Response To S. Makenthiran of Mississauga Ontario Canada

Das Samuel

Dear Editor,

Reference your response below - tamils will always follow and admire the LTTE.
It is the armed might of the LTTE that is preventing the slaughter of tamils even now.As Makenthiran says, you all want the norwegians out to commence the slaughter without the world knowing about it - the media will be banned as happened earlier.

LTTE generates its own funds - diaspora are not coerced in anyway to contribute - only voluntary contributions are accepted.
So do not shed crocodile tears for the tamils.If tamil children join LTTE - it is because of denial of their basic rights of education
housing and health by the sinhala establishment - there is no need for you to shed crocodile tears on their behalf - LTTE will
look after them. They would rather fight on full stomachs than enjoy so called 'freedom' on empty stomachs.

Most tamil diaspora - the elders especially - wish to return - but only if they can live with dignity & without fear.

The persons on motor cycles killing both LTTE's and Karuna faction's members are mercenaries hired by the Army - both
sinhalese and tamils - with tacit approval,secretly given by the establishment.This is why they always escape after each killing, even in close proximity to army camps and police stations/posts.Among them are army deserters and underworld members.
Karuna is of course inside the Panagoda Army Camp.Do not think that all are fools to accept the establishment's version that
these are LTTE members.

You and your pals are of course soaked in tamil blood - of course the killings were done in the buddhistic manner !

Do not bleat about 'pristine buddhism' - there is no such thing in sri lanka.Sinhala buddhists know that there is no salvation in buddhism - this is why most of them including the highest in the land perform poojas,make vows,make offerings,and obtain
blessings in hindu temples.This is why hinduism will last for several millenia more,and does not need any 'protection' whatsoever, unlike buddhism.The hindu shrines for Vishnu inside buddhist temples are for 'protection' - so say the buddhist clergy.

The downtrodden poor 'low-caste' sinhalas in the south have discovered that 'christianity on a full stomach' is much more satisfying than 'buddhism on an empty stomach' - this is the cause of the so called 'unethical conversions'.What are your great buddhist philanthrophists doing - nothing ! Christian charities on the other hand are world wide.The monks are worried that they
may starve and lose influence if this goes on - this is why they want 'state protection' for buddhism - even make it a 'state religion' ! Even now village buddhists falling down and worshipping monks in the village roadside has become very rare - they know that all who wear robes are not what they seem - unlike in the old days. I have seen this change - having travelled the length and breadth of sri lanka on state duty for forty years.



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