Disillusioning the Writer From Frankfurt That The LTTE Are Legitimate Freedom Fighters and Politicians Deserving Of Recognition And Acceptance!

Gemunu Kumara Singhaputhra World Council Of Sinhala Peers

To the writer from Frankfurt Germany A.Arasakesary who surmises that the the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE ) are freedom fighters and a political organization it must be conveyed that for the past 20 years Sri Lanka and the World continued to watch their attrocities unfold which were not legitimate and were acts of co-ordinated terrorism and insurrection committed by a minority terror group of Tamil rebels against a Democratic Sovereign Nation whose President survived and assassination attempt while a much loved Prime Minister of Neighbouring India did not.There have been countless other precious lives needlessly lost in Sri Lanka through the cruel, vicious and premeditated murders of this organization and if anyone initiates rhetoric about their merits towards being recognized, it can only be interpreted logically as assinine,ignorant and apathetic and an attempt to distort the reality of how mendacious and criminal the LTTE really are!

That they are now in a ceasefire which has lasted over 2 years and are open to negotiation despite their arrogant attitude and demands which are blanketed by a reluctance to de-commission weapons, denounce secessionist idealogies and continue subtle violations of the ceasefire including surreptitious arms build ups and augmentation of their numbers, is academic towards who they really are and none other than banned, outlawed and isolated terrorists who presently even have their own ranks divided by a breakaway faction ready to acknowledge their past crimes and have indicated willingness to expose their mainstream operation and its liability to crimes committed given the opportunity with the expectation that they would eventually be recognized as the true representatives of the Tamil community!

The recent attempts of the mainstream LTTE towards infiltrating the political infrastructure of Sri Lanka through the TNA Tamil National Alliance which carried their proxy in the recent Elections was also viewed by independent monitors and reported as flawed , criminally intimidatory and corrupt does not promote the argument towards their legitimacy and further consideration towards acceptance and de-proscription !

It has to be logically attributed that when countrires such as the USA, Britain, Canada, India and other parts of the world initiate legislation to ban and proscribe the LTTE , such a decision is offset against statistics and evidence which has been established beyond reasonable doubt and beyond being the deadly terrorist organization the LTTE are presented as, they are also guilty of crimes against humanity where their leadership and close associates are sought after by Interpol, India and Sri Lanka to be indicted and brought to justice.The fact that they are still at large is a glaring eror of ommission by the previous administrations of Sri Lanka which prefered a soft line stance of mediation and dialogue and avoided apprehending them amidst speculations of conspiracy and hidden agenda which would seem the logical eventuality regardless of the euphemisms of individuals such as A.Arasakesary which attempt to soften the implications of criminality of this condemned and outlawed terror group.

A detailed chronology of crimes commited by the LTTE against Sovereign Democratic Sri Lanka is available for further confirmation compiled by the statisticians of the Government of Sri Lanka and many other private agencies which have kept tabs on the infamous misdeeds of the LTTE whose attempts to destroy Sri Lanka's Administrative Infrastructure as well as her Economy are now etched in stone!. if any doubts need to be cleared in the minds of anyone that the LTTE are indeed a criminally liable organization who not only need to be banned and proscribed but also need to be disbanded apprehended and brought to justice as a group of terrorists responsible for the loss of over 60,000 innocent lives , vast expanses of public property and effects where it would be ridiculous for any sane thinking person to project their image to the contrary.

There are acceptable norms and parameters which designate the legality of freedom fighters and politicians which the LTTE cannot be categorised as by virtue of their criminally laced track record and their defiance towards acknowledging and admitting their criminality and their reluctance to shed their terrorist image and linked terrorist vestiges which disentitles them to the recognition sought by this writer.They continue to remain a dangerous, armed and unpredictable terrorist organization by their own choice promoting world opinion despite the rhetoric of their idealogues, sycophants and propagandists.



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