With Questionable Credibilities About How They Swept To Victory In Their Constituencies, TNA Gets Into A Demanding Mood!

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Defying all concepts of rationality and simplest logic that the United People's Freedom Association UPFA has scored a convincing Election win over the United National Front purely on the issue of the LTTE insurrection relative to Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity while and adding to their dubious credibility it is reported that the LTTE backed Tamil National Alliance has been officious enough to demand substantial regional autonomy In the North and North East and issue threats towards the prospect of an alternate Tamil State in recent statement issued by a Mr.M.K.Shivaji Lingam which appears to be all rhetoric and no more!. It has not been indicated how they propose to arrive at this alternate Tamil State!

To identify such rhetoric as puerile and contentious as it seems would be a mild definition in terms of rational interpretation and the ignorance and apathy behind it all is a reflection of the sad state of affairs entailing the present mental capacity of the LTTE who have not only been issued an indirect warning towards their continued existence as an aftermath of the Election with direct bearing on the result as a mandate towards questioning it but also has to deal with the emerging presence of their former LTTE operative now turned gentleman and champion of the more logical and sensible sounding Tamil Community, Karuna who now looms larger than life towards disentitling the LTTE to any demands or rights outside an infrastructure of normal law abiding citizens and very definitely not as fully armed, unrelenting, self centred,internationally proscribed insurgent terrorists. Simply wishful thinking!

All this is taking place in an atmosphere of great pretence that the LTTE backed TNA has 'swept' the regions they contested on the TNA ticket while being challenged through reports by Election Monitors and observers that a great deal of corrupt and illegal practises were resorted to by the LTTE in order to obtain this' sweep' rendering most of their alleged victories invalid and short of imagining that the Sri Lankan authorities could be hoodwinked and coerced into dancing to the same tunes the previous administration of Ranil Wickremasinghe was known for, the LTTE would be deluding themselves as The Sri Lankan Administration in waiting, the UPFA would have no part of the suggested rhetoric as it would be a gross contradiction of all their Election pledges and least of all to a group of armed, unrelenting directionless terrorists who do not even have the proper backing from their own community greatly divided between rationality and intimidated response!

The sense of urgency indicated in the statement under reviw by TNA representative and candidate M.K.Shivaji Lingam that "any new Government would have to hurry the process of bringing back the LTTE to the bargaining table" seems to convey a degree of absentmindedness that the LTTE now face a greater issue of cementing the core of their organization from within, in order to prevent it from disintegration and are in no position to utter threats and intimidatory voicings to a Governmemt which they may eventually have to subjugate themselves to while handing over their wanted leader of criminal infamy Velupillai Pirapaharan to the authorities to be brought to justice for his crimes against humanity and a Sovereign Nation in case they have a memory lapse and not a simple issue which can be swept under the carpet for their own convenience!Something needing great deliberation which by far overrides the urgency to capitulate to TNA needs!!

Perhaps in retrospect the Sri Lankan Election Authorities should call fresh elections in the North and North Eastern areas where corruption has been reported as being rife and wanton in order to silence the enthusiasms of the likes of Shivajilingam and associated as they may be in for a rude shock if the true results of the returns converse to their bragging indicates a swing in the opposite direction according to many analysts and observers.There are many disgruntled Tamil politicians including the very prominent MR.V Anandasagaree amongst many others who have lodged vehement protests that the polling in many of these areas was questionable and many laws broken by the LTTE backing the TNA towards securing victory!

It must be emphatically stated the while pursuing a lasting peace within Sri Lanka for all her citizens from all walks of normal life, as an aftermath of a highly polarized election result with an obvious swing to the left and a combination of astute leadership and patriotic intellectuals in the coming together of the UPFA there will be no further compromises which will not only further endanger peace within Sri Lanka but also jeapordize her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity within the Statutes and Constitution governing the dictates of any administration as the ultimate resolution by its leadership would be to come to terms with all the forces which stand in the way of Development and Progress and hamper peace through idle threats. Emphasis will be given to the merits of non violent and negotiated means through dialogue to settle all issues while also conveying to any fancy thinking idealogues that this is no pushover of an Administration in waiting and one which cannot be subjugated or dictated to through intimidatory tactics!



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