The vituperative politics of Mr. Hakeem who is nowadays notorious among the Sri Lankan Muslims as “Romeo Hakeem” is severely damaging the reputation built for the community by the patriotic Muslim politicians of the past who were regarded by all communities as National leaders. Time has come for this babbler politico to return to his right senses by himself or the party he tyrannize, if it is a true democratic party as they claim to be, to show him the door and save the image of the Muslim community.

Since transition of power from the colonial imperialists to the indigenous population of Sri Lanka, Muslim politicians such as T.B.Jayah, Dr. Badi-ud-din Mahmoud and A.C.S.Hameed strengthened the bond that existed with the majority community and rendered incredible services to the community while ensuring the safety and security of the population. They were totally immune and fully resistant to monetary snares and they fervently fought for the rights and privileges of the community and won them admirably without hurting, even slightly, the feelings of neither the majority Sinhala community nor the minority Tamil community. This accorded a cordial and conducive atmosphere for the Muslims to be respected by other communities and live among them amicably and harmoniously..

The recent statements made by Mr. Hakeem such as “he has declared all out war on the President”, “battle lines have been drawn” and “SLMC members have been bought over by the government” are not only the biggest jokes of the year but also makes one to seriously wonder whether he has suffered any mental disorder following the exposure made by his own party men about his abhorrent extra-marital private lifestyle which is non-expectant of a Muslim, let alone a Muslim politician. Anyone will be compelled to question about his sanity in this manner as statements being made by him recently as well as recent actions indicate that he lacks composure and is a mess of self- contractions.

“We are not against with the UNP’s position to compel the government to commence talks based on ISGA proposals of the LTTE”, he has said. (Island: 19.10.04). Even the freedom loving Tamils oppose the ISGA as it demands a total and undisputed control of North and East by fascist LTTE. These proposals legitimize the LTTE to conduct ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims from the Northern and Eastern provinces. Unfortunately, how can we expect a babbler of his caliber who even urged the Muslim youths of the East to emulate Prabhakaran, to have foresight on dangers couched in the garb of ISGA?.

On 03.10.04 a letter was delivered to the President seeking an appointment with her for Mr. Hakeem prior to their participating at the inaugural session of the National Advisory Council for Peace. The Deputy Leader of the SLMC Mr. N.M.Shaheed states that they received a message from the President on 04.10.04 expressing her willingness to speak to Mr. Hakeem but all attempts made by him to locate Mr. Hakeem or Mr. Hassen Ali, the Secretary General of the party were futile as they were deliberately hiding somewhere to avoid facing the discussion agreed to by the President. (Daily News: 20.10.04).

He seems to be furious and accuses that the government had bought over SLMC MPs. He should stop evaluating others in his own standard. His famous betrayal following massive generosity shown to him by a wealthy Colombo politician that cemented his slavery to Ranil Wickremasinghe and the UNP is well known to everyone. This incident sternly shattered the respect enjoyed by Muslims, and became a prelude to holding rancor and malice towards Muslims by certain people in the Sinhala community. The government should not make any attempt to get him to its fold and he should be rejected outright even if he volunteers to join.

He has lambasted that he would mobilize hundreds of thousands of people for revolt against the government and the President (Daily Mirror: 02.11.04). “We will see that 500,000 Muslim votes do not go to her” (Hindustan Times: 01.11.04) Irrational, irresponsible and stupid statements that can never be expected from a sane politician. From where does he going to get these thousands of people and 500,000 votes? The total votes polled for the inapt SLMC that divides the Muslim community in the last general election was only 127,524 (1.5%) votes. Most of the politicians who were with that Party have left it isolating Hakeem and Hassan Ali duo. The number of preferential votes Mr. Hakeem managed to get was only 68,627 far below the Gampaha District’s humble Muslim MP Mrs. Anjan Umma who was polled nearly double his votes amounting to 111,755 votes. It is anyone’s guess that how many out of the 68,627 will support Mr. Hakeem now. The best solution left for him now is to respectfully quit SLMC and join his subsidizing pals in the UNP, discarding his camouflaged appearance, if he wants to be in politics further.



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