Media Release of SPUR - Tuesday, 02 October 2004
Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna's stand is for a lasting peace in Sri Lanka

At a time when many political and civic leaders followed by the 'international community' are trying to offer peace packages, mainly based on the LTTE’s demands , it is refreshing to note that the JVP, a constituent member of Sri Lanka's governing coalition, has opted to look at the issues from a national point of view.

The solutions forwarded by the President of Sri Lanka and some of the Parties in the Opposition, always begin from the point where the LTTE demands start. Norway and some members of the EU seem to prefer to overlook that Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and consider that the Sri Lankan state has to be dismantled and a new homeland has to be created for the Tamil people who comprise 12% of the total population of Sri Lanka, for peace to return to Sri Lanka.

It is unfortunate that these political pundits do not have the courage or the vision to see the dangers of separatism and the possibility of permanent border wars as a consequence of separation as pointed out by Mr. Wimal Weerwansa, the leader of the JVP Parliamentary group at the inaugural meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Peace and Reconstruction. We are indeed happy that Mr. Weerawansa was able to draw the attention of the VIPs to the sacred duty of upholding the sovereignty of the country and emphasising that the only borders of Sri Lanka are the oceans surrounding it!

While many are attempting to foist solutions to please the foreign donors or bend over backwards for fear of the terrorists' guns, the JVP has stood up for the nation and have been willing to discuss the aspirations of all Sri Lankans and to make Sri Lanka the homeland for all her citizens. It is the JVP's mature approach to the national issues that will finally save the country as the political leaders representing other parties appear to be ever ready to sell Mother Lanka for a few pieces of silver.

We wish the JVP and the Government more strength to stand by the Sri Lankan state and her people.

Dr D Jayasuriya
Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka (SPUR)
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Mulgrave VIC 3170



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