Bravo Shyamon Jayasinghe, for speaking the truth.

By M.A.M. Nizam, USA

Bravo Mr Shyamon Jayasinghe for your rational comments on this forum. Finally seems to have a writer who speaks him mind with out any political bias. Finally a person to who talks some sense in this forum and whose sole purpose is NOT to sling mud at the UNP and Ranil W.

Is it only Mr Shyamon Jayasinghe, who sees what is really happening in Srilanka? As Mr Jayasinghe so correctly pointed out, although the JVP has mastered the art of “Hooting” at every street corner, they have no alternate solution to offer the country, weather it’s the economy or the Peace process. The number one priority of the PA seems to be to bulldoze its way through to change the constitution and keep CBK in power indefinitely. While the rest of the country burns the two main constituents of the UPFA seems to be playing their own power game.

In April, CBK, cheered on by the JVP and the power hungry elements of the PA, sacked the Ranil Ws government in the most dictatorial manner while he commanded a majority in parliament. The official reason was: Ranil W was going to sell the country to the LTTE terrorists by means of the ISGA. During the campaign, the following were the main slogans of the UPFA.

1. Tear the MOU Ranil signed with the LTTE terrorists.

2. Send home the Norwegians (imperialists who are conspiring to divide SL).

3. Tear the ISGA proposals of the LTTE to pieces.

4. Stop all corruption and wastage.

And most importantly

5. Bring down the cost of living regardless of world market prices (the now famous/infamous) “UNPLUGGING” SL economy from the rest of the world.

When I was in Srilanka last February, I got the opportunity to see the UPFA big guns/mouths Wimal Weerawansa, Mahinda Rajapaksha, Anura Bandaranayaka, Mangala Samaraweera and the likes shouting on political platforms promising this, that and everything under the sun. You name it: nothing was beyond the capabilities of UPFA. One comments of Wimal Weerawansa that stuck in my mind was when he said “People will be AMAZED at what the JVP is capable of doing, once in power.” Yes Mr Weerawansa we are truly amazed at what you have been doing for the past six months. I have never seen a joke of a government like this anywhere in the world, in my lifetime. I have heard of a few but never seen it with my own eyes.

1. The UNP-LTTE MOU still stand exactly as it was, six months ago.

2. The Imperialistic Norwegians are still here and happily going about their “conspiracy” to divide SL.

3. The PA has readily agreed to have peace talks on the basis of the ISGA. The JVP has also agreed to have discussions on the basis of the ISGA however the JVP also insists that the final solution also be taken up.

4. The COL is rising, like we have never seen in our lifetimes and even the loudest of “Hooting” by Wimal W and Mangala Samaraweera has been able to control it.

Are we a nation of fools to be lied to in such a manner? CBK after all is well known as a “bold habitual liar”. So this type of 180 degree turn on her policies is to be expected. However what of the JVP? Who ever expected this type of misleading by the JVP? Six months into the UPFA rule it has become very clear why the country was put through an General election, four years before it was due and at a cost to over 850 million Rupees. For the President, it was a matter of somehow clinging on to power after her term expires in Dec 2005. For the JVP it was a matter of capturing power and building up its power base. However neither one thought of how two parties with such differing policies on everything could come together and run a country. I guess neither one cared as long as they captured power. Today the country is drifting aimlessly with no direction on the economy or the peace process.

The JVP and the SLFP are fighting each other openly. It is just a matter of time before something hits the fan and everything collapses. Before that happens the president is hell bent on changing the constitution to stay in power, as President or PM, indefinitely. While the country is going through a financial and political crisis, the government has decided that changing the constitution is the number one priority. 2005 will be a very interesting year for political observers however I am afraid it will be a disastrous year if the politicians don’t put the Country first. Ironically that was the campaign slogan on the UPFA six months ago “RATA PERATA”



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