of objectives, nonetheless patriotic would serve the best interests of the Nation in a supportive capacity to the President and her UPFA on the basis that the Buddhist presence in the election and perhaps subsequently in parliament even in a token capacity may be beneficial towards the preservation of the Nation's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and to elect them might involve a judgement call by the voter as long as it does not disentitle proper selection of the right candidate in conflict with the UNF.

Unfortunately Ranil Wickremasinghe and the UNF have had 4 years within which time they should have delivered more than a stalled peace to the Nation as its insecurity continues and time appropriate for alternative selection of representation in parliament better suited, equipped and dedicated towards the Nation and its future which will not be compromised towards their own objectives, a direction which appears to have been the choice of the previous administration for which they must be made to atone for and voted out of office.

This is a time for all discerning Sri Lankan to unite shedding their differences as they cast their ballot which will be one towards posterity for the future generation, the elimination of the evils of terrorism and the preservation of Sri Lanka where all ethnic groups will live side by side in peace and harmony.

On April 2nd 2004, Please Use Your Precious Vote Of Universal Franchise With Wisdom !

Thank You!

World Council Of Sinhala Peers For LankaWeb



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