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Greater People Participation Needed Towards Lasting Peace While Disillusioning The LTTE.

Considering the present impasse in the Peace Process in Sri Lanka it may be fair to assume that perhaps there needs to be a greater participation by all commuities affected, namely the Sinhalese,Tamil, Muslim and other minority communities at people level and not merely at leadership level of the once warring factions and may be significant towards a broader based concept towards peace.

Further considering the concept of peace as a political one, in order to have a lasting solution to Sri Lanka’s ethnic crisis, all sections that are affected, which beyond question is all of Sri Lanka categorically, should be participants in the unravelling of a viable solution towards a lasting peace where the continuous haggling, intimidatory rhetoric and counter posturing should be discarded for a rational acceptance that peace involving the Nation's population could be better accomplished by all the diverse groups coming together towards resolution through negotiation and mutual consensus where the general populace need not wait in eager anticipation of the decisions of their peers anymore albeit somewhat utopian!.

Somewhat unfortunately however, this concept has a huge stumbling block in the form of the LTTE and its leader Velupillai Pirapaharan who continues to hold onto his terrorist idealogies together with his imagined title as overall representative of the Tamil Community and points towards the singlemost outstanding reality that his idea of a settlement to Sri Lanka's crisis is a subjugation Vis a Vis the ISGA presented to the Administration and its majority Sinhalese who are the democratic power within Sovereign Sri Lanka and Pirapaharan's 'Bull in a China Shop mentalitied intrusion if it may be termed that, is an imposition by the terrorists and their parliamentary proxy the Tamil National Alliance. The preconditions madeby the LTTE at present to the Nation of Sri Lanka which short of being preposterous is an abomination imposed on the majority of a Sovereign Nation by a miniscule minority!! All the latest rhetoric as well as the publicity generated by the LTTE and their supportive factions point to this most impure of idealogies and something which will never be attained by them as it contravenes the requirements of any democratic society where the demands are not only impure and illogical but also violates the Constitution of Sri Lanka which unfortunately the LTTE and the TNA do not seem to fully comprehend and need to come to terms with in their own best interests and perhaps a Dravidian rather than a Freudian slip!!

The President of Sri Lanka while rejecting the ISGA unequivocally has made it clear that Sri lanka is willing to come to terms with the needs of the Nation through her counter proposal pointing towards a Federal Solution and the creation of a more pluralistic society which is not to the liking of the LTTE and its so called political representation in Parliament probaly due to their insecurities about where such a solution would place them as they will in all probabilities be isolated and ostracised from the freedom loving environment of Sri Lanka which would result, thereby preventing further continuation of the activities of the LTTE towards their survival and the pandering of the TNA to their needs!

Contrary to the demands of autonomy suggested in the ISGA of the LTTE, the presentation of an alternate Federal Solution as devised by the Administration of Sri Lanka under the leadership of Mme. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga would undoubtedly be one where all communities would participate in the proper functioning of a once embattled Nation where all its inhabitants irrespective of their ethnic, religious and cultural divide would share equal rights in their coming together towards the evolution of a new Federal System which would also involve Constitutional Changes towards incorporating the rights of all Sri Lankans equally as well as ensuring their participation in the functioning of the State at a much higher level than during the hierarchies and dynasties which have sorely disrupted the Nation's progress into the 21st century through bartering with terrorists who by any norm should have been put down and vanquished decades ago! who even today together with their connived proxy in Parliament are still disrupting the progress of the Nation issuing ultimatums under the threat of a return to their terrorist activities where the patience of the Administration is gravely tested in a non terrorist friendly Global and National environment!

The expert opinion of a highly respected intellectual well versed in the analyses of global problems relative to internal armed insurrection has recommended (regardless of its applicability with respect to Sri Lanka conceptually) that, taking into consideration the solution to Sri Lanka's crisis being deemed a political one, it may be imperative that every section of the population affected needs to participate towards it. Without a broad participation by the people of a Nation, a political process that leads toward an anticipated solution would in all likelihood not work satisfactorily as it would involve decisions made at a hierarchial level and imposed on a society unilaterally and a literal stuffing down their throats regardless of feasibility. Hence the need for all the diverse groups involved to come together towards evolving a Federal Structure. Incorporation of diverse views are necessary to arrive at reasonable and sustainable solutions acceptable to all sections of the population in a terrorist free environment it must be emphasized implicitly!

But questionably does this entail the designs and objectives of the LTTE and the TNA ? Probably not, as it contravenes and disrupts their very means towards their existence and hence poses a fair sized hurdle which the Administration needs to find a way to clear and also suggests a felt need towards disillusioning the LTTE of their ambitions to dictate to a Sovereign Nation considering their outlawed and proscribed status beyond which no compromises are necessary unless they the LTTE and their supportives show faith viably and credibly that they are ready to shed their impure image and objectives towards merging into mainstream Sri Lankan society.

Amidst much circumspect thought there appears to be a definite need to emphasize the importance of this concept time and time again to a hard core terror group which probably has no intentions of relinquishing their hidden agenda towards secession despite all the smoke screens they continue to create as they have begun campaigning openly once again about their power and might almost in an attempt to test the will of the Administration and National Defence and something which they are ill equipped to expreiment with at this juncture of their insecurities given the facts and may have to pay a severe price for as the futility of their attempted coercions will in all probabilities be a foregone conclusion somewhere down the road!



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