Tamil Community Better Off Being Unaffiliated With The LTTE Trying To Influence The Outcome Of The Election!

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To grant political recognition to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in their present terrorist image regardless of what camouflage they use would be a serious mistake on the part of any Administration and needs to be objectively evaluated. Despite their declarations of dedication to a non aggressive stance and their pledges to maintain the ongoing peace, in the election manifesto of the four-party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which is really a front for the LTTE they have declared that quote "self-determination" would be "inevitable'' if the demands of the "Tamil-speaking people" were not met. "If the demands of the 'Tamil nation' continue to be denied, if a just political solution is rejected, if military occupation and government oppression continue, establishing the sovereignty and independence of the Tamil nation on the basis of its right to self-determination would become an inexorable reality," end quote according the manifesto of the LTTE-backed TNA, in its latest release

The high handedness of their manifestorial dialogue considering their minority status off less than 25 % of Sri Lanka's population is visibly evident where they allude to a Tamil Nation and refer to the Military and the Government of Sri Lanka, both part of a Democratic Establishment in the eyes of the world as oppressors whereas in reality they are the opressors demanding a nefarious and illegal right to their needs which centre around secession which must be deemed non- negotiable and futile on their part to even suggest and perhaps the need to reiterate that their is a lost cause may be a meritworthy one for the Sinhala Nation.

Furthermore it is becoming more evident with the passage of time that the LTTE do not fully represent the Tamil Community and neither are the Tamils making representation towards their own specialised needs as there have been open declarations to this effect by may areas of Tamil Political and Civilian representation as the more sensible and rational Tamils want to co-exist side by side with the rest of the Nation's populace and get on with their lives rather than be dominated by a murderous, autocratic suicidal and maniacal despot and his motley band of terrorists who live in their own dream world scacely realising that their demise cannot be that far away and that their demands are not realistic .

Printing their names on letterheads, attributing titles and designations and quasi officialdome and parading about with their mock administrations in the North and North East of Sri Lanka which would have better served the Nation had they been torn down disrupted and discontinued, something which the Administration did not give serious thought to as it appears to have been to its advantage that the LTTE continued their uncontested existence and has projected the turn of events necessicating another General Election where the Prime Minister is now going about preaching the dangers of a return to war which all but indicates a collaboration and a hidden agenda he may have had with the LTTE in order to have tolerated them to the extent he has and provide leeway for them to regroup and brag about what they might do if their interests are not served! A point taken up by the President to which there can be no rational contradictions!

Quoting a recent news item reported in the Indian press " The manifesto for the coming parliamentary elections was finalised by a seven-member team, including the LTTE's political wing leader, S.P. Tamilchelvan, its Jaffna political division leader, S. Ilamparithi, and leaders of the four parties in the TNA - the Federal Party (FP), the All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC), the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) and a wing of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF-Suresh). The 10-point manifesto gives primacy of space to the LTTE's proposal for an Interim Self-Governing Authority for the Northeast (ISGA), submitted on October 31 and reiterates that the solution to the conflict should be based on the Thimpu Principles - the rights to identity, nationhood, traditional homeland and self-determination - adopted by Tamil parties during the India-mediated effort in the early 1980s. The LTTE's unmet demands during the two-year long talks - de-militarising the northeast, international financial assistance and the right to livelihood - are also key points in the manifesto. The manifesto wants "speedy resumption of talks" - based on the "Sinhala nation's acceptance of the ISGA proposals" submitted by the Tigers - to establish an interim authority. The nine-page document, which includes a preamble outlining the political developments involving the Tamils over the decades, lays special emphasis on Muslims, who are also Tamil-speaking and maintain a separate identity, in two ways. The document uses the phrase "Tamil-speaking people" instead of "the Tamil people" when dealing with the situation in the north-east," end quote where the emphasis of the term "Tamil speaking people" seems incriminating towards their true mentality.

While the LTTE have no real basis to emphasize their pretended empathies towards any communities other than their own organization proscribed condemned and outcast by most international powers for their misdeeds of the past they have had the affront to make references to the Muslim Community which they have hounded, intimidated and harrassed in the areas they have effected their mock administration and talk about maintaining separate identities in two ways with special emphasis which amounts to mere verbosity and false promises which the Muslim Community are well aware that they will never be met and rather than continue their erratic path towards their own self destruction which will surely be a reality once the Indo Lanka Defence Agreement becomes ratified, thery should even at this late stage consider shedding their terrorist image, decommissioning their weapons, discontinue all their objectives as a disruptive force and pave the way for the authorities to apprehend their leadership for crimes against humanity and two Democratic Nations which may to a degree atone for their past crimes and a better alternative to the pretence of benevolence with the choice of rejoining mainstream Sri Lankan Society.

They should also distance themselves from the concept that in continuing their intimidations, killing of honest political rivals they would attain their objectives and that by being surreptitiously and forcibly involved with the legitimate Tamil political entities contesting the forthcoming General Election they would perhaps play a role of kingmaker which is a misnomered term inapplicable to a terror group of notoriety and the only makings their unwelcome presence in the present political infrastructure of Sri Lankan politics would be, ones which would project their ultimate demise.

If the Tamil National Alliance for a moment considers that by being affiliated with the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (the LTTE) as a stepping stone towards becoming a power block in the North and North East and to their advantage! it surely is a gross misapprehension and a misconception inasfar as the precepts of democratic politics in Sri Lanka are concerned.There are no decisive roles awaiting them to play contrary to their assumptions as they would not only fall out of favour with the status quo but their present direction could also disentitle themselves towards any real redress concerning the needs of their community as the key to their interpretations of what's best for their community has to be a collective one which incorporates the entire Nation and dissociated from the terror group in its present image which is of no beneficial value to any sane thinking Sri Lankan!



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