RE: 'Maha Veera' of few Tamil students at Peradeniya university

Dr Siva Sivapalan,
B.Sc Eng (Hons), M.Sc, DIC, C.Eng, FICE (London)

The article appeared in Island (30th Nov) took my memory to my university days
associated with the Akbar Hall, University of Peradeniya. It is regretted to
hear or read such incidents.

Pro-LTTE students who put up a poster of Prabhakaran at the Akbar Hall of University of Peradeniya should be reminded of the democracy we were enjoying in those good old days and now these youngsters are enjoying in the south compared to what any citizen could even think of in an area controlled by the so called 'Maha Veera' Prabhakaran, the dictator who
destroyed the prestigious Hindu culture.

What would have happened if a Karuna supporter attempted to put up a poster of Karuna in a LTTE controlled area? Fortunately, Tamil students are able to continue with their tertiary
education at any University in the south while Jaffna and Batticaloa Universities are exclusively for Tamil students (except for a few Muslims in Batticaloa University). It's good that more Tamil students have the opportunity to study in the south but incidents such as this due to action
by few extremists only would lead to disharmony between the communities. When will these students appreciate the fact that the majority is much more democratic than the dictator?.



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