LTTE Last Ditch Effort To Intimidate New Administration
A Case Of Poor Judgement!

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The LTTE appears in need of being told a few home truths by the Government of Sri Lanka with their rank and file now depleted where the resources of the breakaway Karuna Forces may turn out to be handy and opportune for the Status Quo,to lay to rest an abomination which has been permitted to carry on existing for much too long.The LTTE have gradually been getting too big for their shoes, what with international tolerance and the indifferent attitude of the previous Administration of Ranil Wickremasinghe to create false LTTE hopes of their right to exist as an accepted entity which they interpret as a right to be be intimidatory with, when they realistically need to be disillusioned that their former brute force in now a spent one and that they are probably headed for a date with their nemesis and the long arm of International Justice.All in all their efforts to intimidate the new Administration, a case of poor judgement which may come back to haunt them or backfire on them!

Apart from their voicings of their continued rhetoric with an imagined concept that they truly represent all of the Tamil Community ( a dream at best given the realities and statistics) and regardless of their so called military might which is according to latest intelligence reports now disproportioned and disorganized, they have no claim to any rights other than what any New Administration imparts to them in the name of Peace and this too needs to be measured upto the point where their nefarious leader is either conned into subjugation or forcibly apprehended and straight jacketed to be brought to justice with the rest of his motley cronies who will eventually find themselves cornered and nowhere to run!

Sri Lanka needs to set in place without further ado the Regional Peace Agreement With India and push towards asserting her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity to which there will be a continued threat as long as the LTTE goons are permitted to roam free and spew their drivelish rhetoric with which they constantly expect to intimidate the majority Sinhala Nation and one of the first priorities which need to be addressed is a move towards welcoming and assimilating the displaced masses of the Tamil Community while assering their rights as Sri Lankan Citizens where they need not fear the intimidations of the Pirapaharan faction of the LTTE or be forced towards accepting their idealogies. Perhaps in the best interests of All Tamils in Sri Lanka a new surge may manifest itself led by Col.Karuna the breakaway LTTE revolutionary as a true representative and leader and consequently Velupillai Pirapahakaran's idealogies are systematically trashed and disposed of as meaningless towards the well being of Sovereign democratic Sri Lanka as well as the Tamil Community which would incorporate all freedom loving, terrorist rejecting Sri Lankans.

Truly incredulous that an election has just been completed, not accompanied by the cheers of jubilant ordinary freedom loving Sri Lankans but to the meaningless barking of the LTTE ( better contexed as growling perhaps relative to the feline species they embrace as identity!) demanding rights to recognition and a falsely projected representation of the Tamil Community which is not only questionable but to a degree also laughable as indications prove, and that they certainly are not on a favourable wicket anymore and perhaps to the contrary, on thin ice if the analogy can be drawn!

The dejected outgoing Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has been quoted as warning the victorious UPFA that "The fragile peace talks with Tamil Tiger rebels were in 'serious trouble' as no party had won a majority to form a stable government after the latest elections. Friday's election had created instability and the lack of a majority for any government would pose "serious problems" for the peace process as well as everything else. At the moment we don't have a stable government and that itself can be a serious problem for the peace process,There is no way a new government can move forward on the peace process and the economy." end quote as he addressed a post election press conference on a sad note of negative euphemisms and instability which better fits him and his previous UNF Administration who have been greatly responsible for the mismanaged state of affairs within Administrative Sri Lanka on many issues including that of the LTTE for which the voting public has responded in an appropriate manner!

World History has proved over decades that coalitions of Political Entities joined together in benevolent disposition towards the progress and well being of a Nation have produced very successful Nations where many attributes are set in place and the integrity of those who administerwith proper guidance and direction and spared of corruption and a reaching out towards presonal gain, greed and power which albeit a Socialist concept probably is a soothing balm for the troubles Sri Lanka has been confronted with in the past.The UPFA seem well headed in that direction with the allies who have pledged support which contradicts Ranil Wickremasinghe's outgoing comments!

Such a coalition would also be the greatest deterrent towards the ambitions of the likes of the mainstream LTTE hell bent on pursuing a path towards secession and their own corrupt idealogies.It would also stifle their bombastic utterances pointing to a return to war which they should stifle and detract from even in expressed verbosity as it would not augur well towards whatever chances they might have towards any restitution both Nationally and Internationally while depending on many other factors such as decommissioning of weapons, denouncing aggression, recruiting child soldiers, shedding completely their terrorist image and atoning for all their past crimes against humanity and Sovereign Sri Lanka as the present coalition of the President and all her supportive parties will be a force to reckon with given all the factors which stand towards LTTE disadvantage also bearing in mind the recent indications of The CWC (Workers Congress) towards supporting the UPFA which together with the Col. Karuna pledges of support in the same direction could ring a death knell for the LTTE!

All the hurrahs and plaudits that the LTTE have bestowed upon themselves as post election wassails and back patting! as the World and the Nation of Sri Lanka know are based on innuendo. According to the Election Monitors in LTTE supported areas, vote rigging, voter impersonation, duplicity intimidation and corruption at the highest level were observed and recorded beyond reasonable doubt.Sufficient evidence to contradict the LTTE bragging that was conveyed to the media in a statement which said quote "A clear message has been effectively delivered by the Tamil people, in that the concept of the Tamil homeland, Tamil nationalism and the right of Tamil self-rule should be accepted as the basic aspirations of the Tamil people.The Tamil National Alliance's performance in the polls showed that "the Tamil national problem should be politically resolved on that basis, failing which the Tamil people will fight to establish Tamil sovereignty in their homeland on the principle of self-determination" end quote but eloquence based on no tangible foundation as all the high flown rhetoric has neen invalidated by the simple observations of the election monitors that deemed the so called resounding TNA victory null and void.
Voices emanating from a Lost Wilderness at best in a last ditch do or die effort at gaining recognition to which they really have no entitlements.

Perhaps the LTTE actions and rhetoric typical of their past insincerities have once again surfaced giving cause enough for the Sri Lankan Administration to be cautious and vary of such bold expressionism towards a return to war. Despite the unacceptable source it emanates from and many credibilities lacking which only discredits the source towards their rights and legitimacies which have already been portrayed as inconsistent and unkempt without proper direction the LTTE are probably only deserving of how their infamy is viewed in general perspective and remedial action taken to correct it!



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