By Dr. Peter Gunasekera, National University ,Singapore

Dear editor,

Somaweera Sirisinghe has missed the point made by Shyaman Jayasinghe. The
latter pointed out that Norway came in because GOSL invited it and will
leave if and when GOSL asks them to leave. Thus there is no point in
protesting in Oslo. Norway will not pull out just because a handful of
protestors hold a meeting there. If, however, a million go to the streets in
Colombo, both Norway and the GOSL may move. That is the difference in
protest campaigns.

The fact that different parties are letting Solheim and crowd stay there, is
something to reckon in our assessment of Norway's role. I personally think
Solheim etc are not behaving professionally enough. However, it is for the
GOSL to take everything into consideration and decide on whether they should
remain. I do not agree that India would be better because that country is
having longterm business goals with Lanka. Remember RAW playing a dubious
role in the past? It might be like popping from the frying pan to the
fire.When a country is in trouble it is difficult to find friends

It is better to examine the propositions that Shyaman has presented than to
attack him personally. I knew Shyamon in Sri Lanka.I first knew him when he
was serving as Special Commisoner Dehiwela-Mount Lavinia Municipal Council
to which position the then Minister Felix Dias Bandaranayake appointed him.
I was a member of the Ratepayers Associaiton which met him regularly. He
served with distinction there and banished corruption in that institute. In
his autobiography, "Pin Ethi Sarasavi Waramak Laddo" Sarachchandra himself
acknowledged Shyaman's unique contribution to Maname.
It is upto people like Mahindapala who attended the Oslo meeting to give
your readers an impact evaluation of that effort.



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